3 Tips For Buying Disposable Vapes In Bulk

The cool and clean puff of a vape is something that is largely underrated. Just pure nicotine, no tobacco, no lighting and all of that is eliminated in the process. The only thing that exists is the very smoke and utility that you get out of it.

Vapes are used a lot these days, especially by consumers who fall under the age bracket of 16-28. The reason vapes are growing exponentially is due to the better design which looks futuristic and better looking.

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In this article, we’ll cover the various topics of what a vape is, how they’re made and how to buy them in bulk. With that being said, without any further ado, let’s get into this!

What Are Vapes?


Vaping has been in the news a lot. Nobody knows too much about it so what exactly is vaping? When someone is vaping, he or she uses a device that can be small like a traditional cigarette or look like a USB Drive, and they bring it to their mouth and either with a button or just by inhaling a battery activated heating coil, warms up a substance.

Then it is aerosolized and aerosolized means made into tiny particles that you can inhale in and they go through the mouth. It goes through the main airway down into the lungs, where they can mingle with oxygen and carbon dioxide that are in the small air sacs of the lung.

Then the residual is exhaled, unlike a cigarette, which burns tobacco and produces smoke that contains nicotine, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde and anywhere between four thousand to seven thousand other chemicals. Vaping is relatively safer.

Vaping usually contains propylene, glycol or vegetable glycerin based liquid, with nicotine flavoring and other chemicals and metals. But no tobacco.

Occasionally people can get acutely sick from traditional cigarettes, especially people who have underlying lung disease like asthma but the main harmful effects of traditional cigarettes are what we see built up over days, years and decades.

Vaping vs Smoking


Over the last decade, new technology and suave marketing campaigns have led to an exponential increase in the popularity of vaping, which has been concerning to many health professionals. The numbers are staggering.

In a 2019 survey for the United states, it was found that almost a third of 10th graders and half of youth aged 20 to 24 have either tried vaping or e-cigarettes. Vaping was initially created as a less harmful means of smoking, but it has clearly taken a turn and attracted younger demographics, getting them addicted to nicotine even though they were not previous smokers though.

Both vaping and smoking cigarettes are extremely harmful and pose several health risks. Vaping is still deemed as the less harmful of the two, but what really is vaping and how does it differ from smoking? Smoking a traditional cigarette involves ground tobacco being burned and then smoked through the cigarette filter.

The process involved in vaping is a bit more complex due to the copious diversity in vape devices and because vape has been used to inhale both nicotine and thc, which is the active ingredient marijuana. However, a vape typically consists of a battery, atomizer, cartridge or chamber and a mouthpiece.

Power from the battery which is often rechargeable is used to heat the atomizer which vaporizes the fluid or thc oil inside, allowing it to be inhaled by the user.

Now at this point, public health campaigns have ensured that almost everyone in the western world is aware that smoking has severe negative health effects and can cause respiratory disease, stroke and increase your risk of cancer in over a dozen organs, especially the lungs.

Pros And Cons Of Disposable Vapes



Disposable vapes are very high in flavour due to its limited use. They have a wide range of flavours that people can avail. Mango, strawberry, raspberry, the sky’s the limit. These flavors are very potent but get over soon. Depending on the type of company, the flavors can change and can sometimes be common flavors as well.


Disposable vapes are largely very cheap to buy, especially when bought wholesale. This is due to its limited usage and temporary hits. They come in different prices, with CBD prices being a little higher in comparison to nicotine vapes.

Various Companies

Disposable vapes are sold wholesale by a number of companies which means you have comparative offers and deals. This is different in comparison to the typical rechargeable juul or vape, which usually have a relatively same price due to the use of a core battery source. Disposable vapes are different in that sense and hence have different prices.


The only cons that go with disposable vapes is the fact that they can be harmful just as normal vapes. Moreover , they last a lot less than normal vapes, hence being a let down in that sense.

Tips While Buying Disposable Vapes

Finding a trustworthy company

This easily has to be one of the most important and foremost things that you should do. This is highly important for you to remember because the company you buy it from matters a lot. It matters in the perspective that they sell you the right products and should be quality tested and checked.

Vaping is already mired in controversy due to its harmful nature and what can be more harmful is giving you acute problems such as burns and what not. Therefore, research the company well before you buy in bulk.

Try to bag offers for bulk orders

It is basic common sense that the price should decrease when you buy in bulk. But unfortunately not all companies offer you that and hence it is important for you to try and bag offers in discounts and rebates while buying vapes in bulk.

Certificate of Authenticity

What’s worse than buying a fake product? Buying a whole lot of them. Make sure to buy a lot of them in bulk and always make sure they are authentic. Every company has a certificate of authenticity which is approved by a certain regulatory body and make sure to see that first before making the purchase.

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