Why Earl Gray Is One of the Most Recognized Flavored Teas in the World

Countless tea-producing companies on the world market offer clients different brands. Still, many of them include the famous Earl Gray tea in their offer. This tea brand is particularly adored and accepted in the UK – and all over the world. So why Earl Gray is the most recognized flavored tea, discover in the text before you.

Tea: A Popular Hot Beverage With A Long History


Tea has been the favorite beverage of so many people for centuries. However, in a little more than 200 years, it has become a sought-out item. Before that, people have heard about the alleged Chinese plant, which was very extravagant and expensive in those times.

To individuals who had the chance of tasting it – it had an unimaginable and somewhat weird taste as it generally occurs with everything new. In any case, things will definitely change over time. The time when tea began to conquer the world started in the nineteenth century when it was brought up in Europe. It was brought there by European sailors and merchants.

Since it has an incredible taste and was consumed by the aristocracy – tea turned to be the most popular beverage of the Brits – especially black tea since it had a more powerful taste and would not spoil during long transport. Instantly thereafter, the tea arrived at the shores of America, when it showed up with the settlers and turned out to be extremely popular.

The Urban Myth Of Earl Gray Tea


Today, this tea brand stands apart from so many hot beverages. It is definitely one of the best-flavored products, and today it is considered to be a classic among teas. And how did it come about? The urban myth about this tea stays till nowadays. During the mid-nineteenth century, the blue-blood Earl Charles Gray used to possess plantations of tea somewhere in Ceylon.

During one transportation of tea, the ship was trapped in a hard rainstorm. Other than tea, the ship was additionally transporting the rare and expensive bergamot oil. During the rainstorm, the bottles with bergamot oil broke and spilled on the tea sacks. The ship crew wouldn’t want to dispose of the tea – so they dried it and cooked it in a classic way. The new sweet-smelling and flavor characteristics of the beverage dazzled everybody.

That’s how the black tea with a characteristic taste of bergamot showed up on the market. It was sold as a tea, created by Earl Gray himself. From that point forward, everything is history, and right up ’til the present time, this tea has remained popular and demanded on the market.

The Content And Calories Of Earl Gray Tea

When we talk about specifics, Earl Gray tea stands apart with its two ingredients. It contains black tea leaves of the greatest quality blended in with bergamot oil. The tea usually comes from Ceylon, India, or China. In some cases, they can be mixed. Bergamot is a half lemon and half orange that has a delicious citrus flavor.

Right after the cooking, that nice flavor spreads around the room and has a calming effect on people.

According to BBT&Co. – some tea producers utilize artificial bergamot flavor for this beverage. Yet, even though it is a more efficient choice – it’s not considered a classic. Earl Gray tea contains genuine bergamot oil which makes this tea good for our health.

Such a drink reinforces immunity and makes you more vibrant and energetic. It is also a low calorie drink that contains just 15 cal/100gr. However, this is relevant only if you don’t use any additional things such as sugar or milk.

Taste And Aroma Of Earl Gray


The one-of-a-kind taste and smell of this hot beverage have made it so well-known among consumers throughout the planet. When it’s appropriately prepared, this tea is colored in wonderful shadings of gold.

The flavor of this tea provides you with a bouquet of tastes such as astringent black tea and splendid citrus interweaved with bergamot. You can feel scents of lemon and orange at the same time. The citrus notes prevail in their aroma. You can enhance this beverage with slices of citrus or milk since it won’t ruin their taste and aroma.

Advantages Of Earl Gray Tea

This tea has an extraordinary taste as well as plenty of valuable properties. Constant consumption of this tea beneficially affects the human body. This tea has a purifying impact and works well on metabolism.

Drink some of it every day – and you will not wait too long for a result. You will see your skin even out, becoming smoother and silkier. Age spots and spots will start to blur and pores on the face will turn out to be less noticeable. This tea will also help you relax and fight depression. The citrus aroma can help you feel better and stay in a good mood.

The advantages of black bergamot tea will be significant for an exhausted body. Earl Gray tea builds immunity – making it stronger when battling against different infections. This tea is particularly beneficial for individuals who frequently experience the effects of catching a cold.

Different Brands Of This Tea


Earl Gray is viewed as a British brand. For quite a while, it was manufactured by two English companies. One of them even claimed that they have the beverage formula from Earl Gray himself. Those are the Jacksons from Piccadilly.

Today, you can discover this tea marked under different brands. For instance, Twinings. This company has a special variety of tea created especially for ladies, and they named it Lady Gray. This tea contains orange peel and lemon – and has a more delicate taste than the classic Earl Gray tea.

The Bottom Line

After the whole story, it is clear to you why this brand has gained so much popularity. Numerous beneficial properties, as well as a nice flavored taste, have made Earl Gray tea at the top of favorite beverages to this day.

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