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Everyone Is Trying To Cover Up That Jessica Simpson Was Drunk On TV

Jessica Simpson, What Are You Wearing?!?

Okay, everyone. Was Jessica Simpson drunk or not?

The singer made a controversial appearance on HSN last night where she appeared to be “intoxicated” after she was seen swaying, dizzy and slurring her words. However, she’s saying that was NOT the case (hiccup).

According to sources, the 35-year-old was NOT drunk, and apparently the viewing public would know that if they decided to sit and waste their life watching the entire two hour segment.  Insiders say the clip circulating around the media where Simpson appears to be wasted is not representative of her ACTUAL performance on the show.

Seeming hammered is, apparently, part of her “quirky” personality that comes out sometimes. And reps also say that it’s nearly impossible to keep a professional persona when you’re ad-libbing for two hours without a script. Which makes sense, but still…did you see that clip?

Drunk or not, her entire collection SOLD OUT, so I guess it was all worth it. CHEERS!

Do you think she was boozing beforehand? Weigh in below.

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Posted Friday, September 18th, 2015 at 12:12pm
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Host AND Location Are Changing On Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrities Attend Miss USA 2012 In Las Vegas

Not ONLY is Arnold Schwarzenegger going to be the new host of Celebrity Apprentice, but there will be a new locale for the hit reality show!

Celebrity Apprentice will be uprooted from New York City to be shot in Ahhnold’s home turf of Los Angeles. TMZ reports:

It’s a brilliant move for the show, and our sources say a lot is going to change. For starters, Arnold can attract bigger stars than ever before. A production source tells us, the show will be “a lot funnier and more fun” than before, “partly because of the contestants and partly because of Arnold.

We’re also told although nothing’s been decided, the show would love it if Arnold’s son Patrick appears as well. The 21-year old has some business chops — he owns two Blaze Pizza shops … one at the Grove in L.A and the other by USC.

Well well well. Looks like the show is getting a real facelift.  Sorry, Donald Trump. Time to concentrate on your joke of a politcial career.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Replaced Donald Trump As The New Host Of Celebrity Apprentice!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Hopes To "Be Back" With Maria

Yep, this is the new, less obnoxious face of Celebrity Apprentice!

Arnold Schwarzenegger has just been named the new host of Celebrity Apprentice
and I gotta say, it’s a relief to know Donald Trump‘s ugly mug isn’t going to be all over my set this season. This news JUST broke so I don’t have many deets yet, but should soon.

What do you think of this news?!  I’ll BE BACK with more info (hopefully)…

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Taylor Swift Might Be Guest-Starring on Law & Order: SVU!

Taylor Swift Enjoys A Girl's Night Out

Taylor Swift might be going to her favorite show on the silver screen!

Girl’s a HUGE Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fan since she named one of her cats after Mariska Hargitay‘s main character Olivia Benson. But she’s about to step out of fanhood and into the CAST.

According to Perezhilton, Mariska is hinting pretty strongly that the pop star could be showing her face on the show as soon as her 1989 tour is over. Why? Because Mariska loved working with Taylor so much on Bad Blood, AND going to the VMAS as part of her squad, that she invited the singer to take part in an episode of her NBC drama series.

While there’s no solid confirmation on the part, I will definately watch this.

Who do you think she’ll play on Law & Order SVU?!

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