Role of Industrial Hemp in Carbon Farming

As we all know, the world faces many problems and challenges. But we humans would not be human if we did not find a solution to everything. Those challenges and problems for us are just another very interesting match on how to deal with them. So research is constantly being done and ways are being found on how to deal with it. For example, one of the problems is the increased amount of CO2 in the air, which can be very problematic and which is a real challenge to be solved as a problem. So scientists have researched and looked for many ways over the years to overcome this problem.

What was originally proposed was to reduce the use of certain heating materials, then it was proposed to reduce the use of cars, to put filters in factories, and so on. But this was not enough. More and more needed to be done. The next proposal was to increase the planting of trees and greenery that will purify the air in a natural way and which will absorb CO2. But even this somehow proved to be a slow way to solve the problem. A lot of research was done over the years and at the very end, a solution was found that proved to be the best. And that is to use hemp for this purpose. Let’s see first what CO2 is, and then see how hemp helps for this purpose.

What is CO2, how is it made and why is it so abundant?


Carbon dioxide or CO2 is a substance found in the air. This substance is more and more present as a result of heating, but also as a result of breathing. The amount of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing. It is made up of 2 oxygen atoms and one carbon atom. Carbon dioxide is produced by us humans and animals by breathing, that is, we take in oxygen, and then that oxygen in us is converted into carbon dioxide and we release it.

Also more and in larger quantities, CO2 is created by heating various substances, then by volcanoes, and in many other ways. In order to have much more oxygen in the atmosphere, it is necessary to find a way to purify CO2 from the air. Many ways have been sought over the years, one of which is through the woods, but according to the latest research, this kind of cannabis helps. So let’s see what hemp is and how it helps in all this.

What is hemp and how does it help with this problem?


Many times we have talked about the benefits of cannabis plants for health purposes. Apart from our individual health, hemp has proven to be good for the overall health, i.e. for the benefit of the entire population. How? With the help of its use in air purification. Hemp is a member of the cannabis family that has proven to be an excellent stimulant of the body, has proven to be a great fighter against many diseases, but also proves to be an excellent air purifier.

Over the years, scientists have looked for ways to deal with the neutralization of CO2 from the air, and research has concluded that hemp can also help deal with CO2. It purifies much faster and much more. It is scientifically proven and is therefore increasingly used as a method of neutralizing CO2. So let’s see more about the use of hemp for this purpose. That is, to see how the hemp helps to store carbon.

The role of industrial hemp in carbon farming


Industrial hemp has proven to be a great way to collect carbon from the air. This has been proven by a number of laboratory studies and Certified Hemp Testing in laboratories where it has been proven that trees do not have the strength that hemp has in this purpose. The industrial hemp has proven to be an excellent hunter and keeper of carbon, and even better than the trees that have so far been planted in large quantities around the world.

The hemp has been shown to have the power to store much more, that is, one hemp field can hold as much carbon as a medium-sized forest that takes much longer to plant, grow and develop than a hemp which grows faster and has greater effects. Due to these evidences and researches that have proved to be correct, more and more countries in the world are starting to use this kind of cannabis in this direction as well. So let’s see how they do it.

Increasing number of countries are legalizing this kind of cannabis


An increasing number of countries around the world are legalizing this kind of cannabis for this purpose and planting large hemp fields.

If in the past the appeals reached that the trees are our lungs and that for that reason it is necessary to have as many trees as possible, today the appeals are different. Today something else is being promoted that until recently was not known much, but now much more is known. The strange and effective effect of this kind of cannabis was not known to humans, but it is now known. This kind of cannabis is slowly replacing trees. Why? Because it collects more carbon than any other plant. Visit Premium Cultivars and find some cannabis seeds on their website.

That is why many countries in the world have started to legalize it and use it for this purpose. Countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Australia, and many other countries have decided to legalize it for industrial purposes and start planting large fields with hemp in order to increase the impact on carbon and as much of it as possible.

To be absorbed by the air and collected by means of hemp. This, as we have already said, has been proven in the laboratory with the help of powerful laboratory research concepts, so it is known exactly what the action is and how strong and fast the action that this kind of cannabis has in this purpose.

So far we have been introduced to only one benefit that this plant has brought us, and that is the benefit to human health. From now on we know another benefit thanks to laboratory research and the commitment of researchers and scientists that is worth using, even in industrial purposes for carbon sequestration.

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