Smart Ways to Use Tech to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Extramarital affairs are increasingly becoming more common, and technology has made cheating a lot easier for those who want to do so. Fortunately, technology has made it easier for some cheater’s actions to be easily uncovered even without the use of spy apps. Have you ever wondered about how you can use technology to catch a cheating spouse?

There are many ways to catch a cheating spouse with the help of technology that is readily available to anyone. Most people don’t truly realize this, but they have a good camera with them at all times in the form of their smartphones. The same phones can be used to send and verify information in real-time via mobile data. Sure, modern technology makes cheating easier by facilitating easier communication that allows cheaters to have erotic video chats with their lovers with just the push of a button. But know that the same technology can be used to uncover them if used properly even without the use of spy apps.

These days, you can track where your partner is with Find My Phone technology that most phone manufacturers have or by looking at the pin or photo location of the things they post online if that is enabled in their device. Just like with how cheaters can now commit infidelity without meeting their lovers physically, can technology-savvy spouses catch them with the same tools.

Of course, the healthiest way to find out about possible infidelity is by directly talking to involved parties but that is not always possible because cheaters are certainly not the most truthful people. If someone is hiding evidence of adultery, then technology might be the next option to use to uncover it. Below are the ways that technology can help you catch a cheating spouse, compiled by the private investigators. Below are the ways that technology can help you catch a cheating spouse, compiled by the private investigators at Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc. located in Toronto.

Look Out for Locked Gadgets and Sneaky Push Messages


A lot of people lock their gadgets because they feel better about being private but if this action is something new, then this could be an indicator that a spouse is hiding something. If someone suddenly becomes protective of their gadgets and now have secret passwords when they previously had none, then this is certainly a cause for further investigation. With this said, most people forget to turn off push notifications and therefore, you can view snippets of incoming messages even with a locked phone.

Make GPS Your Friend

Location history can give you a lot of insight into where someone spends a lot of their time. You can access this under ‘previous destinations’ for someone who uses Google and under Google Timeline for Android users. Unfortunately, this won’t work for someone who doesn’t have location services turned on in their device. This is also viewable for iPhone users under frequent locations. You can access this under Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Significant Locations if their location services are enabled.

Beware of Secret Messages Hidden in Photo or Audio


Tech-savvy cheaters may know how to embed another image within a picture file or an audio file. If your partner has tools like DeepSound or QuickStego, then this can easily be done. You won’t suspect a thing because the file looks completely ordinary. A code or special keystroke is needed to unlock the files.

Check for A Second Phone

Not everyone who has a second phone is cheating but if someone has an extra phone without having a real need for it, then it is possible that the second phone is being used for a second life. Even without a second phone, the presence of a separate SIM card that doesn’t really have reason is highly suspicious.

Scan Digital Receipts


If you keep finding digital receipts for products and services that you or your spouse doesn’t use, then this is worth looking over. The same goes for unexplained accumulation of travel miles, Paypal transactions, and the like. If you find digital receipts to a hotel or resort where your partner did not stay at when they were supposedly at a conference, then you got a red flag.

Use the Search Bar

You can tell a lot about a person by what comes up in the search bar when you start typing using their device. Go through the entire alphabet just to see if the search function auto-fills with dating sites or adult websites. Although some people may erase their search history, they will usually leave enough information behind to give you a clue about what websites they frequently go to and what things they usually search for.

Find Your Spouse in Real-Time Using Their Phone


For phones that have location services on, you can verify where your spouse is currently at by using Find My Phone on Android or Find My iPhone on iOs. If your partner is supposed to be at work and their location shows that they are nowhere near work, then you’ll know that further digging is necessary.

Scan Cloud Services and Phone Tools

A lot of people forget that their devices are connected to the Cloud and in some cases, can be uploading each new video or photo that they take and receive to their Cloud account if the Sync option is not disabled.

You can directly check their account if you have access or check if they have a Keepsafe account when they have no reason to. Special cloud services like Keepsafe, Hide it Pro, and Vault enable someone to store and hide media files. They’re not designed for cheaters but someone who has certain motives can use their security features to support their shady activities.

Using technology to catch a cheating spouse should only be a last resort. Know that some practices described above can be illegal in some places due to specific privacy laws. If you suspect that your partner is cheating and you want to gather information that can be used in court as evidence, be sure to hire professional private investigators. Hiring reliable private investigators is your safest bet to legally obtain useful information that holds up in court.

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