How Strict Are They With Ids In Las Vegas

Are you ready for the wildest Las Vegas nightlife? Before you hit the neon lights of Sin City, it’s important to know the rules about checking IDs. After all, age 21 is the golden ticket to unlimited fun. So grab your ID and hold onto it tight, because we’re here to tell you all about how strict they really are with IDs in Las Vegas.

Types of Identification Accepted in Las Vegas


Most establishments in Las Vegas require you to show valid identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or military ID as proof of age before allowing entry or service. Nevada state law requires that all forms of identification presented must be an original issued by an authorized agency (not a photocopy).

The following forms of identification are accepted in Las Vegas:

  • Driver’s license
  • State-issued ID card
  • Passport
  • Military ID card
  • Matricula consular (issued by the Mexican consulate)
  • Foreign driver’s license (in certain cases).

Be sure to read the fine print and check with individual establishments regarding their policies regarding acceptable forms of identification. Some places may have stricter requirements than others. Additionally, as part of safeguarding against underage drinking/gambling laws and other frauds, many venues may use facial recognition technology when scanning IDs upon entrance. If you are worried about identification in Las Vegas, you should consider playing poker online on sites like

Requirements for Acceptable Identification


When visiting Las Vegas, it is important that visitors have a valid form of identification that can be used to verify age. The type of ID accepted for this purpose in the city varies by venue and situation, but there are some general guidelines that can be followed. The following forms of ID are generally accepted provided they are current and not expired:

  • Driver’s license or permit issued by any state
  • State-issued Identification Card
  • Government-issued passport
  • U.S. military I.D. card
  • A permanent resident card (Green Card)
  • Other national forms of identification may also be acceptable at certain venues, such as an identity document showing nationality and photo issued by an embassy or consulate of a foreign country, however this should always be confirmed prior to arrival.

In most cases, casinos and other adults-only venues will require that your ID indicates you are at least 21 years old in order to gain entry. Additionally, security personnel may use additional measures to determine age if they have any doubts about validity or accuracy; these measures may involve using unique markers such as checking birth marks on the face or looking for tattoos covering birth dates for special events such as New Year’s Eve celebrations. It is always important to carry valid identification with you when visiting Las Vegas so that you can avoid any potential issues when attempting access at various attractions or venues within the city limits.

Penalties for Not Having Valid Identification


Each establishment and venue has different policies regarding the kind of identification accepted as well as the age threshold for entry. When visiting Las Vegas, it’s important to remember that all businesses have the right to deny entry or service if they are not presented with a valid, non-expired form of government-issued photo ID. Not having proper identification could result in fines and/or prosecution by law enforcement officials.

The applicable laws vary depending on the type of establishment (for instance, casinos are subject to gaming regulations), but generally speaking, penalties for not having a valid ID may include:

  • A monetary fine
  • A temporary or permanent revocation of an individual’s privilege to enter a casino or similar establishment
  • Referral for criminal prosecution in extreme cases

Having valid identification is extremely important in Las Vegas. It serves both as proof of age, so that teens and minors cannot gain access to establishments that serve alcohol, and for security purposes; to ensure bars and casinos aren’t served by individuals with blacklisted records. Refusing service or charging cover fees whenever possible can help ensure this remains true.

Impact of Not Having Valid Identification


If you are planning to do many activities in this city, it is essential that you make sure to carry valid ID with you. Without valid identification, there will be certain restrictions, and no matter how old you are it is always important to have your ID with you. Whether it’s for activities, casinos or getting free drinks – having valid identification will help ensure that your visit goes smoothly.

Many locations across it require patrons to bring valid government identification in order to enter or participate in certain activities. Without a valid form of ID (such as a driver’s license/permits, passport/passport card or military ID), the casino may turn down your entry and bar even 21-year-olds from entering the gaming area within their premises. Additionally, without a valid photo ID, some venues may not serve drinks even if patrons are of legal drinking age (21+).

In addition to the legal difficulties associated with not having valid identification when visiting recreational locations in Las Vegas, those who do not bring their IDs assume a greater risk for becoming victims of robberies or other criminal activity since they cannot prove who they are if questioned by authorities regarding suspicious activity. There is also the chance that someone may impersonate them as well since they can’t prove otherwise by producing an appropriate state-issued form of identification. Also, venues may require patrons to complete background checks especially for those looking for employment opportunities – thus keeping individuals from attaining gainful employment simply because they do not have proof of identity.

Overall, visitors should remember that having a valid form of photo ID is necessary when visiting Las Vegas even if their age clearly identifies them as an adult because it enables them access into certain premises while ensuring that their stay is a safe and enjoyable experience due to fewer risks associated with lacking proper documentation while in Sin City!


In conclusion, it is important for patrons in Las Vegas to carry a valid form of identification when engaging in activities that require it. Casinos, clubs, and other venues in Las Vegas are very strict with IDs to ensure the safety of their patrons, as well as rules being adhered to.

It is important to bring valid identification on any visits to Las Vegas so as not to be denied entry or services due to lack of proper credentials.

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