3 Signs You Need to Change Your TV Aerial

Do you notice that something is not right with your TV? You have a feeling that your TV reception is getting worse with time? This is one of the clear signs that you need to change your TV aerial. Once you introduce a TV aerial that is of higher quality and comes with much better features you will notice a huge difference in TV reception.

However, poor TV reception is just one of the possible symptoms. There are other signs that can help you instantly conclude that it is time to step up your TV game and install a new TV aerial that will ensure that you enjoy watching TV without any distractions. Read more below about some of the main signs you need to change your TV aerial.

How to know that it is time to upgrade your TV aerial?

In some situations, things are so obvious that it will be immediately clear to you that it is necessary to replace your TV aerial. For example, you notice that it has fallen, that there has been bending or some other deformation.

Of course, poor TV reception is the first thing you will detect while watching television. You will simply be frustrated because you can’t relax and watch your favorite series in peace after a hard working day.

However, keep in mind that sometimes these signs are not so clear, but sometimes they are a little more subtle, so it can be difficult for you to connect what you see with the malfunction or deterioration of the TV aerial. Some of them are the following:

1. The TV doesn’t display the channel, but is showing “searching” message


When you turn on the TV, it makes sense that it immediately shows you the channel you have selected. And that the same thing happens when you are switching channels. However, if it shows you a ‘searching’ message instead, you may think that something is wrong with the specific channel, or that the TV is getting slow, so it takes time to show the channel.

All of this can lead you to wrong conclusions, when in fact the main source of problems is your dilapidated TV aerial. And until you find that this is the cause you can lose a lot of time and nerves. Therefore, we advise that as soon as you notice that this is happening with your TV, you consult with professionals to determine if your TV aerial is OK or needs replacement.

Of course, it matters to whom you leave this job. Not everyone will provide you with the right diagnosis and offer you the best solution. If you are looking for a professional and reliable company that can take care of your TV aerial and install a new one, click here for more information.

2. You turn on your TV, but you are greeted by a black screen


Perhaps the most frustrating situation that can happen to you due to improper operation and outdated TV aerial is that when you turn on the TV, you are greeted by a black screen.

We’ve all been in this position at least once and, we admit, it wasn’t fun at all. If you find yourself in a situation like this, first try switching channels and see if the others are working.

If they work, then the problem is at the level of the particular channel. However, in case a black screen is present on all other channels, consider the option that there may be a problem in your TV aerial.

3. The signal occasionally disappears


Lying in bed, relaxing with your favorite snack and tea and finding an interesting movie you plan to enjoy for the next two hours? Great idea, but it can be distracted by the incoming and outgoing TV signal. Another clear symptom of a weakened TV aerial is an unstable signal that occasionally disappears.

Not only will it hinder you from watching television, but you will eventually be greeted by the complete cessation of TV aerial work if you do not do something about it in time.

What are the first steps you should take if you detect these signs?

Once you find that something strange is going on with your TV it is time to go into a mini inspection yourself to confirm if everything is OK with your TV aerial, or you need to fix or replace it. Here are some basic things to look for in order to determine if your TV aerial is the cause of the problem:

Take a better look at your TV aerial

The first step here is to take a closer look at your TV aerial and try to conclude if it is any different from your neighbors’. For example, if it points in the other direction, you can try to redirect it and conclude whether it will affect the quality of TV reception.

Also, if the TV aerial is broken you will need to replace it with a new one. This often happens due to strong wind and other weather conditions. During this process, be careful and, if the TV aerial is set very high, consult experts who will do all of this for you, in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Check the cables and the aerial connector

Another thing you can do yourself is to check if the aerial connector is working properly. Sometimes it is necessary to replace only this part in order for everything to function optimally. It is a good idea to test if the antenna connector works when you connect it to another TV. If this is the case, then you know you need to focus on it.

On the other hand, cables are another common obstacle to the proper functioning of the TV aerial. If they are not connected properly or are not able to output a signal for some reason, this will affect the operation of your TV.


Optimal TV performance is not a luxury in the twenty-first century, but that does not mean that people do not often encounter obstacles in this regard. Improper functioning of the TV aerial will lead to numerous problems with your TV and eventually not let you relax while watching your favorite TV show after a hard working day.

Having knowledge of the signals that indicate a malfunction of the TV aerial will allow you to detect them as soon as they appear. And then be able to immediately take action to replace your TV aerial with a better one.

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