How to Efficiently Manage Your Multiple Essays Deadlines

Meeting deadlines can be one of the biggest challenges you will face as a student. It seems that there are so many tasks you have to complete and not nearly enough time. It seems you cannot do everything no matter how hard you try.

This can prove to be even more difficult when it comes to essays. If writing these is not your strong suit, a mere thought of multiple essay deadlines probably seems like your worst nightmare. However, this may occur, which is why we have some tips for you on successfully managing your time.

Determine your priorities


Before you even start thinking about those deadlines, you need to make your priorities straight. Yes, we know that you would rather hang out with your friends or go to that party. However, you will understand your work is more important when you fail or barely pass the class.

When it comes to the essays, it is a good idea to work on them in a specific order. Yes, you can multitask, and you may even have to, but if you can do anything to avoid it, do it. Maybe the word count is different, so you should begin with the longest one. On the other hand, perhaps you are not familiar with the ins and outs of a specific subject, meaning that you first need to invest time in it and only then start working on the essay.

Obviously, you should put the one that will take you the most time at the top of the list.

Have a schedule

The life of a student can be quite hectic. You have to attend the classes, do the homework, study, but you also want to have a social life. Well, the only thing to ensure you won’t miss anything is to create a schedule.

After prioritizing essays, you should try to calculate how much time you will need for each of them. As already mentioned, different things can affect the time you will need, but you should still assign an average time frame to each of them. A schedule can be a lifesaver since you will have additional homework to complete. Break them down into smaller tasks and work on them every day. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about days or weeks. As long as you stick to the plan, you should be okay. You will significantly boost your confidence and eliminate stress when you see that you can meet all those milestones with a little bit more effort.

Use “office hours”

Not a lot of students do this, but it can actually prove to be a quite effective strategy. Basically, they organize their day so that they can complete all the tasks before 5 pm. This includes going to classes, studying, and doing homework. This is another way you can organize your schedule. Once you are one with the work, you have enough free time to go out with friends, watch TV, or indulge in a hobby. You may argue that this is not possible when exams and deadlines approach, and you may be right if you started using this strategy in the middle of the semester. However, if you employ it as soon as school starts, deadlines won’t be such a big deal because you will always be prepared.

Be flexible

After reading the previous two, this tip may seem ridiculous. Yes, you should have a plan and try to follow it, but at the same, you need to be flexible. Keep in mind that your schedule is not set in stone, and that it is okay to make changes when necessary. Maybe you will encounter a problem along the way you didn’t expect or have to focus your attention on another task for a while. It doesn’t matter. Yes, these changes can be an additional source of stress, but you have to work around them.

Ask for help


Oftentimes, students feel overwhelmed by the work they have to complete, and sometimes, those tasks can seem impossible. If you think all you need is more time, then make changes in your schedule and try to do everything yourself. On the other hand, if you feel lost, you should ask for help. You can turn to your classmates and ask them for tips, or go to your professors and ask them for additional literature and sources you can use. Finding an essay writing services is even better because you can rest assured that qualified people will do the work.

Eliminate distractions

This is the most important thing you have to do, but it can also be the most challenging one. Shut off all the electronic devices around you, go to your studying nook and focus on the goal in front of you. Smartphones, social media platforms, messages, and emails are the biggest distractions. Do you need to answer them immediately, or do you have to watch that funny video right now? Probably not. So, turn everything off, isolate yourself if you need peace and quiet, and start writing.

Be aware of your skills


One of the most common mistakes students make is following their peers and trying to keep up with their plans. However, you have to remember that you are not like them, meaning that just because something works for them, it doesn’t mean it will provide you with the same benefits. Yes, we are talking about multitasking. Surely, you know a few people who work on different tasks simultaneously, manage to complete them all and get good grades. On the other hand, if you do not believe you can focus this way but prefer writing essays one at a time, then that is what you should do.

The same rules apply to time intervals you spend writing. Some people can maintain their consecration for multiple hours at a time and even spend an entire night working. On the contrary, you may need to take frequent breaks and cannot even imagine staying up all night, let alone writing. As you can see, there are different methods you can use, but you have to figure out which ones work best for you.

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