How Often Should You Take CBD Oil During the Day – 2024 Guide

We all know how conventional medical care works. We also know that modern medicine has helped save millions or even billions of lives, but at the same time – it has more side effects than you could ever imagine. What does that mean?

Just like everything in life, medicine has both pros and cons whether it’s alternative, conventional, unconventional, modern complementary or traditional. The biggest difference between these different types of medicine is their approach or the way medicine approaches diseases, illnesses and conditions. After that, the second biggest difference is normally – the way that certain conditions are being treated.

That being said, official medical instruments (whether we call it traditional or modern) are based on using medications or in other words, drugs in order to treat the condition. On the other hand, alternative medicine aims not only to cure the patient but target the root cause of illnesses using natural and unconventional routes. With a holistic approach, alternative medicine is more tailored to the individual and, in essence, aims to prevent rather than treat illness.

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Other than acupuncture, herbal or ayurvedic medicine, different types of massages, chiropractic treatments etc, one of the things that are currently vital aid for many people and a remedy that’s becoming more and more popular is most certainly CBD oil. When this remedy first appeared people were pretty sceptical this substance was usually mixed with marijuana derived oils and products that contain THC, which is a psychoactive ingredient, so people thought that by consuming CBD they would experience side effects they don’t want to experience such as getting high, having headaches, feeling down or sleepy etc. Luckily, thanks to many surveys along with scientific research and a lot of experience, it has been proven that CBD oil is nothing like THC marijuana. In what sense? Let’s dig into that.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a molecule found in the hemp plant and was discovered in the early 20th century. Hemp is a versatile plant with many medical, nutritional, and environmental purposes. According to CBDReThink, there are different methods to extract this oil and once it is extracted, it is mixed with a carrier oil like MCT, olive, or hemp seed oil. CBD is special because it doesn’t create a high or other unwanted side effects like THC and may be capable of supporting many chronic ailments.

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The unfair stigma around the oil is still somewhat present although people are becoming more and more open-minded and open to trying this oil especially if they are disappointed with the traditional medical treatment or if they find it too aggressive and not helpful enough.

The first thing people feel when they start consuming CBD oil is the deep feeling of relaxation and stress relief, without feeling high, sleepy or dizzy, which is definitely something people want to avoid. Even with mild or strong anxiety problems, CBD oil is a natural way to prevent panic attacks or simply calm your mind and body before a very important event, or in the comfort of your home after a long and stressful day.

Finally, some of the biggest advantages of using CBD oil is the fact that it successfully relieves pain for many people who suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. This is a problem that can hardly be solved and it’s a problem that creates many other problems. Someone who’s in pain is constantly feeling stressed which then affects their appetite, sleep and their immune system in general. This is why treating pain is the number one thing that helps people.

As we’ve already mentioned it helps reduce anxiety, depression and stress, with little to no side effects that people get from using pharmaceutical drugs, and it’s also (believe it or not) less addictive. It has also been proven to treat insomnia. Finally, it’s been proven that CBD oil can help with certain cancer types, reducing painful symptoms and slowing down the process of the disease. It also helps with seizures, heart health, acne diabetes, allergies, migraines, sleep disorders and even Parkinson’s.

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However, even if people want to try consuming CBD oil they are usually worried about the dosage. We have to admit, consuming traditional pharmaceutical medications is somewhat different from consuming oil. Especially when it comes to instructions and advice on how to use what drug. But one thing people don’t know especially if they first start using an oil like this is the fact that there are also rules for consuming just like any other medication.

One of the most common questions about CBD is what time of the day is the best time to consume it, along with how often to consume it – or how many times a day. These questions are logical and therefore they need to be answered.

The best way to determine your daily dosage of CBD oil is through conversations with your therapist or your doctor. If you are on prescription when it comes to this oil, you will get the right dosage for your needs and it can be increased or decreased, depending on your needs and the effects, however it is recommended to start with only one dosage a day, after which you can start slowly increasing the amounts if needed. In the meantime, you need to make sure to pay attention to all the details and small changes in your body, to be able to see how your body reacts.

If you don’t have a complicated condition or disease you can take CBD oil only if you need it, and when you need it, while if you’re experiencing chronic pain or you have some serious conditions such as cancer – don’t be afraid to consider daily usage and one or two doses a day. Still, it has been proven that for the best results, you need to limit your intake to only when necessary and to the lowest dose possible.

When your body gets used to CBD, the doses will only increase, which is why you need to start slowly, carefully listening to your body. The first effects of relief usually come after half an hour, and they last from a few hours to even a day or two, depending on how sensitive your body is. Although there is no such thing as a solution that’s good for everyone, something between 15-30 mg a day of CBD oil on a daily basis, is considered safe.

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