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Let’s have an overview of the American pastor, Robert Jeffress. A multitasker is known for radio hosting, an Evangelical preacher ( appears on television) and an author. This person implements and abides by Mormonism.Religious traditions and theologies of LDS ( Latter Day Saint Movement).Pastor Robert came into the picture when he referred to ‘gays as filthy beings’.

Be ready to explore more about Robert Jeffress, his life, career and net worth.

About Pastor Robert

This eminent pastor came into existence on November 29, 1955. Robert Jeffress Sr. and Judy are Robert’s parents.’ Pathway to victory’ was a renowned telecast.

He attended Baylor’s University and got his B.S. degree following his studies at the Dallas Theological Seminary to receive his master’s.

Further in 2010, he earned a doctorate degree in ‘Divinity’ from the famous Dallas Baptist University. He also worked for the Fox news and taught in the same seminary in which he studied (Dallas Theological Seminary).

Early Life And Family

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Robert Jeffress Sr. and Robert Jeffress Jr. are father and son, both are pastors. Julia Caroline Fielder is Robert’s mother’s full name. Robert married Amy Lyon Renard, who soon conceived two cute daughters.

He had a lot of influences because of his parents background. W.A. Criswell guided him since he was young because of which invigorated his knowledge on pastorship.

As grew older he became famous for his preachings and sermons especially 2017 one for the inaugural ceremony which was organized for Trump.

Career And Milestones

Robert served as a shepherd at the Baptist Church in the USA which included 14000 lost sheeps. Many broadcasters like over 4000 invited him as a guest. He has his own podcast that is active in1000 radio stations. His great success ‘Pathway to Victory’ was broadcasted in about 195 countries across the globe.

Under Robert’s authority, a worship center at the Baptist Church that had a capacity to hold 3000 people was built in 2013. He totally has 27 books written and published by him, that are famous for their monetary access. He earned the ‘Daniel Award’ in 2006 from the most authentic organizers Vision America. He won an alumni award in 2011.

Card Sharks‘, one of his most liked shows, yields him $4000. This personality is also well known for many of his artistic works and campaigns.

Few Things About Robert Jeffress That You Didn’t know

  • Robert believes in many myths. He believed that God punishes every sinner, even abortion was included which he showcased as 9/11.
  • He consumed alcohol for the first time in his entire lifetime at Jack Daniel’s when he was asked to taste an ice cream sample.
  • Robert claimed it would be explosive if Gay sex gained equilibrium.
  • He mentioned ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ as an immense end.

Net Wоrth

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As he owns a radio station, TV show, published 27 books which add up to the income that is estimated Worth is 17 million dollars according to 2024 updates.

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