6 Most Difficult Online Casino Games to Play for Beginners

Gambling at casinos has remained largely unchanged since the introduction of the most popular games you can find there. For decades, a couple of centuries even, casinos have been bringing people together around tables where the classics are played. With the changing of times and the growth of gambling into an industry, casino resorts stepped in but they did not change the original formula. The games remained while everything else around them changed. Casinos kept growing, more and more money kept pouring in, and technology quickly took over. Now, in the 21st century and the age of technology, we have online casinos.

But again, the games remain largely unchanged.

What this means is that the classics cannot and should not be replaced. They are popular and remain popular for a reason. Therefore, as a newcomer to the world of gambling, one has to start from scratch and learn their way through the many available games. Not all of them are of the same difficulty and complexity, but some can be said to have a steep learning curve. In this article we are talking about the most difficult online casino games to play for the beginners. Starting off with the easiest of the bunch and going to the hardest, we explore what beginners can expect when they first encounter the most popular casino-style games. Make sure to check out Big Dollar Casino to try all of these games yourself.

6. Slot Machines


Online slots, just like regular slot games at your local casino, do not require any skill whatsoever to play or master. This is the easiest type of gambling you can try as all a player needs to do is click on a dedicated button to spin the reels. The rest is up to the random number generator and Lady Luck. You do not get to learn anything, get better, or strategize. This makes slots the least cost-effective type of game to play, but millions of people still love them due to this ease of play, flashy colors, wacky sounds, and interesting visuals. There are thousands of different online slots to choose from with different themes, number of reels, and ways to win money or free spins.

5. Roulette


The classic game of roulette is one of the popular “big three” of casino games. It is a familiar sight no matter how big or small a casino is. The online varieties do not change the original formula that has been the staple of the casino experience for decades, simply because it works. However, it is a bit harder due to the algorithms at play and the lack of a live croupier. It is a complex game to figure out in terms of what to bet on, but luck and randomness still decide everything. It is not so hard to play for beginners and it is actually the entry game for most gamblers, one that introduces them to casinos. If you bet on either red or black, it is among the simplest thing in the world of online casino play. Be sure to pick the European version as it offers a slightly better chance to win. Also, try more than one roulette version online. There are numerous takes on the classic formula, even some that can barely even be called roulette anymore.

4. Baccarat


The card game of baccarat is unique because the players do not get to play or even hold the cards themselves. Everything is done by the dealer, or in the online variety by the software. The rules are not that difficult to understand although they seem complicated at first. You can bet on the player or on the banker, the latter being the more difficult option to choose. It is all about determining when to place the bets. Newcomers usually figure out the game in their first session, or by watching others paly it.

3. Craps


If you dislike cards, maybe dice are the right gambling prop for you. The game of craps is a fun one to play, albeit a hard one to win at. The reason for this lies in the fact that, again, everything is determined by luck.

Throwing the dice cannot really be planned and you cannot make a strategy or a plan to do it. Rolling the right number(s) is definitely not easy, but there is not much to learn there. What you do need to learn is the language used in this game. This is what makes it complex for new players. There are many expressions for the different numbers that can be rolled. First educate yourself about these and then log into an online casino to try it out.

2. Blackjack


Blackjack is the first card game of the two that round up the aforementioned “big three” of classic casino games. Many new players find it frustrating to play because the rules seem overly complicated. The wide range of options to choose from when the dealer places the first set of cards have to do most with this confusion. The best course of action is to first learn the basic defense and offense moves so that you can at least be competitive up to a certain degree and keep the advantage over the dealer. As you play more and more games, you can start implementing more complex strategies until you learn all the best ones.

Blackjack is quite fun and there are many variations on the formula in the online casino world. Make sure to try more of them until you find the one that works best.

1. Poker


While easy to start playing and understand the general premise, poker is the most difficult game to play for a beginner because it takes time, practice, and experience to be average, let alone good. It is the final member of the classic trio of casino games and arguably the most popular casino game in the world. The situation is the same online, where there are classic pokers, video pokers, and many other hybrid takes on the well-known formula that introduce numerous elements that make it a completely different game. Our advice for the newbies is to start slow and easy, with a basic poker game that can help you get the hang of things. Play as many times as you can without money involved while practicing so that you know how to play, when to play it, and when to fold.

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