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Charlie Sheen Will Have a “Presence” on the Two and a Half Men Finale

Charlie Sheen Is Living With A Porn Star

He’s baa-aaack….or is he?

CBS really wants us to think that Charlie Sheen will be back for the Two and a Half Men series finale, as they’ve titled the hour-long series finale “Of Course He’s Dead – Part One and Part Two.”

Will Sheen truly be there for the Feb 19th finale? CBS is making vague promises about “surprise guest stars,” but they won’t really elaborate. So he’ll be somewhat “present,” but will he be physically present?! It’s not out of the question, as show creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre told reporters that he has “nothing but good feelings about those eight and half years” he worked with Sheen, despite all the drama involved in his firing.

“The show has morphed into something else entirely for the last four years to something we love,” added Lorre, in reference to the casting addition of Ashton Kutcher. “How to honor both [eras] is the challenge of this finale, and the other challenge [is] how to get people to watch it without telling them what it is.”

The Two and a Half Men’s series finale airs at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. What do you think- will Sheen be making an actual appearance, or is CBS just teasing viewers?

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Kris Jenner Had No Clue Bruce Jenner Wanted To Be A Woman

E! 2012 Upfront

Surprise, Kris Jenner?

According to TMZ, Kris Jenner was absolutely clueless about Bruce Jenner’s sex change until an important family meeting several weeks back. When she found out, the reality momager totally flipped: she couldn’t believe this was coming from the man she was married to for 22 years!

TMZ reports:

Kris heard all the buzz about Bruce but he never told her and she never asked. It sounds incredible, but we’re told there was “a serious lack of communication in the marriage.”

When they had their family sit down — which of course was recorded — we’re told Kris squarely challenged Bruce, disbelieving he truly wanted a sex change. Things got heated because Bruce insisted he was both comfortable and determined.

We’re also told Kris felt this was a shining example of the fundamental problem they had in their marriage — they hardly communicated with each other, and Bruce was especially shut down.

But Kris was not singled out. Bruce kept virtually everyone in his life — including his close male friends with whom he spent lots of time — in the dark.

You may recall back in December 2013 when Bruce was getting that laryngeal shave, he told like every media outlet that he was absolutely NOT undergoing a sex change…guess it was all part of a gradual plan?  A plan that included lipstick, nails, smaller surgeries and then…the big reveal?

Post your thoughts about Bruce’s “coming out” strategy below!

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30 Years Later…Eddie Murphy Will Return to SNL!

Tower Heist Premieres In NYC!

This just seems RIGHT.

People reported this morning that Eddie Murphy will take part in SNL’s 40th anniversary special on Feb. 15, in what will be his first appearance on the show in more than 30 years!

The comedian, 53, first revealed the news in a phone interview with News One Now (via People):

“It just never worked out where the timing was right for me to do it,” he said of his three-decade absence. “They’re having a 40th anniversary … I’m going to that. And that will be the first time I’ve been back since I left.”

Murphy’s last SNL appearance was on Dec. 15, 1984, as host, only 10 months after his final show as a cast member. He joined the show in 1981 at age 19, and is the second-youngest performer in in SNL history. It only makes sense that he should make room in his schedule, to honor his roots!

Hopefully, he’ll do Gumby, Buckwheat or Mr. Robinson. But hey, I’ll settle for that Donkey from Shrek.

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Farrah Abraham Is Returning to Teen Mom

Adult Video News Awards

You can’t keep Farrah Abraham off of reality television!

Despite her costars’ efforts to keep her off their show, Abraham is returning to the MTV series that got her started, Teen Mom, Us Weekly reveals. The author and adult film star, 23, spoke with Us Weekly about her decision to rejoin the cast for the spinoff series Teen Mom OG (OG stands for “original girls”).  Here’s a snippet!

On how she was originally NOT going to be a part of Teen Mom OG: “I think they were more or less saying that there was more to my story that they really felt was missing from the Teen Mom show, and I totally agree with them,” she said. “I understand their point of view, and it was a funny situation to be in.”

On the original cast: “I’m just hoping that [the cast is] better off, and they’re doing well because I know personally I’m providing for my daughter, making my future as best as I can as well,” she said.

On why Abraham decided  to sign up for Teen Mom: “I think it was important because I mean just weighing out the options and my future for my daughter,” the current Austin, Texas resident said. “I think Teen Mom is important for the children and their futures. And I think it holds some good opportunities for Sophia and her future.”

So will she be changing her behavior (porn, sex toys, etc.) for the show:  “I’m not doing anything differently that I would not do when the cameras are there or not there,” she said. “I mean, I don’t know if it really benefits me to be on TV because I was most successful in my career when I was away from Teen Mom. So if it benefits me then that’s randomly benefitting. I’m more or less looking at it to benefit Sophia.”

(Via Us Weekly)

Ugh, Farrah is so gross…and makes AMAZING bad reality tv. Teen Mom OG premieres this spring…will YOU be watching?

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