Is It Smart to Have Multiple Brokerages – 2024 Guide

There seems to be a hot new brokerage firm or a trendy new investment technique popping up everywhere. It’s tempting to get carried away by the excitement and open many accounts. But is it possible to have many brokerage accounts?

Opening accounts at multiple brokerages allow you to benefit from the perks and features of various businesses while still achieving your objectives. However, in other circumstances, this is not the best option.

Let’s look at various scenarios where you could need more than one brokerage account.

Is it possible to have multiple brokerage accounts?


Yes, you can have many brokerage accounts, to put it simply. A person’s ability to have multiple investment accounts is unrestricted by law. Having multiple brokerage accounts may be the smartest option for your financial condition in some situations.

It’s important to note that having several brokerage accounts is not the same as having multiple brokerage accounts. It is certainly possible to have many brokerage accounts – and for certain investors, it makes sense. However, there are some instances where having multiple accounts is overkill.

Multiple Brokerage Accounts: Why Do You Need Them?

These are some of the benefits of having multiple brokerage accounts.

1. Mutual fund accessibility


Many brokerage firms run mutual funds of their own. If you wish to invest in mutual funds offered by various businesses, you may want to create accounts with multiple brokerages to take advantage of those benefits.

2. Commissions

When you conduct specific sorts of transactions, certain brokerage firms charge commissions. Depending on your investment strategy, you may wish to open many accounts to get the best rates. For instance, you might use one brokerage for mutual fund investment and another for stock and options trading.

3. Access to your funds


No brokerage firm is without flaws. Technical difficulties do occur, and if a brokerage’s app or website is unavailable, you may be unable to access your funds. You can miss out on a big investment opportunity if this happens during a big market move. Having multiple brokerage accounts provides some protection against this eventuality. You can trade using the broker that is still operational if one goes down and the other stays online.

4. If you have a variety of investment objectives

Separating your financial goals into separate brokerage accounts will help you stay organized if you have various ambitions. For various reasons, spreading your objectives across many investment accounts can be beneficial. To begin with, keeping track of your progress is easier when each objective has its own account.

You can instantly check each brokerage account to see how much money you’ve put aside for each goal.

5. Avail offers


Each big brokerage firm offers different benefits, so there are so many popular possibilities. Additionally, having numerous brokerage accounts allows you to take advantage of multiple brokers’ features and offers.

Some brokers may give you a bonus simply for signing up and financing your account. You can also take advantage of the various advantages offered by each brokerage firm by opening multiple accounts.

6. Diversification of tax revenue

Another perspective is to include tax diversification in your portfolio in addition to asset diversity. In the event that you simply have a taxable brokerage account, you’ll more than likely need to settle yearly taxes assuming you sell values or get a profit. In any case, putting part of the cash you put into your trading application into a tax-advantaged account like an IRA, a wellbeing bank account, or your organization’s 401(k) may assist with lessening the taxation rate on that available record.

7. Multiple accounts might assist you in becoming a better investor


Each broker provides various research tools and educational materials to its clients. These can assist them in navigating the market more effectively. Working with multiple firms at the same time exposes you to a larger pool of available tools and information, helping you to make more informed investing decisions.

8. Research tools

Customers can use the tools provided by each brokerage to investigate stocks and other investment options. Not all of these resources are created equal, and you may discover that the research tools provided by one brokerage are more powerful or better suited to your needs than those provided by another. You could open several brokerage accounts to access both if you prefer one brokerage for any reason, such as its cost structure or user experience, but you prefer the research tools supplied by another.

Multiple Brokerage Accounts: Why You Might Avoid Them?

Having numerous brokerage accounts might complicate your life, so weigh the advantages and disadvantages before acquiring more than one.

9. Managing several accounts can be time-consuming


The fact that having and keeping track of many brokerage accounts can be difficult is perhaps the most compelling reason to remain with just one. To begin with, managing multiple brokerage accounts means you’ll have twice the work when it comes to monitoring your investments, adjusting your asset allocation, and so on. In the event that you have multiple brokerage accounts, you’ll have to monitor everyone independently. Every business will send you articulations, which you’ll have to pay taxes on time. Managing taxes is already unpleasant for all intents and purposes, so including more administrative work and recordkeeping with the blend just adds to the test.

10. Extra Fee

Some brokerage firms levy account fees, particularly if your account is inactive or has a low balance. If you open multiple accounts and divide your assets among them, you may end up paying fees that reduce your profits. The payments must be weighed against the benefits of having access to many accounts.


For a variety of reasons, having multiple brokerage accounts might be beneficial. It can be tempting to register accounts with various businesses in order to have access to extra research tools or to take advantage of a specific broker’s mutual funds. Keep in mind, too, that having multiple accounts involves more paperwork and recordkeeping, as well as the possibility of additional fees. As a result, only create additional accounts if you intend to use them.

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