6 Tips and Tricks for Making Fresh Flowers Last Longer

Now that 8th of March is behind many of our dearest ladies have a ton of flowers they adore. Now, with time, any flower will fade, but we have the ability to at least make their lives longer even after they’ve been cut.

Keeping flowers fresh and vibrant is by no means an easy task. You need to know what you’re doing if you want maximum results. Of course, some of the tips and tricks are knowledge of our grandparents, but we tend to forget the advice of the past a little bit too often.

In this article, we are going to give you our six tips and tricks for making fresh plants have extended life. Of course, the first trick is the simplest one. All you need to aim at is, if there’s an option, of course, buying fresh flowers online from a verified seller. This isn’t always the easiest option. But, it is something to strive for, if you have the well-being of the flowers on your mind. Now that we have this out of our way, we can start sharing our valuable knowledge with you. Have in mind that you can use these tips and tricks altogether and separately alike. Let’s start with the right directions.

1. Soda


Yes, you heard this right. Now, we’re not talking about large quantities. When you drink soda, and you shouldn’t drink too much, like Tom Brady who doesn’t even taste it, leave a few drops on the bottom. Now, we’re talking really small quantities that would fit in the bottom of a cup. You mix that with an amount of water that would fit into a vase where you plan on holding your fresh and vibrant flowers. If the plant is blossoming you’ll do it favor with this move as it will last more time. It is all thanks to the sugar from the soda. One thing to have in mind is the property of the vase. If you’re using a dark-toned, you can use nay soda. But, if you’re having a see-through vase you’d want to use Sprite or Schweppes tonic so that your water doesn’t look dirty.

2. Cut The Stems


Of course, the primary way to have your flowers straight up and standing is to put them into water. This is common knowledge. But, before you proceed to do this it is vital that you cut off the stems. When you purchase flowers from an established florist this will probably already be done, and you’ll set to go for the next few days at least. When a certain amount of time passes, it is important to remove flowers from the water, cut them again, and replace the liquid. This needs to be done so that the water could flow into the living system of the plant. As we said, the combination of cutting the stems and replacing water should do wonders for the longevity of already cut flowers. What’s important to know is that the floret needs to be cut under a forty-five-degree angle and that this process needs to be repeated every three to four days. If you do this, as we already said you’re enabling better water flow, and the results will be impressive.

3. Prune


Are you familiar with this expression? Every florist is well aware of what this means, but if you’re not too much into flowers, you probably aren’t aware of what it means. This is the process that removes all leaves that are located in the water in the vase. Many flowers have leaves and petals low on the three and you need to make sure that you remove these before placing the bouquet in the water. Another thing to keep in mind is rotting. Where these leaves were, there will be debris and the plant might rot a little bit. This is why it’s vital to change the water and keep the plant clean to avoid bacteria that could eat the remaining part of the plant.

4. Aspirin


No, we are not kidding. It’s not like flowers can have headaches, but aspirin could do the trick for them in other aspects. These pills are easy to get as they’re over-the-counter medicine so this is not some half-illegal advice. All that needs to be done is to take one pill, smash it to dust and mix it with the water you’ll use for your flowers. Roses are known for the best reaction when it comes to using vases with water and aspirin mix. Just like with many other tips and tricks on this list, you must replace the water frequently. Flowers will be quick to absorb the beneficial substances from both water and aspirin so to keep them fresh longer you need to maintain the levels of aspirin in the water.

5. Remove Dying Flowers


Yes, life isn’t equally fair to everyone. The same applies to the flowers. Some will last longer and some shorter. This is how nature works. If you want your bouquet to last longer, you need to come to terms with the fact that you will not remove it from the vase in one go. You need to be alert to the flowers that die first.

When they start dying off slowly one by one you need to make sure to remove the dad plants first. If you do this the healthy ones will be given a chance to live longer. The ones at the end of their lifespan will start to rot and can endanger the rest of the bouquet. Not to mention that your arrangement is going to look better with only healthy plants included.

6. Money


No, we’re not talking about buying a new bouquet the moment your old one starts veining. No, it is more about the coins than some large amount of money. When you put fresh flowers inside a vase and add water, try putting a copper coin inside too. The coin will act like an acidifier, and as such it will prevent bacteria that could harm your flowers to appear. This is a great way to help your flowers, but it also has a downside. If there’s too much copper some of the flowers may open up too quickly, which could result in its petals falling off while being healthy in the bottom end.

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