Assassination Classroom Season 3: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!

If you are a person who loves watching science fiction movies or mangas, then you would have already watched the Assassination classroom by now. Ansatsu Kyoshitsu is a sci-fiction movie directed by Mr. Hasumi Eiichiro, and in fact, it is taken from anime tales. The Assassination Classroom has become widely popular during its release in Japan. Apart from Japan, this movie has been loved by many international fans.

The Assassination Classroom, also known by Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, has been later turned into a film from the manga edition and has been out in two parts. The first one was the Ansatsu Kyoshitsu which was released in 2015. The later version of the same movie was produced and broadcast in 2016 under ” Assassination Classroom: Graduation.”


In reality, the movie Assassination Classroom is entirely sci-fiction and has a lot of comedy. The movie was certified as safe for all to watch.

The movie starts with an introduction to the dangerous science experiment being done on a man. There was a small error in the experiment, thus creating a monster like a creature with tentacles. The yellow creature with tentacles is the Koro Sensei, who is honestly the movie’s main character.

Koro Sensei looks like a dangerous monster who tells everyone that he will end life on Earth. Therefore, chaos begins to arise in Japan and other countries. Upon hearing the request from Koro Sensei, that he wants to become a teacher and teach the pupils, the government decided to allocate him the class of dropouts. This scenario happens in the Kunugigaoka Junior High School arena in Japan.

In exchange for the teacher position, Koro Sensei announces to the government that he plans to postpone his act of destroying life on Earth for a year. So hearing this, the government decided to let the pupils take the task of killing Koro-Sensei. In that way, the story about a Yellow Monster teacher and the naughty dropouts begins.

The government and military officials order the killing of Koro Sensei. The central concept to note here is that even Koro Sensei accepts their request and lets the pupils attack him every moment. The juniors were handed out the military weapons and the other accessories to kill Koro Sensei.

The prime challenge ahead of the juniors of Class 3-E is to assassinate Koro Sensei with the help of the knowledge gained through him. As the story passes, the other teachers also aid them in training.

With the syllabus designed by Mr. Koro Sensei, the juniors will go forward with their studies and get a chance to attack him with the latest models of firing equipment given by military officials.

Despite the several hardships on their way, the grad students stay as a team and fight for the freedom of the Earth, successfully killing Koro-Sensei at the end.

Even though Koro Sensei will be killed in the second chapter, the fans of the Ansatsu Kyoshitsu are expecting to hear out the news of the third season.

Time to know about the cast!


Mr. Hasumi Eiichiro directed the Assassination Classroom. Mr. Koro Sensei, the main lead of this fantasy, is none other than Mr. Ninomiya Kazunari. His outstanding acting skills made the movie stand out and win millions of fans worldwide. Coming from the other main lead, Nagisa Shiota, who acted as the student, was one of the more popular characters in this movie.

Nagisa Shiota and Karma Akabane are the main leads who solve the mystery of Koro Sensei.

The concept of Koro Sensei becoming a teacher is all because of the role of Yukimura Akari, which Yamamoto Maika played. You can see her playing the major role of being the inspiration to Koro Sensei for becoming the Teacher. Also, she played the character Kaede Kayano, the sister of Yukimura. Her vengeance skills and her spontaneity during season 2 were admirable. The other students acted well, making the overall movie a grand success in Japan and on international grounds.

What can we expect in the third season of Assassination Classroom?


The subsequent season of Assassination Classroom makes up your mind that Koro Sensei is killed. The grad students formed the teams and developed their strategies from their past experiences with him. The second season was broadcasted in 2016, and it has been around 6 years since the next update of Ansatsu Kyoshitsu. As per the manga plot, the season ended with the killing of Koro Sensei.

Coming to season three in the same series, the fans are looking forward to the adult Nagisa Shiota who takes Koro Sensei as his inspiration and chooses the teacher profession. So, the encounter moments between Nagisa Shiota and Koro Sensei were the all time favorite moments of many fans all over the world. Since Koro Sensei is the result of a failed experiment, it would be better if the later series cracks the mystery of the experiment. Nagisa Shiota is the favorite disciple of Koro Sensei and acquired most of his knowledge in the two series. So, Nagisa Shiota explaining the experiment and consequences of the experiment will create a chilling experience for all the audience. However, the return of Koro Sensei in a dynamic way will surely meet up with the expectations of the audience.

Final Words

Though it has been more than 5 years since the subsequent Assassination classroom season came, the next season’s news is not discussed anywhere. However, the reports on the web say that the Ansatsu Kyoshitsu is going to become a revised version where Koro Sensei turns out to be a vampire emperor and returns to Earth for an exotic adventure. The official press meet and release are yet to happen from the crew side.

The Assassination Classroom now has become the trend for sci-fiction in the Japanese movie Industry. The Japanese audience is waiting for the news of the following season, but the international fans are also looking forward to hearing the official news from the studio Lerche. They are authorized for the copyrights of the production of the Assassination Classroom series.

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