4 Things to Know When Moving From NYC to Los Angeles

New beginnings of life when moving to a new city may be a big undertaking. The process of exiting your comfort zone, nonetheless, usually brings along plenty of surprises, as it does when you decide to relocate from NYC to LA. NYC and Los Angeles stand as the two largest cities in the nation, however, being home to only four million people, Los Angeles has half the size of its East Coast counterpart. The West Coast is tempting for many, providing warmer weather, broad open areas, as well as the nicest summer hours known to man. Below you will find the things you should keep in mind when you plan to move from NY to LA. If you want to do the opposite and move from LA to NY, you should use these Los Angeles interstate movers from Watford Moving. They will take care of everything.

Traffic and transportation

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Los Angeles and New York are both competing to earn the title of being the countries with the worst traffic. In Los Angeles, there is a prevalent car-driving lifestyle, which means the majority of people prefer to use their own private means of transportation. While the LA Metro system offers public bus and rapid rail connections, they are inadequately developed and neglected transportation services. In case you’ve been counting on NYC’s well-developed public transportation when it comes to L.A.’s blocked freeways and limited public transportation, you will realize that you may need to make a mindset adjustment and consider buying a car.

Weather conditions

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The weather conditions are definitely among L.A.’s most appealing features. The weather conditions are definitely among L.A.’s most appealing features. As temperatures hit 70 degrees throughout the year with low humidity, you can expect L.A.’s weather to be just ideal. There is a rainy season which normally occurs from February to April. During this time, Los Angeles generally experiences only 12 to 15 inches of rainfall. It is possible for snow to fall once a decade, however, it hardly persists over a couple of hours.

Real estate prices

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Although Los Angeles may not be recognized for its housing affordability, it still provides a cheaper standard of living when compared to New York City. Even though real estate prices in both cities are significantly more expensive than average, the average sales price for a residence in NYC is almost $300,000 higher compared to the similar property type in LA.

Consider hiring a moving company

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Once you are aware that you may have found and hired an expert moving company that will help you to move from NY to LA, which includes relocating your stuff, then you will rest assured knowing your belongings are safe in the hands of a reliable company. This will give you the freedom to devote your time to other important preparatory activities needed for the big move. When you decide to move from NY to LA, you may need to do some research and find a reputable company.

When moving away from NYC, its high cost of living, the rapid pace of life, and heavy traffic all around are some of the factors that cause people to consider relocating to other cities. In case you prefer to live in an environment that is more relaxed and at the same time has an attractive and trendy look, we recommend you choose Los Angeles as the place to relocate to. There is a lot of excitement involved that comes with the move from NYC to LA, however, it takes a lot of planning and proper organization.

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