How Often do You Need to Change Your Cat’s Litter Box?

Since all cats are generally nice and respectful creatures, there are some things they need without any compromises.

This of course is regarding their special place where they can relieve themselves. Many have spoken about this before and you should know by now that your cat’s litter box is her/his place of comfort, safety, and most important territorial integrity.

If you want to maintain that place special to them and still have them do their business where they are intended to do then you have to take care of that metal litter box. In this article today we will tell you about few things you need to do for your cat to remain satisfied.

1. How often?


When it comes to the time frame that you need to obey, well there are no strict rules when it comes to this. If you live in an apartment and you don’t want the smell of a cat’s business affecting your guests and other neighbors then cleaning once a day should be enough. This way both you and your cat will remain satisfied and will not have to tolerate weird smells.

2. What after cleaning?

If you sift through enough of the cat litter, please replace it with the new one so your cat always has enough of it when she needs to go. One piece of advice is not to use any kind of special sands with smells or whatnot because it just might drive your cat away and in the next corner of the room where she will make you regret that purchase. Go with the regular litter without any smells and funky stuff. They like it plain and simple.

3. No liners!


Most people opt for those pesky litter liners to prevent spillage of the litter, it sticking to the bottom of the box. Avoid that liner because it will make a sound whenever your cat gets into the litter box and it will stick to her claws when she tries to “bury the evidence”.

4. No loud noises!

One thing that makes cats hate their litter box is loud noises coming from different things around the house. Since their litter box time is valuable to them, we suggest you find a bit private and secluded space for them to have their piece and quit. No basements with noisy machines, boilers, and whatnot. No places right next to the fridge or freezer or anything that can put them off the litter. They need a piece and quit just like most of us, so why not give them?!

After all the article was about the time frame you must change your cat’s litter box and we covered it right away, all these other things are suggestions to you, to implement and avoid having to clean the pee or pick up the poop from all over the house simply because your cat hates or can’t get into its litter box. Cleaning time is an individual thing and preference but a consensus is that you should do it daily because it will be best for you and your cat.To keep your cat’s digestive system healthy, please visit here for in-depth nutrition tips and guides.

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