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Social Media Infidelity and Relationships: What to Do?

Social media has become a central part of many people’s relationships. It is very easy for people to get caught up in the moment and post something that doesn’t make sense or that does not align with their values, beliefs or personal core. These types of “cheating” behaviors on social media can often be caught by a simple series of clicks (or even just a single click) and spread quickly across Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Recently, a post was published on a social media site that went something like this:
“Should I tell my boyfriend about the huge number of guys texting me and making obscene suggestions?”
It’s a funny phrase, but it begs the question: what exactly is considered cheating on social media? Could it be so serious as to lead to the breakup of a relationship?

There are many opinions, but it can be considered cheating on social media if someone posts messages with an element of flirting, sexting, or micro-cheating. But some people will argue that this is not cheating at all. Some will argue that they don’t even have to report back to their loved ones and don’t have to prove anything to them, because social media is just games. This seems like an argument against sharing anything at all!

So what are some of the ways people cheat on social media?


Cheating on social media is one of the most selfish things we could ever do. After all, on social media we can be anything we want, we can enhance our photos and even our videos. We can text hundreds of guys or girls and still be in a serious relationship in real life.

Here are a few of the obvious social media sites where infidelity most often occurs:
● Facebook
● Instagram
● Snapchat
And also messengers can articles way to cheat on your partner:
● Viber
● Whatsapp
● Telegram

And do not forget about specialized dating sites or apps, such as Tinder.

All of the above sources can be the true reason for the collapse of your relationship. Be careful, watch for warning signs of cheating on your partner here, it’s not that difficult.

The different types of cheating in a social media relationship.

The main types of cheating in a romantic relationship are infidelity, emotional cheating and affair.

The most common type of adultery is emotional infidelity, which is defined as cheating on the person you love because of uncontrollable feelings. This type of cheating causes a lot of pain and can lead to breakup.


The second type of cheating is non-infidelity, which is defined as cheating on the person you love because of wishes or needs that are not fulfilled by your partner. This type of cheating is usually done behind your partner’s back or without their knowledge.

Signs of social media cheating

We’ve talked about the basic types of cheating on social media, but we haven’t talked about the signs of social media infidelity. And they can be as follows:

1. Mute/delete sound: A sign that you might be cheating on social media is that your girlfriend/boyfriend has decided to mute notifications so that you are not aware when they receive messages on their phone.

2. Changing your name without warning: A sign that you may be being cheated on social media is a name or alias change without warning and without changing your profile picture. If a person uses the same username as their real name, but changes their real name to look different (often adding accents or underscores), they may be cheating on social media.

3. Complete account deletion: A sign that someone may be cheating on social media is to completely delete the account and never come back to it. They may be hiding something and need to get it out of the way before anyone finds out what it is (or they’re just making excuses – like, “I don’t want to talk about it!”).

Source: yourtango

4. Misinformation: A sign that someone may be cheating on social media is when they tell you things that are not true about their life or relationships.

5. Hiding photos/videos: A sign of social media infidelity is when a person hides photos/videos from you (e.g., hiding photos of friends, family members, former/present romantic partners from prying eyes). The reason for this may be that they want to hide something important from you.

The consequences of infidelity on social media for your relationship

Many love partners, and even spouses, are little aware of the consequences of infidelity, or even that such consequences exist at all.

First of all, you need to know that there are different degrees of infidelity, and each degree has its own set of negative consequences, and together they produce the following consequences for you and your relationship:

a) Cheating on your partner can negatively affect your sex life, your relationship with your partner, and your ability to communicate with your partner.

b) Cheating on social media can negatively affect your social life (and trust in general), and negatively affect how well you communicate with people in real life.

c) Not only can this damage you as a person with or without a partner, but it can also harm those who care about you (family members, friends, etc.).

Source: buzzfeed

d) This is especially true for those who feel emotionally vulnerable and want to reconnect after an absence from their partners.

e) These negative consequences extend far beyond just yourself – the effects on others can be serious and long-lasting.

How to avoid cheating on your partner on social media

Cheating on social media is one of the most common types of infidelity in the 21st century. It is also one of the most common reasons for breaking up a relationship with a partner.

Whether your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on Facebook or Instagram, or cheats on Twitter, they are probably unsure about some aspect of your relationship that may affect them.

Doing something wrong is one thing, but it’s quite another when you do it to someone else. Many people who cheat don’t realize they are doing wrong at all: they just want to have fun and not get caught. However, there are different reasons why a person might want to cheat, and knowing those reasons will help you decide what to do after what happened.

The main thing you have to learn is that all people can show weakness, and your partner is no exception. He or she may be faithful to you to the bone, but unexpected attention from the opposite sex on social media to your boyfriend or girlfriend can put an end to your happy relationship. You can keep your relationship safe by sharing social media accounts with your partner. As an extreme case, use spy apps to track your partner’s Facebook or Instagram activity.

Cheating can be a big issue in any relationship, but especially in those that involve social media.

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