8 Reasons Why World of Warcraft Is Still So Popular Among Gamers

Everyone would agree that World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games in the world at the current moment. Adults, teens, and kids get so involved with this game that it virtually becomes impossible to get them away from it. With so many different levels and innovations, the game has been a revolution.

People have also made friends while playing this game online with others. It is very captivating that the game’s popularity only keeps on increasing day by day. Gamers also loved the way the movie Warcraft came out in 2016. Fans were disappointed that there were no sequels.

There are many reasons for the popularity of the game World of Warcraft. We chose to list the top reasons for people who are pondering about getting started with the game. These reasons would help you understand why so many people love this game as much as they do. Read below to know if the game would interest you too.

Top Reasons For World Of Warcraft’s Popularity

Although there are several reasons for the game’s popularity, we have mentioned the top ones for you to have a look at. These are the primary reasons why so many people have played this game since it was first introduced in November 2004. They also buy WoW boosting service to become better at World of Warcraft.

1. Anyone Can Play


It almost does not matter if you have any prior gaming experience or what age group you belong to. Anyone interested in adventure or role-playing can begin playing this game with ease. Online tutorials and tips help a beginner better.

This factor is one of the reasons that the game has grown in popularity in no time at all. You will be amazed at the ease with which you can begin playing. You can improve and hone your skills by communicating with other players and watching online tutorial videos of the game.

2. Upgrades and Innovation

Blizzard has ensured that they constantly innovate and upgrade the World of Warcraft game. These innovations and upgrades have always made players try the new details added each time around. Blizzard was also able to retain existing players with these factors.

The exploration factor in the game never comes to an end for a gamer. Moreover, the creators have also ensured that they make changes to existing or previous worlds or locations. These improvements and changes present new challenges to the gamer.

Without innovations and upgrades, the game would have long come to an end. The creators have ensured that there is always something new for the gamer by doing so. Their quest to improve and be better than what they used to be has kept them coming back.

3. Successful Retention of Players


For a game to be thriving, the developers would have to create efforts to retain players. Without player retention, any online game would soon be doomed to have no players at all. The ability of Blizzard to protect its players has played a massive role in its success.

It has also increased the popularity of World of Warcraft, with experienced players still playing the game.

Some players have more than ten years of experience playing it these days, and they pose a tough competition to those who are new.

4. Rewards for Loyalty

The longer a player plays the game, the better their rewards get. This ploy by Blizzard has kept gamers coming back time and again to get more bonuses. A player who has been playing the game for years tends to get better rewards than a beginner.

It has not only helped retention, but also had beginners coming back to attain better rewards. Putting a title next to your name makes it look better. It speaks volumes about how much effort a player has put in. It also shows others the skill level a person possesses.

5. Light on the Computer


Most video games are heavy on the computer, making it slow to react to your commands. However, this is not the case with World of Warcraft by any means. You can play this multiplayer game with any four-core processor. Of course, a decent graphics card is essential.

Almost any computer that has this can allow you to run the game without any delays in the execution of commands. It is despite World of Warcraft’s having an amazingly open world with so many different characters and graphics to support real-life-looking elements.

6. Extreme Personalization

Any player online would like to ensure that their character in the game looks realistic. It often has to do with their personality and how they look. Blizzard understood the gamer’s mindset and provided personalization for them.

The upside to this personalization is that it makes them limitless. It means that your characters can be customized an endless number of times as you want them to look. The gear you use in World of Warcraft can also be personalized to your liking.

7. Resemblance to Real Life


Blizzard has invested a lot in terms of designing the characters and the world to resemble real life. The design of the game is so complex that sometimes gamers feel that they are in the real world fighting different elements. The challenges are also realistic in the game.

8. Extremely Addictive

Although many people consider this to be a downside, the monthly fee system works amazingly well for gamers. When a gamer invests in World of Warcraft, they would like to make full use of the money they have put in. So, they keep playing as long as possible.

The rewards and points make them want to come back to the game and play more. The addiction part has a lot to do with the little investments people make and their desire to make full use of them by all means. It applies to both adults and teens alike.


Anyone playing the game becomes relatively involved in it. They make new friends and create communities that they blend into. Despite having numerous gaming options, World of Warcraft gamers stick to this game for the advantages and adventures that come with it. It keeps the popularity soaring, and more people get involved with this game, even after a few days of playing. Even people who watch others play tend to get involved in it very soon.

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