Power Season 7: Possible Release Date Leaks & Latest Updates 2024!

If you are guilty of binge-watching crime-related dramatic thrillers now and then, there’s no chance that you don’t have an idea about Power. It revolves around the United States, and its first episode was aired back in June 2014.

Power is a Starz drama series. It reached the peak of its popularity and emerged as the highest-rated show. The only show that managed to surpass its demand was Game of Thrones.

The thing about such praise-worthy shows is that they enjoy the much-needed hype. Currently, the hype is regarding Power Season 7.

Is Power Season 7 going to be released? And if yes, what is the release date for it?

This article consists of everything you need to know about the 7th season of this jaw-dropping crime thriller.



The crime series revolves around its protagonist – James. James is married to his wife – Tasha, and they have a son together. His name is Tariq. James has a supportive best friend. He stays with him through all his life dealings. He goes by his nickname – ghost. You’ll spot this character in many episodes of the series.

He is a drug dealer who has a super active and intelligent brain. He has two minds, and one of them takes him toward the notorious drug dealing activities. The second one is the calm which persuades him to leave all this and open a nightclub to lead a peaceful and tension-free life. As the story for this crime thriller unfolds, James can be juggling between his mind and his runs in both these works parallelly. Also, to add to the adrenaline rush, he can be seen trying to escape the police officials.

Apart from James, the director has managed to rope in some amazing actors for different roles. The show managed a decent opening since its first season, enjoyed word-of-mouth and digital popularity. Till now, 6 seasons of this series have been released.

Latest Updates


Power gained a vast audience owing to its applaudable and engaging storyline. The main reasons this series enjoys so much demand and hype is its direction, a fresh concept, and ditching everything stereotypical.

One part of the Power’s popularity is because of the clear marketing ideas undertaken by rapper 5 cents. The ideas boomed and helped the show become a big hit. The advertisements promoting the show took the internet by storm. Courtney A Kemp collaborated with the rapper and introduced people to this fantasy through excellent promotions.

There have been many speculations regarding the 7th season of Power. Owing to its connection with the famous rapper – 50 cents, for its hype and popularity, the official announcement for Power Season 7 is awaited. Previously, 50 cents had announced that the screening of the latest season would be on 5th January 2024. Surprisingly, he was correct, as the 6th season of the crime thriller did air back then.

The thriller series has been subjected to the feedback of both kinds. As it enjoys a genuine fanbase, many people feel that the acts don’t bring good acting to the screen. Also, many people feel that the quantity of sexual content is more. So, kids who have a thing for reading and streaming thriller and crime-related content cannot watch this series.


The power series has some fantastic artists that tell the tale of some twisted individuals. The show presents a fresh view of the crime genre and welcomes change presentably. Although the first season came across as standard, the following season had spinoffs that managed to keep viewers on their toes.

With an IMDb rating of 8.1 on 10, the show delivers a suitable viewing time to the audience. The Power trailer is fascinating and worth investing time in.

Season 7 – Release Date


Power has 6 seasons that have 63 episodes in total. Viewers were on the lookout for the 7th season. The statements regarding the release dates and other show details made by 50 cents were correct. The 6th season had a captivating ending, and many believed it was the show’s end. By all means, this is true. The 6th season was the finale of the Power series, and you won’t get any more of it.

The ending was on a good note, and there are no talks amongst the director, producers, or actors to come with another season. However, 50 cents, who happens to be the show’s producer, was unable to understand why to shut the show after the 6th season.

Diversity was more remarkable as the shootings were in continuation. Kemp cleared the air and displayed the idea of creating a Power Universe just like the Marvel Universe that is a sure-shot winner amongst one and all.

Kemp and Starz had announced that the series would end after the 6th season. The showrunner and creators were in a dilemma for the storyline and hence, decided to give a peaceful ending to the show. They did not know the next step and thought it to be an end to the story of ‘Ghost’.

Drawing the inspiration for the show from the Marvel Universe, Kemp visualized the plot, characters, specifications, and the story for this one. The crime series has emerged as an excellent attention grabber and became the topic of discussion at many parties and other gatherings. However, she began looking at them from a fresh perspective and gradually came up with the idea of the Power series. Also, she did not want to run a lousy show or drag the storyline just for its sake.

So, currently, the spinoff series is on the cards of the show makers and executive producers. You have something in store. But, Power’s 7th season is not happening soon.


Power’s journey of 6 seasons is wholesome. It managed to deliver great content to the audience and added to its fanbase. So, as a fan of this series, you can either begin watching it from the beginning or switch on something similar. But, the spinoff stories are still something to keep you in touch with the Power series.

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