Wanted Season 4: Possible Release Date Leaks & Latest Updates 2024!

Probably people must be aware of the famous web series “Wanted”. Wanted season 3 was launched in the year 2018, and it has attained popularity as expected. But fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel, but they haven’t received any update from Netflix.

According to rumors from various sources, it is said that the sequel of Wanted is expected to release in December 2024. Let’s dive into the topic and see the actual facts and details of season 4 and its making process as well. If you’re eagerly waiting for Wanted season 4, then stay connected with this article.

Did Netflix Confirm The Release Of Wanted Season 4?


We have seen the release of seasons two and three in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Audiences were impressed by the scenes and screenplay of this series, and hence they are eagerly waiting for the launch of season 4. But unfortunately, we couldn’t find any positive response from the series makers. So the audience should wait patiently to know more about the season 4 release date. Till date, this series has attained popularity and fame because of the story lineup and casting.

Wanted: A Glimpse


Wanted is basically a projection of an Australian television program in which the police officials arrested two unknown strangers for carjacking. The crime was committed by two criminals, but Lola and Chelsea were waiting at a bus stop, and because of this reason, the criminals decided to pull the ladies into the crime scene.

Some corrupt officers in the police department decided to help criminals after getting some bribes from the criminals. Lola and Chelsea tried to survive the situation, but the officials were trying to frame them at the crime scene. Soon they decided to escape the situation and lead a peaceful life. But unfortunately, the situation has become worse than before.

Actress and director Rebecca Gibney play’s the role of an old lady who had a shady dark past. Despite the struggles, she manages to lead a decent life by doing some work. Actress Hakewill have tried her level best to portray her character in a better way. The screen presence of both actresses has been an added advantage in many aspects.

The story lineup, screen presence, and screenplay of this series has made this series attain huge success. Initially, the story might seem to be slower, but soon after two or three episodes, viewers can witness some twists and turns in the story.

Rebecca Gibney has portrayed her own views and experience in this famous TV show. She has been working as a cop in the police department for years. She also served as a journalist and screenwriter, which motivated her to write the script. It has been six years since the launch of season 1, and still, the series remains the favorite series among common people and audiences. The entire series is filled with action, drama and other surprise elements, which keeps the audience engaged.

What Shall We Expect In Season 4?


It is a well-known fact that Lola and Chelsea attained freedom through witness protection programs at the start of season 3. But soon after that, the detective started chasing both the ladies to identify the truth. So both the ladies were pulled into the situation of running again to protect themselves from disasters. They came across a dangerous smuggling group that used to smuggle humans. Now both the ladies decided to risk their lives to protect and save people from kidnappers.

It is expected that the story of season 4 will start from this, where Lola and Chelsea will protect and save people. There might be some surprise elements to engage the audience. But will the detective find them both? Lola and Chelsea have been chased by the detective so he might find the exact location of these ladies and save them all from disaster. Nothing is confirmed yet, so people should make sure to wait patiently to know more about season 4.

Are There Any Possibilities For The Release Of Season 4?


Yes!, there are possibilities for the release of season 4, as the sources from various social media and press releases have revealed that the cast for season 4 has already been confirmed, but the shoot is yet to start.

Even now, some social media posts are trying to portray that season 4 will be released at the end of 2024.

But even this news has not been officially confirmed by Netflix. So people should make sure to wait patiently for the official announcement. The actors in this series have satisfied their roles by performing flawlessly in their own way.

Expected Cast In Season 4


Some fans are worried about the casting for the upcoming season as there are rumors stating that the cast for season 4 will be changed entirely. But is that true? If yes, will the director maintain continuity? Despite rumors, the director is clear about the cast and crew.

The entire crew will be retained even for season 4 to satisfy the audience. Replacing a new face in the place of an old character will look messy which eventually makes the series lag in some aspects! If the show is set to release then, the audience can expect some of the new faces in this series. But it is clear that these new faces will have a unique new character in season 4.

Final Thoughts

Now people must have a better idea of the upcoming season 4 and its casting details. Netflix has not confirmed the release date or even the shooting start date. It has been four years since the launch of season 3, but the official confirmation about season 4 has not been released.

People must have seen some fan-made teasers of season 4, but the official teaser and even the update cannot be found officially. Even before receiving official updates, this series has attained much importance on social media. It is expected that this series will have a massive response soon after the release.

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