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Super Rush Release Date, Gameplay, Maps and Characters

Since the introduction of the BMW X5 SUV, BMW has had a penchant for making all-wheel drive (AWD) SUVs. The X5 is not the only BMW SUV, but it is the biggest, and it is also one of the most popular. However, in the past few years, BMW has been all about the all-electric cars, and there are no plans of producing a new X5 SUV.

Nintendo Switch fans and Mario fans are all excited about a new game that’s dropping out soon onto the Nintendo Switch Store. A new golf game is finally makings its way to the already existing Mario Golf franchise. The first Mario Golf game was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. That was the first golf game ever to be developed by Nintendo. The game featured only one character i.e. Mario. Let’s take a look at Mario Golf Super Rush release date, gameplay, maps, and characters. The last released golf game was Mario Sports Superstars that was released in 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Between 1999 and 2017 there have been 11 games so far which were released across various Nintendo devices. It feels like every Nintendo device got its own Mario Golf game, which is quite a good move to keep the Mario game series running on and on. And now that the Nintendo Switch gets it. Mario games are quite fun to play be it, Super Mario, Mario Adventures, Super Smash Bros, Mario Run, or even Mario Kart, there is always a fun element to it. The graphics and the super fun sound effects are all that people enjoy, plus the added option of playing them with your friends online is why people enjoy these games. Let’s take a look at the Super Rush release date, gameplay, and other details.

Mario Golf Super Rush Release Date

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The new Mario Golf game ‘Super Rush’ is expected to launch on the 25th of June. Yes, the Mario Golf Super Rush releasing in few days. The game is available for pre-order on the Nintendo Store. The game will be available in digital as well as physical copies. Mario Golf: Super Rush game was announced in February 2024 during the Nintendo Direct event.

Mario Golf: Super Rush Gameplay

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The game has 6 modes that you can play around with 2 friends or more. The first mode is Standard Golf. You can choose to play as a single-player game or game with up to four players. The person with the lowest scores wins the game. It’s just the classic golf mode where you strike the golf ball. You can choose to have between 3 to 18 holes and also unlock 6 different courses for you to play. You can either play turn by turn or play all at a single time. The Speed Golf mode is all about being able to score the highest within a given amount of time. You can also use Special Shots and perform dashes to beat your opponent. You can choose between the number of holes and players just like in the previous mode.

However, since this is a race event, all players will be playing at the same time. Here is a fun mode called Golf Adventure. You can even call it a full-fledged career mode as you can progress from a rookie to a pro player and also train your character and enjoy playing the action-packed story mode. You will also be able to play against various bosses in Mario Golf: Super Rush. There is also a Solo Challenge mode where just as it says in the title you get to play various solo matches and even go ahead to practice the various kinds of shots. You can play around to try to beat your score as well. Battle Golf mode is where Mario Golf: Super Rush is at. The entire course is filled with various kinds of obstacles and is a race with your friends to see who can score the highest. The catch? If someone sinks the ball in the hole, it gets closed, meaning that you will have to dodge around and keep sinking the ball in the holes that are spread over the course. That is it on Mario Golf Super Rush Gameplay.

Mario Golf: Super Rush Game Control Modes

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This is a fun sports game that lets you make the best use of the Switch Joy-Con. The button control is quite simple and you can use them to hit professional shots. Alternatively, you can also hold your Joy-Con in the same manner as holding a golf stick and swing it as you would in real life. This lets you have more fun and makes the game enjoyable as well as a learning curve for you to know how to strike the golf balls. There are few kinds of shots that you can use such as Shot gauge, Curve Shot, backspin, and a Special Shot which are unique to each character as they make use of special powers while hitting a shot.

Mario Golf: Super Rush Maps

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There are 6 golf courses for you to choose from. Each one of them has been uniquely designed keeping various elements such as the weather and environment in mind.

1. Rookie Course – the course where you begin your journey in Mario Golf: Super Rush

2. Bonny Greens – A traditional golf course that you would see in real life.

3. Ridegrock Lake – enjoy the view of the lake while striking the ball.

4. Balmy Dunes – get the desert vibe filled with dunes and various desert mountains

5. Wildweather Woods – have fun playing around in the dark woods and the thunderstorms bringing in the rain while you score that perfect shot.

6. Super Golf Stadium – a proper and perfect stadium where you can play out the battle Golf mode. A super-futuristic stadium within the game.

Mario Golf: Super Rush Characters

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There are 17 playable characters to choose from in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Each character has a unique Special Shot and a Special Dash; superpowers that they can use for their benefit or cause interference with other players.

  • Mario: Super Star Strike, Moonsault Dash
  • Luigi: Ice Flower Freeze, Speed-Skate Dash
  • Wario: Lightning Blast, Jet-Pack Dash
  • Waluigi: Slim Stinger, Dance-Off Dash
  • Peach: Spiral Stinger, Ribbon Dash
  • Daisy: Blossom Strike, Pinwheel Dash
  • Yoshi: Eggschanger, Egg-Roll Dash
  • Donkey Kong: Burly Strike, DK Dash
  • Bowser: Meteor Strike, Volcano Dash
  • Bowser Jr: Smokeball, Bullet Bill Dash
  • Boo: Mischief Twister, Carousel Dash
  • Rosalina: Shooting Star, Luma Dash
  • Pauline: Songbird Stinger, Diva Dash
  • Toad: Super Toad Strike, Tumble Dash
  • Chargin’ Chuck: Scrimmage Stinger, End-Zone Dash
  • King Borb-ornb: Bob-ombs Away, Kaboom Dash
  • Mii Character: Power Stinger, Power Dash

Mario Golf: Super Rush Online multiplayer

You will be able to play in multiplayer mode. There are two ways, locally and online. Locally you can have up to one other player be playing on the same device as you are playing, whereas with the online multiplayer mode you will require to have the Nintendo Switch Online Membership which is available in 1 month, 3 months, and a 12-month option. Overall, this will be quite a fun game and we are excited to see what all new content and other features the game will be receiving in the form of some more characters, game modes, or maybe even newer maps or golf courses for everyone to play around.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is currently available as a pre-order on the Nintendo Store. Also Check:Super Mario Rush will be coming to the App Store on July 7th and it’s the first Mario game on the App Store that does not utilize the power of the iPhone. It’s a new game made with the intention of bringing “The Legend of Zelda” to the touch screen, which is a pretty cool idea. This is not a port, and it’s worth getting excited about. The game-play is very similar to that of the Mario Advance series, with a few twists. For one, there is a timer that ticks down as you play, which is going to be a pretty unique experience. For another, you can play as a number of different characters, each with their own unique abilities.. Read more about mario golf: super rush official website and let us know what you think.

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