5 Motocross Safety Tips Every Rider Should Know

Steering a vehicle has never been nearly as easy or straightforward as most people think which means that there has never been as much safety on the roads as necessary. From the earliest days of horse drawn carriages, people have showed less awareness and common sense than what would be the ideal amount.

As a result, preventable accidents started happening and they never really stop. Our technology advanced, society progressed, and we now have all sorts of vehicles that can take us from point A to point B. Moreover, these machines can be used for many other purposes like in various sports, for pleasure driving without any goal to reach, and for business.

For decades now, it is the motorbike that has been considered the most dangerous and challenging type of vehicle available. The reasons for it are many and most of them are true. Something that small capable of so much power and speed with the rider completely exposed. Trouble is bound to happen if the biker is not careful. Motocross can encompass so much, from regular riding to going off-road and doing extreme things.

In any case, there is much less safety than in a car because you are not enclosed in a shell. On the contrary, everything from the wind and the elements to the feeling of speed is working against you. In order to increase awareness and potentially save lives, this article aims to bring you the most useful safety tips that every rider should know. These is literally lifesaving advice here so make sure you get familiar with them before your next motorcycle session.

1. Wearing a Helmet


Although this is a no-brainer and an actual law in most places, many people are still not wearing a safety motorcycle helmet while riding. Anyone who does not do this is practically asking for something bad to happen. Right off the bat, we will tell you that the risks of head injuries is lowered by 85%. Moreover, the likelihood of any sort of brain injury is down by 88% if your head is protected by a helmet. When it comes to severe brain injury that can change your life for the worse, it is down by 75%. These numbers alone are enough to tell you just how necessary a helmet really is. What it does is increase survivability of anyone wearing it, be it the rider or the passenger. Nowadays, helmets are much stronger and better than they were and are capable of so much. There is no reason not to wear them, only excuses. It is the number one safety tip anyone can give you and the crucial point in protecting yourself from dangerous situations on the road.

None of the following safety tips make sense unless you are wearing a helmet. For a great selection of all sorts of high-quality helmets, make sure to check out MX Helmets.

2. Bike Inspection


The second thing you always have to make sure is in order is the condition of your motorcycle. This comes in the form of regular bike inspections where you check everything that could go wrong while riding. Before every single ride, at least if you want maximum amounts of safety and protection, you need to inspect the tires, wheels, fluids, chassis, controls, and electrics. These are all basics without which you will not be able to ide properly, let alone enjoy the ride and remain safe. It is enough for the tires to be somewhat deflated or the hand or foot controls to have some minor issue. While riding it is impossible to say how something like this could impact the whole experience. The bike should function properly and show no signs of damage or failures well before you are on your way.

3. Keeping the Eyes on the Road


Here is a piece of some common sense advice. If you are involved in traffic, you need to keep your eyes on the road at all times and keep your attention levels high. Otherwise, you are endangering yourself and others in traffic who are around you. Getting distracted is easy, but all it takes is a split second for things to go very wrong on a motorcycle. Every rider needs to be attentive and pay attention to the things around them, including looking at the mirrors constantly and knowing when and how to behave based on the circumstances. In addition, the blind spots should be covered as mirrors do not help with everything. Your eyes should also be focused on the road itself, not just looking in front. There could be debris on the road, potholes to avoid, spilled oil or water, perhaps ice? You never know what you can encounter, but the result should be the same. You need to be able to avoid it safely and in time. In case you feel like you are no longer paying enough attention, take a break and stop for a while to rest. You may be sleepy, tired, hungry, or thirsty.

4. Gear Up


Apart from the helmet there are many other things that will protect you while riding a motorbike, regardless of the situation. There is a whole line of fashion dedicated to bikers. Arm and leg protection should be available at any time, in the form of motorcycle pants and jackets that are padded, or pads that go underneath or over regular clothing. Proper footwear that cannot get caught anywhere that is strong and sturdy, as well as comfortable, will make shifting gears easier and save you from the cold. Gloves are a must because it is easier to speed up, break, and shift with them. Palms can get sweaty, oily, or cold, or you can develop blisters and small cuts. Investing in safety gear and proper clothes is a much cheaper option than treating your injuries later or suffering through uncomfortable conditions on the road.

5. Mind the Weather


Watching the skies before you ultimately make your trip is very important because it is definitely not the same to ride in rainy, blistering hot, and optimal conditions. Weather will always play a huge role as you ride along and you should prepare according to the forecast. The route may need to change, you may need to bring extra clothing to protect yourself, or tune your bike a bit differently. You will also not be able to go as fast as you would like to and may need to stop more often for rest.

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