10 Best Gift Ideas for Your Aussie-Obsessed Friend

Do you have a friend who is obsessed with Aussie items and products? If yes, then you must surely check out our list below that contains the best Aussie gift ideas. You can bring these gifting items for your friends whenever you are visiting Australia on a trip or you can also order them if you have any family member or relative living in Australia. Let us now have a look at these gifting items below:

1. Haigh’s Chocolates:

If you are visiting Australia, how can you miss exploring Sydney, right? In that situation, ensure you visit Queen Victoria Building (which is perhaps the best tourist spot in the city) where you’ll have the option to see the little store of Haigh’s Chocolate and a colossal crowd waiting outside to taste these heavenly bars.

The store was opened way back in 1915 and there are about 15 such stores in the nation. These famous chocolates are made and wrapped manually and not using any machine. They are unquestionably probably the best thing to shop in Australia for your people back home.


2. Australian ties and scarves:

Ties and scarves are ideal gifts for professionals particularly the people who frequently travel for business.

That way they can address their country any place their work takes them. A great option as a corporate gift for your business partners from abroad or just the people who frequently wear ties and scarves in their day to day routine. Woolen scarves make an ideal gift for the cold weather.

3. Opals:

Australia is well-known for its quality opals and Sydney is home to an enormous assortment of opal items, from delicate jewelry to investment gems. The hypnotizing shades of an opal are continuously moving and changing with the light to uncover new dimensions.

Professionally set in Australian gold, a couple of opal hoops makes an exceptional gift that will be a treasure for your loved ones. For a couple of studs, costs start around $AU 79.00 and above, contingent upon the size of the diamond and the quality of the gem. An opal wristband set in gold will cost you around AU$250.


4. Goat Milk products:

Have you ever considered using goat milk on your hair or skin? The pH level of goat milk is extremely close to that of your skin, making it an effective and gentle cleanser that is ideal for anybody with sensitive skin. In addition, it has a very good fragrance. You can find goat milk cleansers, soaps, shampoos, conditioners and many more things at various pharmacies in Australia.

5. Amber’s food wraps:

There are a couple of motivations behind why this is an ideal Australian made gift. In the first place, this valuable item will diminish the use of plastic film wraps which is not good for our environment. Many people in Australia use this at their home and not a plastic film wrap. Second, the designs made on it are lovely and you can follow back their origin.


6. Kangaroo leather items:

If your friends are into leather items, you’ll unquestionably cherish the kangaroo leather items made at Real McCaul. It is one of the best companies in Australia that has practical experience in designing calfskin products like shoes, coats, wallets, backpacks, and many more using the skin from kangaroos. But the point is why you should choose Kangaroo?

It is because the kangaroo leather has shown to be the most sturdy sort of cowhide on the planet. It has a great thickness which makes it far-fetched to rip off, something you won’t find in your normal leather made from crocodile skin. This makes Kangaroo leather products probably the best Australian gifts.

7. Cricket bat:

Is your friend a big cricket fan? If yes then you must consider gifting him an Australian cricket bat. Cricket is the national game of Australia. Kookaburra cricket bats are incredibly famous and utilized by the best cricket players. Kookaburra has been making these bats since 1890 in Australia. The price range of these Kookaburra bats is from AU$70 up to AU$750.


8. Australian tea towels and mugs:

Souvenir items, for example, tea towels and mugs are valuable gifting products that can be used daily. Some people think that mugs can break easily while traveling but if you pack it accurately in the right box, you can safely travel with it. You can also wrap tea towels with it as it does not occupy much space and is lightweight. These both make a useful gift as they won’t end up just occupying space in the back of your cupboard. Rather, your friend can enjoy using these products every day. Actually, you can buy branded towels, personalize them and sell them to your customers.

9. Wine:

If you and your friends enjoy having wine together, then you must surely visit Yarra Valley in Melbourne to bring some finest wine bottles. All you need to do is make a day trip to the Yarra Valley in order to get a glimpse of the delicious wines prepared there. They not only prepare wines but also a wide variety of chocolates and cheese. You can gift wine bottles to your loved ones or keep it for yourself to host parties at your place.


10. Tim Tam:

How can you leave Australia without taking packets of its famous cream sandwiches with you back home?

In fact, you should buy as many of these sandwiches as you can and trust us that you would not regret it because when you will present it to your family and friends, it will become a huge hit. The best part is that it comes in a variety of flavors.

To Sum Up

Are you planning to visit Australia anytime soon? If yes, then you must be thinking of purchasing some wonderful gifting items for your friends and family. Check out the above list to get a brief idea about all the gifting options that we have for you. Trust us that your friends will not get disappointed after receiving these Australian gifts.

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