5 Tips for Running and Maintaining Huddle Rooms

The previous 2 years most of the people employed in the companies spent working from home. The coronavirus pandemic has forced anyone who can work remotely, to stay at home to prevent infection. That is why the offices were empty, and the meetings were held exclusively through Zoom and other similar software. Fortunately, it seems that the pandemic is at its very end and that each new type of virus is less and less dangerous, although it is more and more contagious.

That is why companies are increasingly deciding to return their employees to offices. The UK is the latest in a long line of countries that in recent days have lifted the order that all those who can work remotely, stay at home. And the focus is back on arranging workspace to be as good as possible. Progressive concepts are accepted, and one of the most popular new workspace concepts is the huddle room. Millennials are especially those who find huddle rooms useful. In order to better arrange the huddle room in your company, we will give you tips for running and maintaining huddle rooms.

What is huddle room?


The huddle room resembles a conference room but is significantly smaller meeting space. Instead of big meetings where numerous people are present, it is intended for small teams with only a few members. They can hold a team meeting there, also called team huddle, hence the name huddle room. Also, it is very suitable for quick meetings between only two or three people, because unlike conference rooms, which in most cases you have to book in advance, huddle rooms are usually available or will be available in next 15 or so minutes since meetings inside won’t take long. So even though the meeting is unscheduled, you will be able to hold it. Huddle rooms should have all the necessary audio, video and other equipment.

Tips for running and maintaining huddle rooms

1. Buy suitable furniture


Since the huddle room is a small space, it is even more important that the furniture is ideally suited than in other types of offices. When we say ideally tailored, we don’t just mean comfort. Since you know the purpose of huddle rooms, which are short, efficient meetings, then large armchairs and sofas are not necessary, as well as too large a table. According to the huddle room configuration experts from Hudd, smaller table and ergonomic chairs are enough,. Also, huddle room furniture needs to be customized so that there is room for screens and other types of technology that you need. It is best to make everything height-adjustable, because people of different body frames will come here for meetings.

2. Sound insulation

It is recommended that the huddle room be soundproofed, so that the sounds from outside do not interfere with those who hold a meeting inside. In order to make the meeting as efficient as possible, everything that could be a hindrance should be eliminated.

3. Atmosphere


The atmosphere should be relaxed, but also suitable for work. That is why it is best for the huddle room to have as much natural light as possible. Also, you should make the lighting as good as possible, because the meetings will take place in the evening too. If there is too little light in the room, it will not be suitable both because of the atmosphere and because it will be difficult to read a document. Well-lit rooms also stimulate people to be productive, so implement large windows and lots of light, and choose a warm white shade of light. Pleasant wall colors will also contribute to a good atmosphere, and you can customize one wall to be a writing wall that will improve brainstorming.

4. Required technologies

Once you have taken care of the furniture and ambience, it is time to include the necessary technologies. Today, virtually every business takes place online and with the help of various software, so at least one display is needed. It should not be too small or too big, ideally around 50 ”. The internet connection must be perfect in the huddle room so that more people can connect via their laptops and smartphones. If the internet connection is slow, it will significantly extend the duration and reduce the efficiency of meetings.

Make sure the computer you are using is updated regularly, because if it is not, it may not want to connect to another device where another version of the software is available. High-quality sound equipment is also very important. It will often happen that online meetings take place in the huddle room and that is why it is important that employees can talk clearly with the person they are talking to. If you have enough resources, also implement interactive touch-screen displays that are very beneficial for your business.

5. Accessibility


Make your huddle room easily accessible. This is primarily important because of the members of your company with disabilities. You need to adjust everything so that they can quickly and easily reach the huddle room, and then make it even easier for them to attend the meeting. So think about when choosing furniture, so that someone in a wheelchair can also sit at a table and the like. Consider other types of disabilities, so that someone with severe visual impairment can be an equal member of your team. Good accessibility will not only benefit people with disabilities, but all other employees as well, as they will not have to waste a lot of time getting to the huddle room. They will be able to do all the meetings quickly.


We are returning to offices and conferences, and huddle rooms are becoming very important again. As most companies today have accepted the open space concept, then meetings are no longer held in private offices, because only the CEO and a few other executives have such offices. So make huddle rooms very useful and dozens of short meetings a day can be held there improving the efficiency of your company.

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