Where to Buy BTC With USD? Guide 2024

Digital assets are entrenched in our world so firmly that it is already quite challenging to imagine the virtual financial world without them. In some cases, cryptocurrencies have replaced fiat funds. But, most often, virtual coins are a way to earn and save your capital.

But cash needs to be urgently converted into cryptocurrency sometimes. Here the question is how to buy BTC with credit card safely and with minimal commissions so as not to lose the profit received?

What Can Cryptocurrencies Be Bought with USD?


Today, there are many digital assets, and the industry learns about a couple of newcomers every month.

However, only the most popular ones, such as BTC or ETH, can be freely bought. Most other assets will first have to be converted to one of these cryptocurrencies and then withdrawn to USD or other currencies.

Where Is It Safe to Buy BTC With USD?

To buy BTC with a debit card instantly, you need to study all possible tools carefully. Some offer low commissions but require the provision of personal information. Others take a good percentage and remain anonymous. But what to choose and how to buy Bitcoin with credit card? Here is the listing:

1. Crypto exchanges


To exchange BTC for USD, the user needs to select a suitable trading place, register, and make an exchange.

Some exchanges require verification for the withdrawal of funds, which can be an obstacle for cryptocurrency owners. However, you can do it anonymously. The list of information provided contains the mandatory indication of personal data up to the residence address.

Not everyone is ready to publish this information, given that trading platforms often become a desirable target for hackers. Still, crypto exchanges take low commissions for the exchange and withdrawal of funds.

But for this, you will have to spend a lot of time searching for the most profitable option.

Still, Switchere is a crypto exchange that includes a basic set of cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, EOS, XLM, and XRP. Here you can buy Bitcoin with credit card no verification, issued by VISA, Mastercard, or Maestro. All you need to do is go through a quick registration (a few seconds) and provide some basic information instead of completing the standard identity verification.

2. Crypto exchangers

Services of this kind offer the widest choice of payment options, including bank cards to cash. Commissions are included in exchangers. You can find the most profitable rate by using monitoring. Many exchangers offer special deals for regular customers.

The purchase itself will not take much time, the user’s data will remain safe, the amount of the commission will not affect the wallet much, and the funds and the transaction itself will be secure during all operations.

3. Money transfer systems


This option is no more complex than the first one. The problem here is a high commission (~ 2.9%) and the loss of value: the price of Bitcoin itself, when converted into dollars, can be significantly lower than the official rates.

4. Cryptocurrency wallets

These services combine the functionality of both storing cryptocurrencies and managing assets, including their purchase. For example, to buy Bitcoins with debit card, you can use a VISA/Mastercard bank card, and the commission can range from 5% to 10%.

5. Telegram app bots


Owners of exchangers and exchanges launch these bots to expand the range of audiences and increase convenience. Buying Bitcoin for USD through a Telegram app bot is very simple and intuitive, but there is a caveat — scammers often disguise themselves as well-known bots. Therefore, it is essential to be careful not to become a victim of phishing when you buy Bitcoins with credit card no verification.

Don’t forget that while the cryptocurrency sphere is not regulated in any way, you can lose your funds very quickly and will not be able to take them back. Also, when choosing a method for buying BTC for USD, you should pay attention to the size of the commission and the level of security of the service.

Platforms to Purchase BTC Using USD

There are various crypto exchange sites where you can easily trade Bitcoin quickly. Such as:

1. Coinbase


Every crypto investor is aware of this platform. It is pretty easy to invest your dollars directly by purchasing and selling Bitcoin on this site. It is pretty easy and safe to make transactions. One can also explore various activities through which you can win the tokens.

To start trading on this platform, it is necessary to have $5 in the account. You can use USD directly whenever you observe any scope of earning profit. The user interface is simple to understand, and you can securely invest and trade your money.

2. Voyager

It is simple to deposit and withdraw USD after trading by the Voyager account. There are no commission fees for using this application. You can safely purchase Bitcoins using USD or other fiat currencies.

You can contact the active customer support team whenever you get stuck in trouble. If you are a new user on this application, you will earn $25 when you create your account and trade the minimum of $100. Due to the perfect interest rates, many people prefer this app for trading BTC.

4. BlockFi


It is a fantastic investment and trading app for new and existing crypto users. If you do not want to sell your coins, you can purchase and hold them for some time. In this way, you can earn good interest in your savings.

Whenever you create your account, you need to deposit $25 to own the maximum bonus of $250. Ensure that you maintain the balance in for a specific period to keep up with the interest rates. There is no commission fee for creating an account. You can easily earn money on BTC deposits that you have purchased in USD.

5. Uphold

If you have multiple assets, then the Uphold is the best platform. Undoubtedly, you can buy BTC from USD or other fiat money. You can withdraw the cash whenever you need it. But you can do trading in pairs only. You can trade multiple assets and make money as well.

It is pretty easy and safe to make significant transactions. The pricing structure is quite transparent and straightforward. You can purchase Bitcoin with USD and keep it in your account to earn through interests.

6. Kraken


It is another fantastic Bitcoin purchasing and trading site. You can use USD for the purchase and trade them accordingly. There is a concept of marginal trading on this site. The actual exchange is a simple thing you can do in this application. It is a preferable choice for many US-based customers. If you want to buy BTC safely, you can trust this app.

Final Thoughts

There are various platforms from where you can easily purchase BTC with USD. You can choose any exchange app and follow other methods to earn Bitcoin with your fiat money. Ensure that you gather plenty of information about any platform and know whether you can invest your real money.

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