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John Pyle aka Swifty – 2024 Guide


The gaming mage, John Pyle who is famous for his YouTube channel Twitch where he streams gaming events and is popularly known for grinding in the ‘World Of Warcraft’. His skills are revealingly interesting which has gained all the appreciation across the internet yielding an approximate 700 thousand subscriptions for his channel.

More about this gamer mage is revealed in further sentences which will give a brief insight of what he actually does which is worth reading.

About John


The legendary mage came into existence on April 8 in 1980. He was brought up in the United States of America. This 52 year-old is legendary not just because of the streams games but the main reason he is today an internet personality is for the skills and talents he uses while framing content for the gaming which includes tactics that enhance the game that yields him a profit of millions and is listed one among the richest YouTuber.

2006 was the year he created his channel. His active existence on the social media helps him buckle up to post and stream videos. His contents make a great impact on the viewers who are usually amazed by them. Razer and Twitch are the two channels that he owns with a great fan following delivering great entertainment along with creative content. His subscribers are more than median.

Early Life And Family


Information about his family is not much known except his sweet sibling, Cathy. When he was adolescent he had a great interest in skating but an unfortunate accident took place in his life because of which he could not skate at an international level.

That’s when his mind diverted towards the ‘ War of Warcraft’ game which made up his whole career which he initially started playing in his PC and streaming on his YouTube channel which boosted his views within weeks and months. Azi was the first one he dated. Later they broke up after which he led a privatized life so there is much more about his family.

Career And Milestones


John Pyle, an avid gamer, accelerated his career in 2006. Twitch, his first YouTube channel is the mile start for him to be a vivid gamer. He encourages other gamers to have an enriched style of living for them to stay fit and healthy.’ Swifty’ is the name he earned from his YouTube channel.

He has almost 600,000 subscriptions for his channel where he promotes streams of games like WoW! , COD, Minecraft, etc with his extravagant skills and creativity keeping it healthy as well as more clear for the viewers. His fans love watching his videos which are amusing.

Few Things About Swifty that you should know

He is popularly known as ‘Swifty’ , do you not wonder why? While he boosted his characters and wanted to name it , he first created ‘Swift’ as it was taken so he changed it to ‘Swifty’ which became a great hit. Since then he is called ‘Swifty’.

He yields 600k from the ads that are displayed on YouTube.In one of the streams, he erroneously reveals that $180K is the amount that he acquires from donations.

For some instance John Pyle was banned from WoW! for some matters.

Net Worth

Swifty earns a net worth of around 1 million US dollars which comes mostly from his YT channel. Sponsors, promotions and donations are other ways he sums up the profit.

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