A Starter’s Guide to Becoming an Online Freelancer

If you want the chance to earn money, and be able to work from home, you should try to work as a freelancer.

Becoming an online freelancer is one of the best things you can do if you want to start a career that helps you make good money easily, apart from the fact that it can also give you the convenience and work-life balance we all want to have.

It might sound easy because it sure looks like just working from home, facing your computer, and doing various online tasks. Well it’s easy if you already got the hang of it. But it’s a very challenging process especially if you still lack the skills and experience.

To make it an easier ride for you, we have come up with a starter’s guide on how you can become an online freelancer.

1. Have Your Own Computer Set


The first thing you want to do is to obviously have your own computer set. You have two choices. You can have either a desktop or a laptop.

If you are the kind of person who wants to work in different places just like on your balcony, patio, living room, or maybe go out to the local coffee shop, then what you need is a laptop. It’s handy and portable. If you are going to purchase a laptop,you should make sure to invest in a good one. Laptops are not as powerful as desktops, however, their portability makes them very handy for beginner workers.

However, if you are the kind of person who wants to work just inside your room without having to move anywhere else and wants utmost silence, then what you need to have is a desktop computer. When you buy a desktop computer,you should choose one that could fit your needs. This is especially true if you are going to work as a website designer.

Although you can’t move it from time to time, it has a big screen where you can focus a lot of work on.

2. Get A Fast And Stable Internet Connection

Another thing you need to have is a fast internet connection that won’t suddenly go out all of a sudden. This should be stable so that you’ll have a great and easy time working.

Remember that you are working online, which is why you need to have the best connection possible.

Fiber internet connections are the best choices out there. Although it might cost you more money, it’s totally worth it because this means you can work faster, work better, and even get more clients because of your increased productivity.

3. Buy The Right Accessories


Buy the right accessories such as a webcam made by a reputable company like ptz camera factory Telycam. Click Here for more information.

This is a must-have for every online freelancer especially that we are always having video meetings with our clients.

You also need to have the right headphones or speakers so you’ll have an easier time discerning audio or working on music-related tasks or even doing video editing.

Yes, we know. You need to spend a lot. But it’s a price that’s totally worth it as it can lead to more projects, and in the process, more money.

4. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Another thing you need to consider is that your workspace should have proper ventilation.

This is important because you need to get the right amount of oxygen to breathe so that you can think and work properly. If you live in the warm tropics, it’s best that you stay inside a room that has its own air conditioning unit.

We also recommend that you have big windows so you can breathe fresh air every once in a while. You should also buy good quality appliances such as electric fans or air conditioning. This will help to get the air moving around the room, and stop any chances of smoke or dust from accumulating around the area. You may also want to buy an air purifier to make your workplace less stuffy.

5. Have Your Own Dedicated Workspace


Having a dedicated workspace is a must-have for every online freelancer. This area should be a room or office which is solely dedicated for working.

There should be no annoying things inside that can disturb you from your work. It should be quiet and far from the living room to avoid any noise.

If you are going to get a workspace for yourself, you should make sure the area is easy to reach. The place should also be comfortable and well-lit.

However, you also shouldn’t deprive yourself of the necessities. Feel free to store food around your workspace so you’ll have something to munch on later. You should also invest in a water dispenser for your workspace. You may also need to invest in mugs or glasses. Just make sure they are clean and well-stored in the best furniture.

6. Be Creative

Creativity is key to productivity. If you are creative, you become productive, and you gain a better understanding of the work you are doing.

One of the best things about being an online freelancer is that you have the freedom to work your own time and where you want to work.

So, whether it be sorting out orders for your client’s medical plastic injection products or can packing machines, or maybe writing a new blog post or editing a new video, just be sure that you give it a personal touch.

This way, you can enjoy what you’re doing and not get too stressed up with life.


Concluding all of this, you can clearly see how important it is to be prepared before you start your online freelancing career.

You don’t really need to do a lot of preparation because all of the things mentioned here are already usually seen in most households. You just need to pick out the best ones out there so you can have a smoother and better online freelancing career.

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