10 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Hiring an experienced videographer to record everything on tape is one of the finest ways to enjoy your marriage day over and over. Begin by exploring local wedding videographers and, based on reviews, identify possible suppliers who suit your wedding style and budget. When you are ready to contact a vendor and maybe strike a deal, there are a few things to ask a videographer that perhaps you should keep in mind.

To assist you in your marriage videographer hunt, we have compiled a list of the most important topics to bring up with a possible vendor (and why you should bring them up at the beginning). Are you ready to hire a pro that can help you? Check out the wedding videography Erie pa is offering to their customers, and you can get a basic idea of how the videographers work for weddings?

1. Do you have availability for my wedding ceremony?

Before interacting with a videographer, inquire about their schedule on your preferred wedding date. If you have been considering a single videographer and are already booked for your wedding day, that would be a bummer.


2. Have you been photographing weddings for a long time? How often do you complete in a year?

You will want to view your wedding film again on your 20th anniversary. It takes an expert photographer to record those once-in-a-lifetime moments just as you want them. Wedding days are hectic; therefore, it is best to hire someone with extensive wedding shooting expertise rather than someone who records as a hobby.

The more weddings a videographer films, the more instances you’ll have to look at.

3. How Would You Explain Your Videography Style?

This is one of the most crucial main questions for your marriage videographer. You want to gain a feel of the style the videographer employs, but you would also like to ensure that their interpretation of the style corresponds to yours. If you want a fairy tale romance, but you and the videographer do not agree on what that implies, you may end up paying for something you do not even enjoy. Requesting work examples can offer you how experienced their videographer is and the type of work they perform.


4. Can You Please Show Me a Full-Length Sample of One of Your Wedding Videos?

All skilled videographers display a variety of short example videos on their websites, almost like mini-trailers to market their films. However, similar to a film trailer, just the finest parts of the main video are used. If you hire this individual to capture the most important day of your life, the rest of your movie will be of the same calibre as the footage in the trailer/sample video.

5. Have You Worked With My Photographer Before?

Because both the videographer and photographer will be attempting to capture the same moments at your wedding, they will need to collaborate to avoid getting in each other’s way while capturing the photos or the videos. If they have never worked together before, make sure they can communicate ahead of time to coordinate. Often, a photographer or filmmaker will be recommending someone with whom they have previously worked and have mutual trust while working.


6. How do you select the soundtrack for a film?

Audio is an excellent topic to discuss because it bears such a vital role in your marriage film. It will be necessary to tell your videographer about the genres you prefer and choose songs they may select.

7. Have You Filmed at My Location Before?

The videographer will also have to know how a venue is laid up to connect to their PA system and where mics can be positioned. If they have not gone previously, make sure they intend to go and communicate with the venue’s organiser.

8. Will you be the cinematographer on the big day?

It is not a given that the person you chat with first will be filming your wedding day, specifically if it is a corporation rather than a self-employed videographer. If you get along with the videographer, you will have to ensure that they capture your wedding moments on the big day, so you feel at ease.


9. What participation or materials would you like from us?

Many videography shooters consider each work they make as an artistic endeavour, not merely the tale of your wedding day, so they may have a vision that differs from yours. For example, you might want to add a song in the video, while they might be against using it). This should not be an issue if you trust your videographer. However, if you have a specific vision for your wedding film, you should discuss it before signing the contract with them.

10. How do you set your prices?

Videographers often charge a set cost based on time spent on the job. Others provide preset packages that contain additional items such as a same-day modification or an additional shooter. Even if you are solely purchasing a basic bundle, it is crucial to go over what is included in it. And if there seems to be anything specific you would like, whether it is a short movie to share with relatives or a hard drive containing all of the actual footage, inquire about it and obtain any promises in writing.



Weddings are one of the most important events in everyone’s life. So make sure to capture all your beautiful moments with your loved ones. Even a silly moment on that day can bring a big smile to your face when you look at it after 25 years of your marriage. Take a wise decision by going through all the available packages your videographer gives. A photo can depict an instant memory.

But if you wish to recall all your beautiful memories on your marriage day, then a high-resolution video taken on your wedding would come in handy for reminiscing your past. Ask your videographers how well they can help you to capture your moments. In the process, you can take the help of the above questions for your better cooperation with the videographer.

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