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Pastor John MacArthur, the preacher at Grace Community Church in California is like the cherry on the cake for millions of people. His TV show ‘Grace to you‘ which you might be very familiar with, aims at spreading the word of God. This holistic person makes people aware of the intuitive sacrifice of Jesus. Not just this, he also continuously works for different sectors. You might be curious to know about this Pastor, so let’s go on.

About John MacArthur

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John Fullerton MacArthur is the full name of the pastor who works at California’s community Church. This American integrative person is not just a pastor but also a multi-talented person who works for the good of people and is an authentic author,broadcaster. He is still more than what you just heard, the chancellor of Masters University and Seminary is none other than John Fullerton MacArthur. Also, it’s not the end he serves as a Minister who performs rituals and ceremonies hosted by the Christian community. He has many responsibilities along with the blend of his various works that is his family whom he never keeps apart.

Pastor John’s Early Life And Family

Holistic person like John Fullerton MacArthur who came into existence on 19 June, 1939 resides from Los Angeles , California. In the United States of America, this 82 year old is very well known for his preachings.

He comes from a very loving and holy family who is married to Patricia and is blessed with four children who are now successfully holding their families. You might be surprised to know about his huge family so here it starts with the children of Pastor John’s children who are 15 in number further have 15 grandchildren who are followed to have 2 great grandchildren.This huge family always stayed united with Pastor John who attends every individual and spread the word of God.

Career and Milestones

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He started his career in 1964 as an associate pastor until 1966. Later in 2011 he started preaching God’s word to the world with his own accomplishments creating a new testament to the Bible for about 40 years. After he was proud that he was able to finish all the series of the new testament of the Bible that was in 2015. The highly praised and one of his most notable works include ” The Gospel According To Jesus”.

Few Things About John The Pastor That You Didn’t know

  • His tenure as a pastor and an inspirational teacher is 50 years.
  • He is famous for winning the Gold Medal for selling over a million books.
  • He seems to have a good height but in fact is just 5’5″ inches.
  • He thanks God for his blessing with good healthy years of life.
  • The Father of John was also a preacher.
  • He earns a fixed annual income of about $160,000 dollars.

Net Worth

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As he is a great author,enhances his income through his books that are widely sold. His being chancellor, teacher, and pastor add to the fixed estimation of $160,000 dollars. Altogether he earns a net worth of 15 million dollars.

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