9 Most Popular Mistakes In Crypto Trading & How To Avoid Them

Mistakes make people learn and allow them to become better with their skills, so you must always use cautious measures to make it easier for you to avoid losses. Cryptocurrency is an industry that is open to opportunity and allows people to enhance their investing skills and earn massive profits sideways.

So in this article, various mistakes by cryptocurrency traders have been listed below, and ways to avoid them have been discussed.

Mistakes By Crypto Traders

1. Aimless Trading

Sometimes people are confused about the major reason they are trading because, in the maximum cases, it’s just the sheep herd in which everyone comes in for extra profits or side income. When one wishes to enter investing, he must have dedication and interest in investing because if your goal and motive is money, after some time, when you will make losses, you will consider it your failure.

You must understand that you might make money or lose money in investing. The only factor which determines your success is your experience and portfolio. So before you plan on investing, keep your aim and dream clear and understand your expectations with the market growth.

2. Manage Portfolio


Cryptocurrency is a volatile market, and you never know whether the market will show an increasing graph or a declining one, so you must create two portfolios. The first one would focus on short-term gains, which can contain volatile and short-profits cryptocurrencies. In contrast, you must choose stable and reliable cryptocurrencies for the long-term portfolio. This completely depends on the investor’s mindset that he wants to take risks or invest with reliable currencies.

3. Practice Makes The Man Perfect

Investing is a technique that comes with time, so you need to practice before landing directly in the industry. Sometimes people say that until we do not invest in real life, how can we learn, but one must understand that market and money loss should not be outcomes of your training. So there should be various applications that allow you to try investing for practice with real-time data.

4. Trading Plan

There should always be well-planned and dedicated tactics that allow users to choose the perfect cryptocurrencies. This can either be in the form of a road map or a planning technique, but a trading plan makes it easier to understand your future endeavours and makes it easier for you to achieve them.

In the beginning, there are very low chances that this would train you to develop your trading plan, so you can either seek a trading plan from a famous investor. When you realise you have achieved the requisite experience, you can start investing in real life.

5. Reliable Crypto Wallet


There are various crypto wallets in the market. Almost all of them ensure security and privacy, but this remains true until a breach occurs, so you must seek a reliable and safe crypto wallet. You can set a checklist of factors you seek in a crypto wallet, including security, data privacy, ease of transaction, and withdrawal. The withdrawal process is cumbersome in some wallets as they impose a series of taxes that deduce a passive income from your income.

So you must consider all these factors and choose a wallet that can meet all your requirements. Based on this opinion you can choose the best wallet for safe and secure trading.

6. Manage Automated Purchases

There is a process known as purchase automation. In this process, the user allows the wallet to extract a limited amount from the bank account and then invest it in the scheduled cryptocurrency over a certain period. These purchases can range in any amount, and people use them to invest in booming cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, which show visible growth.

But this should be only in the case of experienced investors because sometimes beginners automate purchases which results in snow falling loss over them, so you must keep an eye on your purchases and automate them only when you are sure of them.

7. Don’t Always Go For A Dip

There is a rumour that when there is a dip, go for it as they believe that when the market rises, it will turn out to be a profit. But as observed in many instances, sometimes a stock or currency crashes and increases your loss percentages. So going for a dip can turn out to be a nightmare for you, so you must research deeply about the factors which led to the fall in the value and perform your due diligence to ensure that this cryptocurrency will bring in profits for you.

8. Beware Of Fake Coins


In each form of investing, let it be stock market, product marketing, or cryptocurrency, there are a bunch of fraudsters waiting to take advantage of the less cautious people. There are various fake coins in the crypto market, and these coins work based on hype; a person develops a coin and then introduces it in the market, and then spreads the rumour that this coin will get a massive boom.

Then with the help and connections of various influencers and investment heads, they can broadcast this rumour. People start investing in the coin, then the person takes away all the money and dissolves the currency. So you must read the whitepapers of these currencies thoroughly before deciding to invest.

9. Learn Basic Terms

There are some basic terms of investment that you should know for every beginner, and these terms are whitepapers of cryptocurrencies, alternate currencies, COIs, and a lot more. So when you plan on investing, you should go through a tutorial that will give you a clear idea about investments and the basic factors that influence them.


Investing requires a lot of knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the transactions, so an investor must remain aware of such processes. So in this article, we discussed some common mistakes done by crypto investors and ways to avoid them. These mistakes include basic and technical mistakes that would enhance your chances of profits at investments.

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