System Betting – A Great Strategy in Which Your Chances Become Higher

One of the reasons why system betting is so attractive and popular is the fact that you can always be creative using it.

System betting gives you the freedom to bet on one match or to create a ticket consisting of 15 different events. These events can be drawn from any sport. We assume that you know what the odds are, so we will immediately start with a specific explanation of system betting.

It is the most commonly used betting strategy in football and is becoming increasingly popular among betting enthusiasts.

System bets are being used more and more often for one simple reason: if the matches you bet on were successful, you have the opportunity to win more than on individual bets. Your ticket will not be losing if one or even two choices from your combination fail.

The purpose of this article is to explain one of, according to some, the most difficult concepts of sports betting. Are you ready? Let’s start!

What’s System Betting?


If you think you are already a professional in sports betting, you do not need advice that applies to novice bettors. However, do you know what system betting is and how understandable it is to you?

System betting is a combination of choices. Thus, this combination consists of fixed and combination pairs.

You put a system bet after selecting three or more options on the ticket. What determines the winnings? The number of choices and the total amount.

The main difference between a system bet and an accumulator bet is that you have a chance of your ticket winning even if one of your choices doesn’t win. The number of possible combinations increases the more matches you want to bet on. This raises the stakes you’ll have to play with.

How is the final profit calculated? The payout and winnings per combination should be calculated first. The next step when it comes to your system ticket is splitting the payment by the number of combinations.

To calculate the winnings per combination, multiply that number by the odds. In the end, add up all the winnings by combinations, which will give the maximum possible winnings on the ticket. You can check your odds on find more information you are looking for.

Is this too complicated for you? Let’s see how system betting actually works by example. Just remember that bookmakers generally have different limits on winnings that are set on a daily and weekly basis.

They are determined by the sport on which you are wagering. It is best to check the site of your favorite bookmaker before making a ticket to make sure. If you don’t have one, the abundance of options can be found here.

Types of System Bets


System betting comes in numerous variants. You will be able to use them depending on your own needs and affinities. Below are a few specific betting systems:

• Trixie (4 bets): There are four bets on three events – three double combinations (the same amount of money is put in each) and one triple combination. You must have at least two correct outcomes to win.

• Yankee (11 bets): In this system, you choose four events to bet on. This type consists of 11 bets – six double combinations, four triple combinations, and one quadruple combination.

• Lucky 15 (15 bets): When it comes to the Lucky 15 system, you choose four events to make 15 combinations. There is one single bet per event, six double combinations, four triple combinations, and one quadruple combination.

• Lucky 31 (31 bets): The Lucky 31 system is characterized by the fact that you choose five events in which you make 31 combinations. These include one single bet, 10 double combinations, 10 triple combinations, five quadruple combinations, and one five-fold combination. In order for the ticket to win, you need to guess at least one event.

• Heinz (57 bets): This system requires you to decide on six events from which you make 57 bets. These include 20 triple combinations, 15 quadruple combinations, six five-fold combinations, 15 double combinations, and one six-fold combination. For this as well as for all systems, the rule is that the exact amount of profit depends on the number of accurate predictions. In order for a ticket to win, you must have at least two successfully predicted events.

In addition to the types already mentioned, system betting includes Lucky 63, Super Heinz, Goliath, and Alphabet. In addition, there are 2/3, 2/4, 2/5, 3/4, 4/5, and 4/6 systems that allow one, two, or three missed pairs on the ticket.

System Betting and Football


The best way to use system betting is to bet on football. This is definitely an unpredictable sport which means it offers higher odds compared to other sports. Therefore, football is perfect for system betting.

To try to explain better, we have prepared an example that includes a Yankee bet. In this system, you choose four football matches from which 11 bets are made: six double combinations, four triple combinations, and one quadruple combination. To win, you must guess at least two correct outcomes. The amount of money you win is determined by the number of correct guesses you make.

Example: You’ve made a €2 system bet on each of the 11 combinations in four football matches.

• Team 1 vs Team 2 (X; 3.50), Team 3 vs Team 4 (1; 1.70), Team 5 vs Team 6 (X; 3.90), and Team 7 vs Team 8 (2; 2.10). Team 4 manages to turn the game around and win in the final minute. Nonetheless, the other three outcomes are in the expected direction.

• What is the result of system betting? If the bet in the example was multiple, it would not win anything. But, because of the high odds, you may make a substantial amount of money by putting up a system with only four events. With a stake of €22, you would win €116 despite a defeat of Team 3.

The Factor of Luck or Something Else?


In order for your handling of money to be successful in betting, you must be careful in the case of system betting. If you have already developed a certain strategy – then better.

Then you know that if you choose a system that allows one wrongly predicted pair, you insure against losing on small odds. Also, we believe that you are already familiar with the fact that 2/3, as well as 3/4 systems, are the most popular and most played.

When it comes to system betting with two missed events, systems 3/5, as well as 4/6, are the most common choices when it comes to playing a rebound ticket. On the other hand, 5/7 and 6/8 systems are common when the stakes are doubled.

What about the system that is intended for three missed events? All experienced bettors will tell you that they are not that popular. Why? Because, in this case, you have a lot of combinations, and therefore the risk is higher.

Remember that no system is able to guarantee 100% safe winnings! Sports results are inherently random, so be aware that the end result is affected by many factors. System betting is attractive to many because it reduces the risk of loss. On the other hand, system betting is profitable only if the odds are high and if the stakes are good enough.

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