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Kelly Ripa Got A Personal Apology From ABC Execs


And now, she’s being treated like a Queen? Confused.

Kelly Ripa has been at the center of one of television’s most random scandals recently, but she finally made her way back to Live! with Kelly and Michael on Tuesday, thanking fans for their support of her time to think things through and fume privately on a “vacation.”

A review: Michael Strahan blindsided Kelly last week with the news he would be leaving Live! for Good Morning America this September, and his cohost just…stopped showing up to work. Very mature. Well, now that she’s had the weekend to chill, she still feels disrespected but feels happy that a bigger conversation on workplace policies has been opened… but we’re sure she’s mostly just pleased that ABC has guaranteed her that Live! is once again a priority for the parent company.

I dunno- Michael is doing what’s best for him. I think Kelly acted kinda childishly. It’s just business, baby!

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Michael Strahan Is Excited For Kelly Ripa Not To Be Mad At Him

Kelly Ripa Hosts The Largest Garage Sale in Bridgehampton. Long Island

Kelly Ripa will return to Live! Tuesday, and her co-host Michael Strahan is really excited for her to not freak out at him anymore.

On Monday’s episode (which he hosted with guest co-host Shay Mitchell) Strahan announced that Ripa “had a scheduled day off to celebrate her 20th anniversary” with husband Mark Consuelos. Which is code for- she needs a day to chill and process the news that her co-host is moving on to bigger and better things, and that the show itself might be on the chopping block. “She’s going to be back tomorrow, which we are all excited about,” Strahan said.

Sure you are, Michael. Suuure.

After a nearly week-long peace-out following Strahan’s announcement that he would be leaving the show to join the network’s Good Morning America as a full time co-anchor in September, she’s back and on Friday night, she sent an email to her staff late Friday night saying: “I wanted to thank you all for giving me the time to process this new information. Your kindness, support, and love has overwhelmed me. We are a family and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning.”

Gameface, Ripa.

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Kelly Ripa Won’t/Can’t Leave “Live” Cause That Sweet CASH

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Kelly Ripa may be boycotting the show and even threatening to leave, but she needs that sweet, sweet cash.

As we reported, Kelly has been LIVID after getting blindsided by ABC’s announcement that Michael Strahan is leaving ‘Live’ for ‘GMA.’ If she’s not back in the chair Thursday, she won’t be back until Tuesday at the earliest.

But apparently, nobody’s worried that Ripa will bail on the show.  REAL TALK: Kelly makes just shy of $15 million a year, and her and hubby Mark like to spend that sweet sweet CASH. The two bought a big townhouse on the Upper East Side of NYC a year ago, and they have a mansion in The Hamptons. Gotta keep working to pay that mortgage!

As one source put it, “She makes a lot of money, but she spends a lot of money, and so does he.”

Interesting predicament.

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Michael Strahan BAILED on Kelly Ripa, and now ALL HELL HAS BROKEN LOSE.

Sources connected to Kelly and ‘Live’ say that although Michael was under strict orders by Disney CEO Bob Iger not to tell anyone about his move to ‘GMA,’ Kelly feels he should have given her a heads-up.  But she ALSO feels that he’s disrespectful to her and is full of himself. Apparently Michael often rolls with an entourage and it doesn’t sit well with her, so I guess he was supposed to give someone he didn’t like a heads up?

But then this part seems respectful: TMZ reports that Michael sat down with Kelly, EP Michael Gelman and the General Manager of WABC at 10:30 AM Tuesday, just as Disney made the announcement. Michael then reached out to Kelly after the announcement but she has not responded. At the end of Wednesday’s show, he extended an olive branch by singing Kelly’s praises.

I LOVE THIS! What will become of Kelly?! The show? Stay tuned…

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