Should You Trust Offshore Skrill Casinos?

Living in a state with legal gambling sites means you probably have no business dealing with offshore gambling sites, whether it is a Skrill casino or not. However, a deficit of legal gambling sites can be the reason you go in search of offshore skrill casinos to play on.

But some of the sites are unregulated, which poses the question, should you trust offshore skrill casinos?

Yes, you can, and you should, as long as you keep to the essential factors discussed in this guide.

What are Offshore Casinos?


Offshore casinos are foreign-based casinos that operate outside the laws of your country. They are available for anyone to access whether they are of the casino’s nationality or not. They are mostly online casinos that allow diverse players from different countries to access their games.

So, with so many old and new licensed casinos flooding the country, the question then stands, why would you choose to place your bets on Offshore Casinos?

Do Offshore Casinos Offer Any Benefit?


For a start, these casinos operate on laws different from your country’s own, which can be a good thing if you play on the right one. Finding an offshore casino for players from countries with heavily regulated gambling laws can go a long way in easing their gambling experience.

Players finding better tax options also benefit well from offshore casinos because they get to make and receive payments in other countries that might offer lower or increase the flexibility of tax payments.

Offshore accounts often support various digital currencies such as Dollars, Euros, Sterlings, and others. This is good news if you plan on using a Skrill account because the chance of the casinos accepting your payment method is pretty high.

You can all count on players’ protection from gambling addictions. In addition, there is usually a partnership with gambling regulation authorities on offshore casinos, which means you get a lot of awareness messages, self-exclusion programs, and several other features that ensure compliance with the established responsible gaming principles.

Why Play on Offshore Skrill Casinos?


Offshore Skrill Casinos are those few casinos that accept Skrill as a payment method for their players. E-wallets have become rampant and widely used by casino players, and Skrill is one of the best options recently gained much popularity.

Using an offshore casino that accepts Skrill, therefore, comes with some advantages that might influence your decision on whether you can trust it or not. These include:


Most e-wallets offer efficiency in terms of payment processing. With a casino accepting Skrill, you can make transactions with 100% efficiency because there is no intermediary between you and the Casino. Players can deposit and withdraw directly with the casinos, which means more.


The Skrill interface is relatively easy to use and has a simplistic touch for users. This means anyone can find their way around the payment platform and handle their transactions better.


Since both platforms are online and you don’t have to involve any third party, the payment processing saves time. In addition, with Skrill accounts linked to offshore casinos, you don’t have to worry about your country’s transaction regulations as long as you are registered and verified on both platforms.

Should You Trust Offshore Skrill Casinos?


There are various reasons why offshore Skrill Casinos should and should not be trusted, and some of them can be discussed under the factors outlined below:

Laws and Legality

The first question you should ask is if offshore skrill casinos are even legal. The simple answer is “It Depends”. The long answer is that thousands of casinos are offshore, and the legality depends on the casino in question.

Although the particular interest of the law is in the operators, not individual players, you still need to ensure there is an existence of law compliance by the casino.

Hence, If you must trust an offshore skrill casino, you must consider its legality. Make sure the casino is legally represented in their country of operation and compliant with the international gambling laws.

Operating License

While identifying fake casino sites, the biggest red flag is the absence of an operating license. But as a non-citizen of the casinos country, confirming they have an operating license doesn’t guarantee you the security of your funds.

Many offshore casinos also have fake operating licenses to convince players who don’t for confirmation, so you should ensure the validity of license registration before trusting an offshore casino whether they accept Skrill.

It would help if you also were vigilant concerning the casino’s claims. Although testing certifications cover RTP and variance level, you still have to be on the lookout for any claim that seems fishy before you trust any offshore gambling site.

Promotions and Bonuses

Most casinos attract new players with their juicy promotions and welcome bonuses. Unfortunately, this is also true for offshore casinos, and since accepting Skrill doesn’t protect you from being scammed, you should be on the lookout for the kind of casino you play on.

Read the ToS of any offshore casino you want to register with and confirm that your region’s promotions and bonuses are available. If not, you should not trust such casinos to give you any of the rewards via your Skrill account.

Transaction Fees and Payment Time

You can expect low transactions for your Skrill account when you send and receive money. However, different casinos warrant different charges, making your transaction fees higher than anticipated.

So if you must trust an offshore skrill casino, you should consider the transaction fees deducted in the country. Also, make sure the processing time is as short as possible, although such casinos often stick to fast transactions.


All in all, the decision lies in your preference. Many offshore casinos now support Skrill as a universal payment option, but the difference in casino features is why you need to consider certain factors before trusting any of them.

Therefore, you should consider the legality, registration, transaction model, and promotional offers of offshore casinos in your country before you decide to trust them with your funds and start playing.

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