5 Industries in Pennsylvania Worth Taking a Look At

After the Big Apple, Pennsylvania is becoming the preferred destination for the country’s youth. There are many reasons behind this.

Universities such as the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State attract students. The Quaker State is home to more than 50 Fortune 500 companies, and it is the biggest train producer in the States. Walmart is the biggest private employer in Pennsylvania, and it is also home to The York-Water Company.

Pennsylvania is also a unique tourist destination, has a rich history, and is filled with incredible attractions. Pennsylvania was considered an agricultural state for centuries, but recently it has garnered attention as an industrial state.

If you’re in the process of growing your business, Pennsylvania can be a profitable destination. Read on to find out more about the fastest-growing industry in Pennsylvania!

5 Fastest-Growing Industry in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s fastest-growing industries are agriculture, healthcare services, construction, online gambling, broadcasting, and telecommunication services. In addition, the state also has its fair share of the new-generation independent artists.

1. Agriculture Industry


The agricultural industry has a massive economic impact on Pennsylvania. The residents of Pennsylvania have widely practiced agriculture since the state was founded in 1682. It was initially started by the Lenape Native Americans and the Monogahela people, and they grew commercial crops such as corn, beans, squash, etc. With increasing settlements, agriculture has become an indispensable part of rural living and the state’s economic development.

Pennsylvania has become the nineteenth largest agricultural producer in the United States and the leading mushroom producer. It has ranked fifth in grapes production, fourth in apple farming, and seventh in winemaking. Livestock farming is also common and contributes to about 68 percent of the state’s GDP.

The agriculture industry in Pennsylvania is concentrated around the rural regions of York, the Berks, and Lancaster. These counties have become the leading milk, eggs, and poultry producers. The agriculture sector also exports goods worth 1.7 million dollars every year.

2. Online Gambling Industry


The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a huge surge in the online gambling industry. Since the frequent lockdowns and quarantine measures required people to remain indoors, there was a rise in the online gaming and gambling industry. The industry is highly profitable at the moment and will definitely remain so for the next couple of decades.

The online casinos in Pennsylvania were legalized in 2017 when Governor Tom Wolf signed the gambling bill into law. This made Pennsylvania the fourth American state that allowed licensed online gambling. This move was ground-breaking as it determined the future trends of Pennsylvania’s economy.

In 2024, Pennsylvania’s online poker rooms and casinos broke the state record with $117.04 million in gross gaming revenue. This surged the annual income to $1.05 billion in the first ten months. With this record, Pennsylvania has become the first American state after New Jersey to reach 1 billion dollars in one calendar year in online casino revenue milestone.

3. Health Care Industry


The health care sector is the most important industry in Pennsylvania, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2024. It is the number-one private employer in Pennsylvania’s Cumberland County, and there has been an increased demand for nurses. This is primarily because Pennsylvania has a relatively significant population of senior citizens.

This trend indicates that the health care industry in Pennsylvania will always stay in business. Pennsylvania has become the top destination for health care experts and professionals to settle in.

The major hospitals in Pennsylvania, such as St. Luke’s University Hospital, Titusville Area Hospital, and Presbyterian Pittsburgh, are always hiring. Ambulatory health care services have emerged as one of the major industries in the state. There has been a forecasted increase of employment up to 1.8 percent throughout 2024 and 2024.

The health care spending in the state is enormous and expected to rise by 1 percent in the coming months.

4. Tourism and Hospitality Industry


Pennsylvania is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the United States. The tourism and hospitality industry is among the most profitable. Philadelphia has maintained its position as the eleventh-most visited American city since 2008. The city has received more than 710,000 visitors from other countries as well as other American states.

Several reasons add to Philadelphia’s popularity. It has a rich history that has laid the foundation of the country. The Declaration of Independence was signed here, and the state is home to the Liberty Bell.

Besides, there are thousands of tourist attractions spread across the state ranging from historical art museums, national parks, amusement parks, music festivals, landmark monuments, and more.

5. Manufacturing Industry


Last but not least, the manufacturing industry in Pennsylvania is one of the leading sectors. In 2018, the manufacturing industry accounted for almost 11.89 percent of the total output and employed over 9.47 percent of the total labor force. It exported more than 35.58 billion dollars worth of goods.

The manufacturing industry is the most advanced and includes food processing, machinery, electronic gadgets and services, chemicals, and fabricated metal products. It also includes five occupations, including maintenance and repair technicians, maintenance workers, industrial mechanics, industrial engineers, and computer operators.

The state of Pennsylvania is one of the top producers of prescription drugs and aspirin in the country. It is a leading producer of processed foods, making food processing the second-largest manufacturing sector in the state. Most of the major American foods are processed here. Some of the most popular processed foods manufactured in Pennsylvania are sausages, canned mushrooms, pretzels, potato chips, cookies, cakes, bread, crackers, beer, and ice cream.

Most new-age businesses in the United States want to be a part of Pennsylvania’s growing economy. It has a very encouraging and supportive network of business professionals, and the government is always looking to invest in more industries.

With its flexible and industry-specific legal system and easy access to different towns, natural resources, and labor- Pennsylvania is becoming a favored destination for many businesses- MNCs or startups.

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