Best Smart Garden Devices and Outdoor Gadgets

Consider a smart garden… Sprinklers, lights, motion sensors, and even lawnmowers may be controlled with the press of a button in this area. There will be no more battling spider webs to run on the water.

Smart home technology goes well beyond a single light dimmer switch or thermostat installed indoors. If you desire a connected house that extends outside its four walls, you may be thinking about what you can do to smarten up your yard. If you believe that outdoor smart house technology is confined to smart sprinklers, you are incorrect. Today, we’ll take you on a whistle-stop tour of methods to automate your garden so that it looks great, is safe, and encourages you to spend more time resting and less time on basic upkeep.

Smart Soil Sensor

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While water is essential for plant development, without the correct soil, you’re fighting a losing battle. But how can you know whether the moisture, light, and soil mites which constitute organic composition levels are exactly right? What about the brightness and warmth of the light?

These are much beyond the range of speculation, but smart sensors can evaluate data across all of these parameters in-app and send notifications to your phone when plants require watering or feeding. You’ll also be notified if temperature or light concerns are impeding their growth. We would not claim that smart soil sensors are required, but the need is not usually the major motivator for consumers seeking an automated experience at home. Why leave things to chance if you want an extra edge and a better chance of winning first place at the local flower show?

Outdoor Lighting

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Smart lighting in the yard, like smart lighting indoors, is arguably one of the simplest and least expensive methods to get started with automation. If you want to light up your driveway, path, or patio, you have a plethora of options from all the typical smart home suspects.

However, outdoor lighting extends well beyond just comfort and decoration… Increase your security by installing flood light or spotlight cameras so that any unwanted visitor is both illuminated and captured on camera. With smart outdoor lighting, you can cover all bases, making your life simpler, improving the appearance of your property, and keeping everything secure, both inside and out.

Outdoor Entertainment

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The amount of time you spend in the garden is clearly affected by the weather. If you love resting in your yard, you may use a variety of weatherproofed equipment. If you enjoy having friends over to watch the game and prefer to do it in the yard while the sun is shining, you may purchase outdoor TVs or projectors to make your fantasy a reality.

If you prefer to party outside, weatherproofed Bluetooth speakers are a fantastic way to add ambiance without relying on the sound from your inside music system. You can automate cooking with smart grills and smart smokers so you can spend more time with your guests rather than fretting over the food, with notifications sent to your phone when it’s time to return to chef duties and serve out those munchies.

Solar Parasol

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Many smart garden devices provide convenience while also serving as eye-catching discussion pieces. Solar parasols, to use a pun, fit squarely within this category. Cranking a standard parasol up and down may be demanding and exhausting. With these automated versions, a simple touch of a button provides quick protection from the sun’s rays.

The onboard solar panels power the control mechanism, and the parasol lights up in the evening. These sci-fi flourishes elevate a mundane smart home device to one that adds a dash of excitement to your life while still providing essential convenience.

Garden WIFI Booster

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For heavy users who find even their fiber optic connection too sluggish at times, there is an expanding variety of booster devices available to provide additional energy to WiFi networks. If you work from home and have many teens who spend their time streaming, downloading, and video chatting, you will be all too acquainted with the annoyance of slow-loading websites and continuous buffering. Things worsen as you walk out into the garden.

Yes, you may use a basic WiFi booster to test whether it provides enough coverage in the garden.When purchasing one be sure to check the shoskysecurity.com on the electronic gadget which users at times display product information and also can provide additional security that the gadget has not been used before. A far better option is to look for something like Devolo’s boosting tool, which leverages your house wiring and, when plugged in outdoors, provides the same signal strength as your router. An effective WiFi signal aids in all parts of automation, so ensure you have the coverage you require where you require it.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a swimming pool in your primary property or vacation home, you’ll be well aware of how difficult it can be to keep a pool in good condition. Even if it is within budget, not everyone loves the concept of service workers, so investing in a robotic pool cleaner is a fantastic way to decrease manual input while boosting clean-up quality.


There is no such thing as a right or incorrect method to automate your garden. As with other areas of your connected home, you should focus on your unique requirements rather than looking for a cookie-cutter solution. We hope the smart gadgets and appliances listed above have given you some food for thought and demonstrated the degree to which you may smarten up your outdoor environment without spending a fortune.

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