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THIS is Why Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky Cancelled Her Wedding

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Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky had to postpone her wedding for a very legit concern!

The season 6 franchise lead- who’s currently VERY PREGGERS and expecting her first child with fiance Kevin Manno- tells The Knot what happened:

“Originally, we planned the whole wedding in Mexico,” Fedotowsky, 31, shares. “We were super excited. We found the most amazing location and villa that would allow our entire family to stay with us. Then, all the news broke about the Zika virus and we had to cancel.”

The couple, who got engaged in September 2015, was understandably upset. “It was such a huge disappointment,” Fedotowsky tells The Knot. “Even though we won’t be pregnant when we get married, we just didn’t think it was fair to ask our guests to travel to a location with active Zika virus transmissions … Most of our friends are in ‘baby mode,’ and that just wasn’t a fair ask.”

Then, their second set of plans fell through. “We actually also planned a wedding in California for January 2016, and we ended up pushing that back too because we found out I was pregnant,” says the Ali Luvs blogger, who adds that the news “wasn’t a surprise” since she and Manno were trying for a baby. “Could we have kept the date? Sure. But I like to celebrate and celebrate with champagne!”

She laughs and adds, “I want to be able to let loose and completely enjoy myself at my wedding. I didn’t know how pregnancy would affect me so I didn’t want to risk feeling crappy on my wedding day. It’s a good thing we didn’t get married then because I was so sick at the beginning of my pregnancy. It would have been a rough night for me.”

(Via The Knot)

Smart. I can’t imagine doing much 8 months pregnant, let alone being the bride in a wedding. And Zika! Sounds like putting the wedding off is an excellent idea, if I do say so myself.

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Kelly Osborne Goes AFTER Ozzy Osborne’s Mistress!

64th Primtime Emmy Awards - Arrivals


Ozzy Osbourne has pretty much made a career out of mumbleyells and cheating on his wife Sharon Osbourne, and I mean, I GET IT. Recently he was caught carrying on with a colorist who did his family’s hair named Michelle Pugh, and Kelly Osbourne went APE on her (via twitter). Again, I get the anger but why it isn’t directed at her dear old philandering dad is beyond me.

Sharon was about to promote a Black Sabbath reunion tour for Ozzy, so many people wondered if this whole affair thing was a publicity stunt, but I doubt it. Wellllll Kelly was recently asked how her parents were doing, and she gave an honest answer. She said,

“My mom and dad are together right now. No woman with a neck like a c-nt is going to ruin my family. I will never not be good with my dad. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think that what he did is not f-ing stupid, but that’s between him and I. I’m a daddy’s girl I love my dad, you know that.”

Kelly is SO into the crazy, isn’t she? Never calling out her dad (or mom) when they’re acting like idiots. Fiercely loyal. Kardashian loyal.

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Tori Spelling And Tiffani Thiessen Squash Their Super Old 90210 BEEF

Tori Spelling Book Signing At Barnes & Noble


After nearly 10 years of cold, hard beefin’, Beverly Hills, 90210 costars Tori Spelling and Tiffani Thiessen recently reconnected at their kids’ L.A. school, a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly:

Spelling — who has Liam, 9, Stella, 8, Hattie, 4, and Finn, 3, with Dean McDermott — and the mom of Harper, 6, and Holt, 11 months (with Brady Smith), “hugged at a picnic,” says an onlooker.  “They’re getting back on the path of being really close again.”

The rift began in 2006 when Spelling, 43, cheated on then-husband Charlie Shanian with McDermott, 49. The True Tori star broke the news of the split to Shanian through their therapist. Thiessen, 42, who was close with Shanian, “took it personally,” adds the source. “She took Charlie’s side over Tori’s.”

But now, continues the source, “she and Tori have mutual friends and it’s easier to get along.”

Spelling, who played Donna Martin, opened up to Ryan Seacrest in 2010 about feuding with her 90210 pals. “All of a sudden I marry Dean, and I don’t know what happened,” she said. “I lost all my cast members.”

When asked about Thiessen, who played Valerie Malone, Spelling admitted, “She doesn’t talk to me anymore.”

(Via US Weekly)

Honestly, it’s a pretty legit reason to not talk to someone for a while- Dean and Tori’s insane whirlwind of a relationship doesn’t sound cute at all. In fact, it sounds pretty toxic. I’ve always liked Thiessen more than Spelling, and this kind of validates things for me.  And yes, time does heal all wounds, but you know, it’ll take time for a 90210 selfie, ya know?


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Sharon And Ozzy Osbourne Might Be Back Together

Have Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne Split For Good?! **FILE PHOTOS**

If anything, they’ve turned a corner.

We haven’t heard a lot about Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne since the two announced that they were splitting up last month, which was messy in and of itself because everybody found out Ozzy was boning a celeb hair stylist and Kelly Osbourne couldn’t keep her commentary out of her twitter feed. WHEW! I think a little calm was good for everybody, right?

You bet I’m right! Because since then, Sharon has been spotted smiling and happy at Ozzy’s concerts.

Yes, Sharon was in the UK over the weekend, snapping pics and supporting Ozzy and Black Sabbath for their headlining gig at the Download Festival. This isn’t the first time they’ve shared a stage since Ozzy’s cheating rumors surfaced, but it is the first that Sharon actually seems to be enjoying herself! Huzzah?

It’s unclear if they’ve patched things up, but if anything, things are probably a little less tense.

What do YOU think? Are these two going to reconcile, or what? Check out the photos of Sharon HERE and weigh in below!

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