How to Leverage Affiliate Marketing For Promoting Online Casino Websites

When you want to expand your casino business, there are multiple options that you can take to do that. There are multiple things you need to know how to grow your casino business in the right way. Some of the basics include that you need to understand that this business comes with special challenges and a lot of research before you do can really do something.

All from getting the capital, getting a license, and then creating a website and the right software, there is a lot to do. To have safe and precise systems in place as paying and customer support are essential to the business and when you achieve all that you need to be think about how to market your business and how can you acquire new customers.


However, in this article, we are going to take a closer look at affiliate marketing in particular. Although not generally considered the most effective or cost-efficient way of drawing new traffic to your site, there is much more potential in partnering with affiliates than many casino owners realize.

These include SEO paid social media, pay-per-click advertisements, and more traditional, offline forms of marketing such as print, radio, and television. Affiliate has become especially interesting in recent times and in this article, we want to do a quick overview of this method and how it can benefit you.

Let’s begin by examining what affiliate marketing actually is and how it works…

How does affiliate marketing work


Affiliate programs are essentially arrangements between two businesses. One is an online or offline retailer who wants to encourage more people to buy their products, and the other is a website owner (the affiliate) who wants to make money by promoting those goods and services via their own web pages.

Affiliates take a commission fee for each sale they make as a result of sending traffic your way; this might be paid either as a one-off flat fee or on a per-lead or per-sale basis. The latter option typically provides them with more long-term benefits, however, you need to ensure that your affiliate network can actually track such transactions accurately before choosing that route.

Fraudulent affiliates are something every business should be aware of when considering working with them. There’s nothing worse than paying a commission fee for an affiliate to send you loads of new customers, only for them to take the money and run!


If your website operates in a highly competitive niche (such as online gambling or fashion), it is particularly important that you ensure you are partnering with affiliates who have already established their own presence within that market. If they haven’t their efforts on your behalf will be all in vain, because there’s no way they would be able to convince potential customers to switch from one casino website to another without having anything really worthwhile or unique to offer them.

While the formerly mentioned methods do have proven track records, in terms of cost over market penetration, they may not be the best way to go about promoting online casino websites.

More and more, we are seeing a trend whereby Swedish casino operators are turning to casino affiliate sites as a cost-effective way to draw in crowds of players to their online casino business. So, what exactly is an affiliate, and how are casino affiliate sites able to work so well at attracting new business where traditional marketing methods fail?

In this article, Swedish author and casino marketing expert Dominic Andreasson demystifies affiliate marketing and explains how you can use it to bring success to your online casino business.

Casino Affiliate Sites: A Crash Course


Business affiliates are people, or businesses themselves, with large numbers of followers, fans, or subscribers on their online channels. Regarding promoting online casino websites, casino affiliate sites can influence their audiences to drive traffic to the online casino they promote, like In return, the online casino business they promote pays out a percentage of the income from the traffic generated as a commission.

One advantage of affiliate marketing is that it isn’t limited geographically; Swedish online casinos can use their affiliates to reach a global audience.

Affiliates occupy a trusted position amongst their audiences, and this makes them a very persuasive force. To draw in new business, an online casino will need to capitalize on the existing trust of an affiliate’s audience by offering additional incentives and exclusive promotions while being trustworthy themselves.


This is why the most effective casino affiliate sites are typically run by people who enjoy playing at the online casinos they promote. This level of firsthand experience lends credibility to their promotional messages as they detail their experiences and share tips with their audience.

To work with an affiliate, an online casino provides an affiliate link where their affiliate can direct interested viewers. Once an affiliate’s viewers click on the provided link, they are taken to the online casino’s landing page, where they can then complete their registration or place an initial deposit to start playing.

How Casino Affiliate Sites Earn


We’ve established that casino affiliates earn based on the number of viewers they can convert into customers. Still, the specifics may differ depending on the nature of the agreement between the online casino business and the affiliate. Here we’ll go over a few of the most common types of affiliate commission agreements:

Revenue Share

This is when the online casino pays their affiliates a percentage of everything that new customers from the affiliate’s link lose. With this agreement, some online casinos implement a “negative carryover” stipulation where a percentage of anything new signups win is deducted from the affiliate balance.

Cost Per Lead

This is another type of agreement where the affiliate’s end of the bargain ends as soon as their viewers click on the link and arrive at the online casinos landing page. The online casino pays the affiliate based on the number of leads, regardless of how many leads complete their registration or spend money.

Cost Per Acquisition

With this type of agreement, the online casino pays the affiliate based on the number of conversions. That is the number of the affiliate’s viewers that end up depositing an agreed minimum amount. Some online casinos add the stipulation that the new signup has to wager some or even all of the deposit amount before affiliates receive any payout.



Whether you have an existing online casino business or have just started your online gambling website, you will need to keep your business afloat with a steady stream of new players. To that effect, affiliate marketing is a performance-based strategy for promoting online casino websites with costs based on results, rather than investing a great deal into traditional advertising campaigns, which may not succeed. So with all that we wish you a happy and successful business.

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