How to Enhance the Signal Strength of Your TV Antenna

Imagine coming home after an exhausting day, and all you want to do is to lay down and enjoy the moment watching tv. Having an antenna with a weak signal strength can ruin your relaxation period because of lack of image quality, or not being able to even load the programs at all.

The problems may be wary, coming from faulty equipment to bad positioning. Also, you have to consider if anything has been built that now barricades the frequencies. Although there are many problems, there you can fix your issue only by enhancing the power of your tv aerial.

However, you are not alone in this. For that purpose, we have made this article to tell you some tips on how to enhance the strength of your tv aerial. That will make the aerial to be more powerful so it can deliver a better signal strength.

Restart the device


This tip does not require much effort because all can be done from the comfort of your home. Firstly, turn the tuner off, and unhook the cables from it. This is the time where you can inspect them, and see whether they are damaged on that end.

After that, turn your tv on and go to the option where you are looking for new channels. Let that finish, and then connect the cords that you have pulled out previously.

Now, turn on the tuner, and use the option on your tv where you are looking for new channels. When that finishes, your problem might be solved, and you can see your favorite programs.

This is helpful because, after certain updates on the frequencies that are emitted, the tuner is not working properly and needs a restart. This is the first thing that you should do whenever you are having problems with the image quality, or not being able to load the programs at all.

Place the aerial higher

Sometimes, because of the positioning, the aerial may not be able to reach the frequencies that are important for your favorite programs. Whether because you have placed it wrong in the first place, or because there are new things that are blocking the signal getting process.

The solution for this problem is to place the aerial as high as you can. That way you are lowering the chances of any blockage of the path where the frequencies have to be gathered.

In case you are not allowed to mount the aerial on the roof of your building, or even on the outside of your apartment, consider putting it on your terrace. If your home does not have a terrace, consider hiring a professional that can do this for you as suggested by

Align the aerial with the signal source


The source of the frequencies that have to be gathered has to be known before mounting the aerial. That is basically a tower that emits these signals and you are having a couple of them in your region.

When you understand where are the towers located, especially the one that is closer to your place, you direct your aerial to that place. That way the frequencies can be gathered easily, and you will have a better tv watching experience.

Make sure you are using quality cords

One of the things that many people forget about is the cords that connect the antenna and the internal device. Some people have been using old wires and wonder why they have a bad quality image.

The inspection of the cords starts from one end to another. For example, you start with the connector on the tuner, and you see whether there is something that might cause problems.

Usually, the cords get damaged outside your home, if you are having an aerial mounted outside. The conditions outside, especially the switching periods from hot to cold can cause damage to the rubber, and ruin your tv experience.

Use a moving mounting device

When mounting your aerial for the first time, particularly outside, you should think about using a moving mounting device. This is basically a cylinder that you place your aerial on top of it and you can change the direction from the inside. Since you have placed the antenna somewhere high, you should not risk anything, and use this device, even though it is not a cheap fix

This tool comes into play if you are having a couple of emitters around you. If one of them is causing problems, you can simply move to the next one and continue relaxing with your dearest programs.

Use the amp tool

If you are using an aerial that has insufficient power when it comes to getting the right frequencies, you should use an amp. That is basically a tool that makes the antenna more powerful and it can reach greater distances with it.

Before you go and purchase one of them, make sure that it is compatible with the antenna that you are having. You can get this information directly from the people who sell these things, or from other sources. In case you are using an aerial from the inside of your home, if it is not too big, you can bring it with you to be completely sure that it will work.

Get a secondary aerial


This is a thing that many have started practicing because of two major reasons. Firstly, if there is a second emitter around your place, you can use it to gather those signals. When you get in a situation where the primary is not working properly, you can simply change to the second aerial and continue watching.

However, you will have to make sure that the cords are going to be of similar length, if not the exact, because of the difference in conductivity.

The second reason that people use this option is that they are having more TVs. If you are using the same aerial for both tuner devices, the signal gets divided between them, so it might be insufficient. With a secondary aerial, you connect it with the other tv and use it for that purpose only.

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