9 Common Causes and Treatments for Yellow Teeth

Even though yellow teeth are not as urgent as many other dental conditions, it is still important to take care of them. Studies show that people are feeling much more confident and attractive when they are having beautiful white teeth. Everybody deserves a perfect smile which they can be proud of.

Improving the color of the teeth can be done in different ways. The simplest way is changing the food and drinks you are consuming on a regular basis. Despite that, you should maintain your oral hygiene regime.

Bright and pearly white teeth are the goals of everyone and no one wants to have those yellow teeth.

However, the color of our teeth can fade wanted we that or not. Additionally, it can be very challenging to know why the teeth are turning yellow.

We have good news for you since you can change that by benefiting from whitening treatment by the dentist at Dental Turkey. With rich experience of completing thousands of smile makeovers every year, they still find it proudly and fantastic to help a new person to get a perfect smile. They know better than anyone how having attractive and beautiful teeth can make someone get self-esteem and confidence. Everybody deserves to feel that way.

In case you are wondering what the main causes of yellow teeth are, continue reading this article. You are not alone when it comes to this question. Yellow teeth are also a sign that something else is wrong, not just the aesthetic of the teeth, if you want pearly white teeth, check out porcelain veneers in Melbourne.

The fact that there are so many different tooth whitening products on the market that increase in popularity by every day shows us how many people are struggling with this problem. Here’s a breakdown of the main reasons teeth can appear discolored.

1. Dentin material of yellow color


Teeth can become yellow in the case of thin enamel. What happens is that dentin underneath the enamel is showing through it. For those who do not know this – dentin represents a deep yellow to even brownish material that is located inside our teeth under the enamel. Therefore, you should know that if you are having yellow teeth, the dentin can be responsible for that condition. Even though the thick enamel is covering up the dentin it does not always block the stains that are building up on the surface of the teeth. So, there are more causes for the yellow teeth condition that you are going to find below.

2. Ages


Teeth are generally starting to become yellow as a person gets older. This happens because the enamel is wearing away from chewing and exposure to different acids from the food and drinks that we are consuming. It is unavoidable to enamel thins with age. Some people teeth’s are getting grey shade because of the same problem.

3. Smoking


We can not neglect the fact that generally in most cases the primary cause of yellow teeth is smoking. This is because nicotine from cigarettes is leaving that yellow or brown tone surface stains. Therefore, smoking is not just unhealthy addiction that will affect your lungs and your overall health. It will also affect your teeth and your breath.

4. Foods that you are consuming


We are living in a busy world, where most of us are eating unhealthy food. Unfortunately, most of the food that we are consuming is causing stains on the teeth. For instance, some food is containing specific pigments that are clinging to the teeth’ enamel and leave stains on the surface such as different berries, tomatoes, various sauces, and spices. People would assume that eating a healthy salad will not cause this type of problem. However, you must be careful to not use vinegar dressing in your salad because it can also leave color on the teeth.

5. Drinks that you are consuming


Like in the previous case, drinks can also cause yellow teeth problems. There are two things that we are all consuming daily that is affecting the color of our teeth – those are coffee and tea. However, some types of alcohol can also be blamed for this condition such as white and red whine. We have bad news even for people that are drinking dark and light sodas and drinks that include artificial flavoring because these can also change the color of the teeth and make them yellowish.

6. Antibiotics usage


According to the conducted searches, it is found that special tetracycline antibiotics used in the treatment of different infectious conditions can affect our teeth. This antibiotic is widely given to both kids and adults.

However, pregnant women and the ones that are breastfeeding should not take this type of antibiotic. This is because it causes teeth discoloration. Just like this antibiotic, oxytetracycline causes the same yellow discoloration. On the other hand, chlortetracycline is producing a greyish and brownish teeth discoloration.

Because of that, if you must take these types of antibiotics, we suggest you visit the dentist for treatment.

7. Fluorosis spots from fluoride


In general, most people already know that fluoride is good for teeth and we can not deny that. On the market, you can find a wide range of different products for teeth such as fluoridated water, toothpaste, tablets, and even fluoride treatments. However, the excess fluoride can cause the problem that we are talking about – it can cause yellow spots that are known as fluorosis. Because of that, we suggest you consult with your dentist about how much fluoride should you and your child use.

8. The occurrence of physical accidents


If someone experience physical trauma or some type of accident and their tooth or teeth cracks, the enamel and the interior of the teeth is going to be damaged. Logically, this will lead to discoloration.

9. Grinding problem


Finally, the last thing that can affect your teeth to change color is teeth grinding. Many people are having this habit, especially when they are feeling stressed and when they are sleeping. This condition is highly harmful to tooth enamel because it makes them weak. This can go to the point of cracking the teeth.

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