Accessories for Dab Rigs

The Essential Accessories for Dab Rigs Every Enthusiast Should Know (2024)

Dabbing requires numerous accessories, with bangers being the cornerstone. When it comes to dabbing, bangers or nails are your go-to piece for placing concentrates to be vaporized and providing airflow.

Bangers come in various shapes and materials; the most popular being swan-necked flat bottom banger designs that resemble vaguely what some consider a hammer in design – they help evenly heat your concentrates more quickly while giving maximum control over temperature regulation.

They are great choices for beginners since their extended length allows more airflow while giving control of temperature regulation.

According to Have a Heart, titanium nails and bangers are among the best choices for durability and retaining heat, being nearly indestructible and withstanding heavy use without becoming warped over time.

You can find different shapes and sizes of titanium nails available today; including dome-shaped dome nails that can withstand abuse.

Glass and ceramic options, though less durable, can shatter under higher temperatures, and cleaning them can become challenging; furthermore, carbon deposits buildup makes cleaning even harder than Titanium’s durability – thus leading to carbon deposits becoming lodged within their surface over time causing carbon deposits buildup on carbon deposits due to repeated heating/cooling cycles between heating cycles.

This is unlike its durability rivaling its metal cousin Titanium nails are typically harder for carbon deposits to form inside their chazzed surfaces – making cleaning harder while carbon deposits buildup on them than their ceramic counterparts due to repeated heating/cooling cycles; glass ceramic nails don’t hold heat as effectively; however; however; these types can become stained due to carbon deposits from heating/cooling cycles or repeated heating/cooling cycles.

Carb Caps


The carb cap is an indispensable accessory that allows you to dab at lower temperatures, helping preserve more terpenes and cannabinoids found in oil concentrates while getting the maximum benefit out of wax or oils vaporized and not left as waste on the nail.

Available in various styles and materials like glass or borosilicate titanium; some even combine both features into one tool with an attached dabber on one end and carb cap on the other!

Carb caps work similarly to car carburetors in that they mix air into the combustion process and allow you to control the amount and direction of smoke flow. When combined it with dab rigs regulators allow smaller hits with the flavorful vapor production. Try it out today and you may find the sensation more relaxing and powerful at the same time on –

Carb caps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, typically constructed out of borosilicate glass, quartz, or titanium. Some may look better than others, but all contain small holes which act as the carburetor would.

Carb caps make nail and banger dabbing much more efficient, thanks to being easy to use and clean. Their use prevents heat from escaping during inhalation, keeping temperatures consistent during sessions, and also decreasing air pressure in your banger/nail, thus decreasing the boiling point of oil.

Some of the most widely used carb caps include bubble styles that resemble cylinders with two protrusions on either end that can rotate as you inhale, providing directional airflow and use with flat-top nails.

Other popular options include directional flow caps with an angled stem to provide a proper seal for domeless nails, as well as pearl spinning carb caps featuring a ball-and-socket design perfect for most bangers.


A man with a hood on using a dab rig, with a winter-themed scenery in the background.

Isopropyl alcohol (which you can learn about here) is an extremely versatile general-purpose cleaning solvent that can tackle a variety of soils with ease. Available in various sizes to meet various applications, Isopropyl alcohol is also an easy, fast, and safe solution for pre-sterilizing needles and other sharp instruments before sterilization.

Rubbing alcohol is a mixture of 70-90% isopropyl alcohol and water that is used as an ingredient in hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and cleaners. Isopropyl alcohol is more potent than its ethyl counterpart at killing germs quickly. Therefore, it is commonly employed as a preoperative wash solution and to sanitize equipment within operating rooms – making it perfect for smokers.

IPA is an extremely flammable chemical and should only be handled with extreme care when working near flames or heat sources. its strong skin irritant properties may lead to dermatitis outbreaks; for this reason, gloves made from solvent-resistant material like nitrile may be useful when handling isopropyl alcohol; in spraying applications or when exposed to high concentrations of isopropyl alcohol vapors respirators protection may also be needed.

Isopropyl alcohol is packaged in numerous containers, from 1-gallon bottles and 5-gallon containers to totes designed for automated dispensing.

Smaller plastic bottles such as pint and quart bottles also make dispensing convenient; many feature spigots for easier use while being labeled with chemical names, symbols, and warnings for easy identification.

Dabbers & More

dab rig

Dabbers have grown increasingly popular over recent years, and it is no secret why – it offers potency and intensity unlike anything else on the market. If you want to take your dabbing game further, however, the right tools and accessories are important to a good high.

Dabbers ( serve as spatula-like devices which scoop and place concentrate onto nails; there are many varieties from basic glass models to artistic hand-blown options available across the internet or head shops – choose one which best meets your preferences and budget!

The internet has several available offers for various types of dabbers with or without carb caps crafted from borosilicate glass in various designs such as directional, bubble, and spinner styles, some even glow in the dark for easy detection in your stash box.

Quartz bangers are another worthy addition to your dabbing setup, offering exceptional heat retention and flavor purity.

We carry a selection of quartz bangers ranging from traditional flat-top and angle cut styles, thermal, color-changing varieties, and banger inserts such as terp pearls and marbles which will enhance the dabbing experience.

Dabbing containers provide safe storage of waxes and oils between sessions, so be sure to choose either glass or silicone depending on your budget and needs.

Some are transparent for easy viewing while others feature non-stick surfaces to prevent wax from sticking to their walls. Ultimately, to maximize your dabbing experience, do not forget a dab mat and digital thermometer as these will help ensure optimal temperatures for maximum vaporization and potency.

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