Peculiarities of Apartment Cleaning in Summer

The frequency of cleaning in the house largely depends on the time of year. Many housewives notice how much dirtier it gets in the apartment in the summer. At high temperatures, pathogenic viruses quickly develop in the dust, the number of dust mites grows rapidly, and their toxins cause allergy and asthma attacks. That is why there are special requirements for cleaning apartments in summer.

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Peculiarities of apartment cleaning in summer

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Not only do windows get dirty instantly in the summer, from spring to fall the curtains have to be sent to the wash every month, and even better every 2-3 weeks.

To keep out the flow of dust from the street, put nets on the windows and moisten them regularly with a sprayer. Wipe the floor and dusty surfaces daily with a damp cloth, since outdoor dust in the house can be detrimental to your children’s health.

In summer, bathe your shedding pets more often; not only will this reduce the amount of hair on the floor and carpets, but it will also save them from the stifling summer heat.

Ventilate the room regularly, even if you have a modern air conditioner with ionizing air. Do not forget to clean or change filters of air conditioners in your apartment, as it is required by the producers. Filters should also be installed on the air ducts.

It is best to clean them with a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter. Remember that if you are cleaning your apartments near Fort Wayne in the summer, every week you should vacuum not only the carpets, which become “dust collectors” in the summer, but also the furniture upholstery.

In the summer, change your bedding more often. If our grandmothers dried mattresses in the sun, shook and re-shook blankets and pillows, today only regular cleaning of bedding will help to fight dust and dust mites, which multiply especially in our dead cells, hair and feathers. In summer, such a treatment is simply necessary.

Dry cleaning of carpets and furniture in summer

During the summertime it is very time consuming and difficult to clean the apartment. If at least once a month to contact a cleaning company for deep cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture from deep-rooted dust, professional cleaners will cover them with protective anti-static agents that will prevent the accumulation of dust. After this treatment, it will be much easier to keep your home clean.

To maintain cleanliness throughout the house twice a year should be carried out general cleaning of the apartment. Most often it is carried out with the onset of summer to get rid of dust and dirt accumulated over the winter.

Do you wash your windows yourself?

In summer, windows become especially dirty, because soot and exhaust fumes in hot weather can reach even the highest floors. Of course, if the apartment is small, you can wash the windows yourself, but plastic windows are very difficult to clean from the outside, not to mention the “blind” windows. After washing the windows and then treating them with professional window cleaners, a protective film is formed on the glass surface that will give the window a shiny appearance and prevent the settling of dust and the appearance of new contaminants for a long time.

Cleaning of air conditioners in the apartment in summer

The indoor unit of the air conditioner, which is installed in the room itself, has a mesh, which detains dust in the path of the air flow. In order to keep the apartment as clean as possible for as long as possible after cleaning in the summer, the filters must be cleaned regularly, otherwise the air conditioners will chase the dust inside the room. In the summer, the grill gets clogged with fluff, dust and dirt faster than usual. In addition, when the filter gets clogged, the load on the air conditioner motor increases, which is bad for its service life.

How to quickly get rid of poplar down in summer when cleaning your apartment

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In early summer, poplar down appears in the air, which can provoke allergic reactions. To prevent down from entering the apartment, install mosquito nets on the windows.

To keep the apartment from fluff in the summer time will help wet cleaning the room. Wipe corners of rooms, behind sofas, under beds and cabinets with particular care, since this is where the down is most often clogged. In no case try to collect the fluff, which flies around the apartment with a vacuum cleaner: from the air jet it will fly around the room, cleaning will become more laborious.

To “calm” the poplar fluff, which is still flying around the apartment, spray the air with water from a sprayer, the wet fluff itself will settle on the floor. Be sure to put the collected wet down in a trash bag and tie it up so that it doesn’t fly around the apartment again.

Clean the refrigerator

One of the few things you can do in the summer is clean the refrigerator. It will even freshen you up in the heat! Most modern refrigerators don’t require defrosting, but it’s definitely worth dealing with. Wash it inside and out and thoroughly go through your groceries. You may want to put something in the freezer and make dinner the same night.

Don’t put off intermediate cleaning

Cleaning floors is the most time-consuming and unpleasant process, but in the summer it is necessary to take time for it, because we often walk around the house barefoot. To keep the floors in perfect condition, no need to crawl on your knees with a rag or strain your back with a vacuum cleaner, you can simply sweep. An electric vacuum cleaner, such as the Kärcher model, is perfect for this purpose. It’s the perfect compromise between a vacuum cleaner and a regular broom: the gadget will help you quickly pick up cat hair and hair, crumbs on hard floors and carpets.

Put everything in its place

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No need to tidy up your house and turn it upside down. How about just putting everything in its place?

Start with stacks of unwashed dishes, newspapers, boxes, cans and tubes. Grab the trash bags and toss all the junk out without regret!

Put away things you don’t use every day, like Grandma’s meat grinder or multicooker, in the closet.

Unnecessary stuff just clutters up the space, dust and all kinds of allergens settle on it. You’ll notice right away how much easier it feels to breathe.

Start cleaning in the morning

Even if you don’t consider yourself a morning person, try to force yourself to get up early. You can cheer yourself up with a cup of aromatic coffee or a refreshing glass of your favorite fruit smoothie.

It is better to do all the hard work, including cleaning, before the heat, and after 12:00 – have a well-deserved siesta or go to the park.

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