5 Things to Know Before Installing a Nanny Cam in Your Home

A home is a place where we feel safe, a place where no matter what happens during the day and how wearying the work was, once we see the smiley faces of those we care deeply about, all that simply perish. It is a place filled with memories, and home is where we experienced some of the most deepest and honest emotions.

Furthermore, when we care about someone, we would move heaven and earth to help and protect them, and all this gets even more emphasized when we get children, as from the first moment we hold and see our baby’s face, everything else simply matters much less.

We realize how fragile, pure, and honest life actually is but also how stressful and potentially dangerous the world can be. Knowing this, it’s pretty understandable that parents often go too far regarding the protection of their children. Of course, after a certain period, a time comes when both you and your significant other have to come back to work, but the baby is still not ready for kindergarten.

When this happens, there are two possibilities, and some prefer to ask some older child with a high reputation as a nanny to take care of them when we are away, while others favor hiring a trustworthy professional with vast experience in taking care of children.

But let’s put personal preferences aside, as what both have in common is that even though we can hire someone we know or a person with the highest reputation, that feeling of not trusting your baby with someone will always be there.

Even this is not a problem, or at least not as much of a problem, in this digital world, as today, nanny cams are a common thing, and more importantly, they do not cost that much but offer high-quality video and audio. But, before installing a nanny cam, there are also several things to take into consideration.

1. Know the law


This one is the first one you should check as there are high penalties and plenty of legal troubles that breaking a privacy law in some states can cause. By doing so, you will know precisely if, where, and in what situations installing a nanny cam is possible.

What troubles many is not knowing that audio and video recordings are treated differently by the law, and no, nanny cams are not a part of home security systems. In some states, one needs to inform, and the nanny needs to agree and sign a consent before installing these cameras. So, to avoid any legal trouble, consult the professionals or check the law by yourself before taking any action.

2. It is punishable to install it in private areas


No matter if the law allows you to install the nanny cam somewhere in the house, it is strictly forbidden and punishable to install it in private areas. These private areas are bathrooms, and if the babysitter lives in your home, then the private space is also their bedroom.

We all want to be sure that our loved ones are in the right hands, and in many states, it is legal to check the person who takes care of our children, but we need to understand that every person have rights, and it can never be legal to record somebody in the bathroom or bedroom.

3. It needs to be only for monitoring


Keep in mind that once you install the nanny cam, it is okay only to use it to monitor the house and the loved ones who live there. We cannot use these recordings for other purposes like business or doing some research. If we need that footage for some other purposes besides monitoring, we need to have written consent to avoid serious charges and penalties. Using the recordings for business without written consent always has severe consequences, and we can even end up in jail.

4. Cameras can easily be hacked


New nanny cams are usually connected to the Internet, which is great because we can check our loved ones whenever we want, but it has some flaws. If the internet connection is not secured, these cameras can easily be hacked, and hackers can misuse the footage.

If that happens, our babysitter’s rights are violated, and it doesn’t matter that we had the best intentions, we will be guilty. Because of that, it is necessary to secure the internet connection. It is important not only because of our nannies but also because of our loved ones and us since we can all end up on some internet page.

5. Talk to the babysitter


Open conversation is the most important thing in every relationship, and it is the same thing when it comes to our relationship with our nanny. Many people are afraid that they will lose the babysitter if they tell them about the cameras, which sometimes happens, but on the other side, it can be the right decision.

If our nanny is doing their job as it should, they will not mind being monitored during that time, and telling them will not change anything. They will understand our concern about our loved ones, and our relationship with them will be much better if there are no secrets between us.

The bottom line

Now when you know all the important things before installing a nanny cam, there is only one remaining thing to do, and that’s finding the best camera. There are plenty of options to choose from, but the most popular nanny cams are the ones that offer both excellent audio and video recordings.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to buy a nanny cam from just about anyone, which is why going with one from a renowned company like iSpy You, should be your top choice as they also offer advice and guidance as help determining which camera would be the best one for you. To get more info, visit their website.

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