Ballroom E Youkoso Season 2: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELED!

Do you also love watching animes revolving around dance? If yes, you would love to check out Ballroom E Youkoso. It is a popular TV program influenced by a manga that is written and exhibited by Tomo Takeuchi. The artist was born in Japan and is celebrated throughout the country for his way of writing the storyline in a gripping way.

If you have not watched his show already, we would suggest you do so as soon as possible. We are sure you will not be disappointed and keep coming back for more of his work!

Ballroom E Youkoso has an intriguing plot focusing more on sports and less on romance. It is a unique and fresh experience for people who are bored of watching romantic anime. Maybe it is the reason the series’s worldwide fans have been eagerly hanging for its next season! If you have come here to determine whether the program will renew for next season, don’t worry, we will provide all the crucial details here.

What is the Storyline of Ballroom E Youkoso Show?

The narrative of Ballroom E Youkoso revolves around its protagonist, Tatara Fujita, a timid middle school guy who is clueless about his future and what he wishes to do in life. He goes through life day after day, avoiding any sort of conflict or blending in with his classmates. But he soon learns that staying away from people will not save him from the bullies who often torment him for cash now and then.

To his surprise, one day when the exact incident was repeated, he was rescued by an unknown man called Kaname Sengoku.

Kaname Sengoku is a proficient dancer who trains in ballroom dancing at Ogasawara Dance Studio. He is a 24-years-old, tall and attractive person holding the title for the ‘Latin dance’ and the ‘ten dance’.

After rescuing Tatara Fujita from the bullies, he persuades him to his dance workshop. Although typically, Tatara would have rejected a proposal to such a class, he is so charmed by Sengoku’s personality that he agrees to go. At the studio, he gets a prospect to dance with his associate, Shizuku Hanaoka, and soon learns there is something about becoming the center of attraction and performing in front of the mass audience.

And so, Tatara Fujita begins on his course into the realm of ballroom dancing with a passionate and sincere endeavor to reform and ace.

Ballroom E Youkoso Season 2 Release Date & Other Details:


People are curious to learn whether Ballroom E Youkoso might renew for the new chapter or not. Here we will clear all your doubts regarding it.

The initial chapter of the program aired nearly two years ago, in July 2018, under Production IG. It soon became a tremendous hit among the audience who praised its storyline, scoring 7.8 ratings out of 10 on IMDb and 8.22 ratings out of 10 from Myanimelist, from nearly one lakh voters.

The Anime Network has shared that the show makers are not saying much at this point about the release date of the next season. However, fans speculate it will renew in 2024. Although we have no exact announcement date, the show is likely to renew.

A lot of matter is there to be presented in the program, according to the manga series. So we have got our fingers crossed!

In the latest season, fanatics are likely to meet new and amusing characters who might take the narrative to a new level. If you think about who they might be, know that when Takahiro Kishida plans to add new faces to the plot, he never declares them so soon. So we can only wish for an intriguing season as the COVID-19 pandemic may also have affected its production.

Whether new faces will include in the plot, one point is certainly the original figures will stay. We will share the latest news referring to the next season as soon as the developers reveal something. However, if you are curious about what might happen next in the program, please keep scrolling.

What is the Proposed Plot of Ballroom E Youkoso?


When Tatara Fujita may showcase his dancing skills, he soon learns that it is probably the only thing he wants to put his entire soul and heart into. It turned his course upside down as Ogasawara Dance Studio became a crucial part of himself. This tale suffices to make people eagerly wait for the program for the coming chapter.

Since there exist ten volumes of the manga list, there is sufficient data for the developers to present in the anime. Kodansha Comics USA published the manga series in English, on September 27, 2016, under the name Welcome to the Ballroom. It caused Ballroom E Youkoso to become a worldwide and overnight success.

People have only witnessed the bland and sad side of Tatara’s life until now. But in the coming chapter, we will hopefully visit some joyful times, or the plot will turn towards romance. Since we are not sure about anything yet, we can only speculate and put our best hopes forward.

Hopefully, the audience will have the chance to watch the trailer for its next chapter in the same year we expect the program to air. It is accessible on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. If you have watched this program on another platform, its new season might release there too.

Final Thoughts

The new chapter of Ballroom E Youkoso is neither annulled nor approved by the makers yet. However, fans strongly assume they will witness the next stage of Tatara Fujita and his colleagues’ lives this year. Since the program’s first season was such a huge hit, it is not surprising to see individuals putting their expectations up!

We are also lingering for an official statement from the producers. As soon as we receive any news, we will share it with you guys. Until then, you can enjoy watching similar shows like it.

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