Top 5 VR Gadgets and Accessories You Absolutely Must Own

Although we live in a time of true reality, we are witnessing that this is not the only reality we possess. Since 1970, a new “reality” has been presented to the world, different, more colorful, and more exciting. A “reality” in which there is no payment of bills, working and non-working days, and everyday problems. Of course, virtual reality was presented to the world that exact year. Its popularity has only grown since then, and with the social distance that the COVID-19 pandemic brought us, it seems that it has no end.

Its development is being worked on from hour to hour, and the changes are more than astonishing. It all started with headphones and today we simply have so much equipment for a more convincing revival of VR that the choice of the most suitable is very challenging. If you’ve ever tried a VR headset then you know I’m talking about a process that has no end. When you enter this world you simply cannot be satisfied with the existing equipment no matter how good it may be. Always strive for more and better. And then madness ensues. The equipment is piling up and you don’t even know which combination to pair.

If you really want a superior VR experience then you need to be up to date with innovations and know what is ideal for you. Headsets themselves are not enough. Extra equipment is necessary. But how do make the right decision with this incredible amount of equipment? This is exactly what we write about later in this text.

We offer you the top 5 VR gadgets and accessories you absolutely must own and hope with our little help you’re going to make a good choice.

1. Oculus Rift

While we always advise you not to buy popular equipment but one that is compatible with the one you already have, this is an exception. This is one of the most popular VR products today, which has completely revived the somewhat sleepy world of video imagination. This add-on relies on an external part of the computer that is in charge of transmitting a powerful image to the headset screen. As soon as you put on the headset you will see an amazing difference. The experience is more than great, which does not mean that there is no room for further improvement. This is the first smart add-on to start improving your VR experience. We are sure that as soon as you get it you will feel the difference.


2. Oculus Link VR headset cable

If you need a high-quality gaming PC connection with your Ocul Quest, then this 16-foot C cable is the ideal choice. There are a huge number of games that you can find in the Oculus Rift library, and this cable will allow you to connect them to your computer. Connecting to your VR has never been easier. It is quite flexible, long and light enough.

This optical cable is of top quality and you will not get it together with the headphones. It must be purchased separately and is part of the essential equipment separately. In addition to the basic function of powering the headset, its gaming performance is ideal. The manufacturers have thought of everything and have protected the cable with a spiral that will allow you a secure and long-lasting connection. The length of this cable allows you to not necessarily sit in front of the computer. All you need for this cable is Windows 10 and at least 1 USB port.


3. Thrustmaster T150 RS Racing Wheel

If you are a fan of racing games, this is something designed to your liking. Few other steering wheels will give you such a realistic feeling during crazy driving. The designers made an effort to create such a design that drivers of any kind will enjoy it. In addition to the seemingly classic steering wheel, you will also get two pedals. You can also use this 11 cm diameter steering wheel on GT, NASCAR, Rally, F1 or any other game. It suits every track and you will be more than satisfied with the effects and ergonomic design. One of the basic characteristics of the T150 is exceptional precision and the ability to turn up to 1080 degrees. Shifting gears is very easy and precise, and the gearbox is made entirely of metal.

The power you get as feedback while playing allows you to not only fully enjoy yourself but also improve your performance while playing.


4. Woojer West Edge

If you want a transcendental experience that will completely immerse you in the game itself, then you have the perfect product. Powerful, precise and detailed 360-degree sensations will make VR “real”. Whether you play games, listen to music, watch movies, put on this vest and connect. the low frequencies that will come from it will give you a unique audio experience.

Connect it via Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm connection and get ready for an unforgettable experience through which haptic pulses will guide you. Turn on your favorite game and revive blows, shots or explosions. If you haven’t yet tried this revolutionary marvel in the world of technology designed to experience VR, don’t hesitate. You can easily find great reviews for this product online. You think that it may not be available to everyone financially speaking, but believe me, money is nothing compared to what you get.

For the whole review, check out:

5. Hyperkin Cable Management System

Messy cables are a nightmare for every gamer, and yet it is difficult to avoid this chaos. Tangled and therefore shortened cables can be a big problem and take up a lot of time and quality in the game.

Purchasing longer cables does not mean that you have solved this problem. This is exactly what the Hyperkin Cable Management System is for, by hooking it up to the ceiling. Don’t be intimidated by the product description: sticky pads, hooks, carabiners, etc. It’s much simpler than it sounds. Simply sticky holders should be placed so that the cables are bent and far away from you.

Just take care of the surface on which you glue the brackets because if it is too smooth, there is a possibility that it will simply not be able to be glued. For smaller rooms, this is really something you will need.

These five additions are on our list, but that doesn’t mean that’s the whole offer of these must-have accessories. The list could be long, but behind the scenes, think about these suggested additions. You will be able to find similar gadgets on the market at more affordable prices, but take care that a compromise in price doesn’t include a compromise in quality.

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