What To Do After A Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery 

Undergoing Brazilian butt lift surgery is a realistic method for people who want to get a specific buttocks shape. Due to the transformation of beauty trends and personal preferences, Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery has been relatively popular over the last few years.

Keep in mind that post-surgery care will affect the efficiency and the final results of the BBL surgery. Due to that, you need to be aware of the things to do after getting a Brazilian butt lift surgery. Hence, we have prepared this post incorporating the details of BBL surgery aftercare.

What is Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Going back, Brazilian butt lift surgery was developed by Dr. Pitanguy, who did his initial plastic surgery in 1963. Since then, the popularity of the BBL procedures has been increasing. In short, the Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgery that transfers fat to your back bottom to give it a perfect shape.

The surgeon utilizes liposuction to take out fat from different areas of your body, for example, stomach, hips, or thighs. The liposuction process involves making cuts in the skin and discarding the fat through a tube from your body. The fat deposits taken out from your body will be cleansed and prepared for injection into the butt.

Next, the surgeon starts injecting the purified fat into particular areas of your butt to make it huge and more rounder. Your doctor will make three to five tears around your back bottom to transfer fat. The liposuction and incisions for fat transfers will be sealed with stitches. After that, the surgeon puts a compression garment on those affected areas to reduce the chance of bleeding.

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Things To Do After A Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Here we will talk about what you should do after getting a Brazilian butt lift surgery to get a speedy recovery. In addition to that, we have incorporated a few other tips which will help you improve the BBL results.

  1. Sitting

Sitting after getting the BBL surgery tends to put excessive pressure on your butt that impedes the fat transfer procedure. Due to that, less amount of fat will survive, which deters the final results of the surgery. Depending on the type of technique used, doctors will instruct you to avoid sitting during the initial two weeks right after BBL surgery. However, some doctors advise you to sit only on the BBL cushion for the first six weeks post-surgery.

The initial two to six weeks is a crucial recovery period, so try your best to reduce the sitting time. If possible, avoid sitting at all. But, if you need to sit in this recovery period, always sit on the BBL pillow only. For the initial two weeks, you should not sit for more than 5 minutes. It is better to sit, stand, and do stretching alternatively to promote blood circulation.

Here we will focus on sitting after BBL techniques because many people often wonder about how to sit after undergoing Brazilian butt lift surgery. Below are the two types of sitting methods after getting Brazilian butt lift surgery.

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  • Elevated butt sitting:

Consider sitting on the back of your thighs so that your buttocks would not touch any surface. You can sit in this posture on the BBL pad, which keeps your butt in the air. Another way is to place a high and soft pillow beneath your thighs.

  • Edgy backward chair sitting:

Rather than sitting in the chair in a general posture, swivel the chair around and put your legs on the sides of the chair. It is best to keep your butt out from the chair pad and lay your hands on the backside of the chair.

  1. Compression Garments

After the BBL surgery, your doctor will instruct you to wear a particular compression garment that is beneficial in caring for the liposuctioned areas on your skin. You need to put on the compression garment for a prolonged period so that all affected areas will heal. The garment will also lessen swelling, curtail discomfort, and make your skin contract.

  1. Healthy Diet Plan

The surgeon will give you strict diet guidelines to ensure a quick recovery. Your diet primarily contains balanced food, less sugar intake, and typical fat consumption. Right after surgery, you can drink clear liquids because your body might still have anesthesia. For the initial three days, eat soft foods and stay away from sugar and spicy foods.

After undergoing any surgery, almost everyone wants to reduce swelling in affected areas. Consuming low sodium foods minimizes the swelling. Do not smoke because it might affect the healing process, and take pills as instructed by the doctor.

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  1. Exercise

Until you get approval from the doctor, it is recommended not to do exercises or other strenuous physical activities. If you are doing physical training without recovering fully, the fat transfer would not be much effective. You can start exercising after 6 to 8 weeks as the transferred fat cells are stable during that stage.

  1. Be Familiar With Infection Signs

You have to be aware of the infection signs so that you can take immediate care. For example, you must get in touch with the surgeon if you have symptoms like skin redness or excessive swelling. Other signs that may indicate infections are awful odor from the affected areas, high body temperature, swollen glands, or heavy pain.

  1. Other Critical Tips

Here are other tips to follow after you get Brazilian butt lift surgery:

  • It is advised to sleep on your abdomen rather than on your back
  • You can remove the compression garment while going to take a shower.
  • You can take scar therapy for about 6 months
  • After two weeks, it is alright to get a liposuctioned massage on affected areas

Final Word

As Brazilian butt lift surgeries are gaining more popularity, there are many clinics that offer this surgery. However, consider selecting a certified and experienced surgeon to expect decent results. After getting the BBL surgery, make sure to follow the above-mentioned things and avoid doing strenuous activities for a few days. If you feel heavy discomfort for a prolonged period of time, it is recommended to visit the doctor.

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