Rules of Communication, or How to Kindle Interest in an Interlocutor On Dating Sites

A dating site profile photo is more crucial than having a beautiful voice because the latter won’t help you if the girl doesn’t like your photo. It is preferable that there be numerous, distinctive photographs. Feel free to use editors like photoshop, girls have such “cheating” in the order of things. If you have flaws in appearance, then the photos in the selection should hide them as much as possible. For example, it is better for thin guys to post autumn and winter photos, clothes will hide body flaws. Pumped up guys – on the contrary, more photos from the beach, from the gym, etc.

Photos with animals work well – puppies, kittens, and other “cuteness”. Girls love this.

The profile-filling process is the second crucial step. Age, gender, looks, marital status, and reason for acquaintance are the first. You must complete every field since using these criteria will allow the search to locate you. In “purposes of acquaintance,” it is preferable to give a vague or indifferent response. Young girls are scared off by excessive specificity, whatever it may be: both “creating a family” and “sex without obligations” will be scared away equally.

Additional information is a long list of questions about all sorts of nonsense. Favorite music, favorite movies, favorite quotes, and stuff like that. For many guys, filling out the questionnaire seems stupid, they ignore it, but in vain. It is better to be patient than to fill everything in good faith. Please note that writing your biography in dry facts is a bad idea. The girl is not an investigator, she is looking on the page not for the details of your life, but for something that will interest her. What exactly might interest her, she doesn’t know herself, so she reads everything.

These guidelines are not rules in the traditional sense of the term; as a result, you won’t be blocked or banned from the website, and the acquaintance with the Ukrainian brides gallery won’t necessarily end in failure. But with their guidance, you can be sure to stay out of trouble and be able to hold your own against other hunters for the attention of women. There are guidelines:

• page layout;
• photographs;
• search and selection criteria;
• correspondence.

The Importance of Body Language in Communication


Body language is a huge part of communication, and can make or break a relationship. When people are able to read and react to each other’s body language, they can create a stronger connection. Here are some tips for improving your body language:

1. Stay relaxed. Don’t tense up or fidgeting – this will only communicate anxiety and annoyance. Instead, keep your hands in your lap or at your side, and let your body relax.

2. Make eye contact. Maintain direct eye contact when speaking to someone, even if you don’t feel comfortable with it at first. This shows that you’re paying attention and that you care about the other person.

3. Don’t cross your arms or legs unnecessarily. This will make you appear defensive and closed off from the conversation. Keep your arms uncrossed at your chest instead, or lean forward slightly when you speak so that the other person has more space to approach you physically if they want to (or vice versa).

4. Avoid pointing fingers or making aggressive gestures – these will only scare people off and create distance between you and them. Instead, try using open palms as signs of non-aggression, or tilt your head gently in the opposite direction of where the other person is pointing in order to show that you understand what they’re saying (without appearing overly obsequious!).

How to Start a Conversation


There’s no single right way to start a conversation with someone you’re interested in, but there are some tried and true strategies that will help you get the ball rolling.

Start by getting to know her background. What are some of the things she’s interested in? What events or activities does she enjoy? Talking about things that interest her makes her feel comfortable and open to talking more about herself.

Next, find common ground. There’s no need to be super deep or intellectual when starting a conversation with a girl – simply finding something we have in common is usually enough to spark a connection. For example, if she loves reading, tell her about your favorite book and why it was so great. If you both like going for walks on the weekends, chat about where you’ve been walking or what kinds of sights you’ve seen while out on foot.

Finally, don’t be afraid to start small talk! Building rapport isn’t as hard as it seems and most girls will be happy to chat with someone who is friendly and engaging. Ask her how her day is going, what she plans on doing tonight (if anything), or any other innocuous questions that come to mind. When done correctly, small talk can lead seamlessly into more serious topics – making conversations with girls incredibly easy!

Two Ways to Arouse the Interest of a Girl


• Unusual behavior. There is a group of “romantic” occupations that are consistently in demand, including acting and writing. If this is about you, make sure to highlight your career but refrain from getting to specifics.

• Intrigue. A lack of knowledge might make you nervous or it can make you more curious. The words “let it stay a secret for you for now” might be used to conceal any information about your biography. Her inquisitiveness will remember you without a doubt and won’t mix you up with anybody else.

Grow it on a date if you were able to identify a shared interest through network contacts. Make use of similar interests and preferences. For instance, if you both enjoy Italian cuisine, use this as an excuse to share a pizza meal. Plan to run or play squash with your partner if you both enjoy sports.

Follow these easy rules to interest the girl you really like to try and build strong connections.


It can be difficult to get people to pay attention to your message, especially if it’s different from their own.

The key is to find a way to communicate that is interesting and relevant to them. By following some simple rules of communication, you can increase the chances that your interluctor will take notice and become interested in what you have to say.

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