What Are the 8 Problems Solved by Professional Massage Chairs?

Thanks to the evolution of technology, massage chairs are now considered a permanent investment in physical health and mental relaxation. Everyday stress takes a significant toll on us, perhaps even more than we think. The effects of stressors bring us one step closer every day to overwork, blocked blood flow, low immunity and susceptibility to severe diseases.

A professional massage chair in your home is equivalent to the services of a professional masseur. Whenever you feel like taking a relaxing break between chores or before bedtime, know that professional massage chairs are already designed to cope with your lifestyle. How? Through customisable programmes and techniques that massage each area of the body with the intensity you desire.

What are the most important benefits of professional massage chairs?

Massage chairs are an expensive fad for some, while others make them part of their personal physical and mental health plan. There is more to body health than sport and nutrition. There are different ways you can ward off stressors that weaken immunity and hasten illness.

1. Identify sensitive areas that require special attention

Massage chairs have different massage functions that are programmed to work individually. Through morphological scanning, Fujiiryoki Japanese massage chairs detect pressure points and provide a focused massage on the parts of the body where there are problems. The massage rollers and hot air cushions can be set to act on a specific area of the body at an intensity that can be programmed by each user. The movement of the rollers goes from the lower back to the back of the neck. Hot air therapy relaxes stiff muscles and joints, relieving pain. The massage chairs are designed to treat neck pain, stimulate the lymphatic system, prevent water retention and detoxify tissues.

2. Say goodbye to sleep disorders

Sports training, demanding days, too much standing or sitting can all add up to muscle overload. Accumulated fatigue in the muscles creates mental discomfort, leads to nervousness, headaches and general low tone. Deep tissue massage chairs, machines or chairs target muscle mass and connective tissue in depth. What are the benefits of deep tissue massage? First of all, massage to the deep paravertebral muscles accelerates the detoxification process, helps to relax and oxygenate muscles and connective tissue, improves the functioning of internal organs and regulates the nervous system. On a psychological level, deep massage releases oxytocin, stimulates serotonin and reduces stress hormone levels. All in all, an automatic massage session prepares your mind and body for uninterrupted sleep.

3. Fueling your muscles for intense effort

Are you an athlete or have an active lifestyle? Then surely you know the importance of sticking to a routine both before and after each workout. Why do you need massage if you’re an athlete? Stretching massage chairs activate blood circulation, help remove lactic acid from muscles and release lipid peroxide. This reduces the risk of muscle fever and unblocks the blood flow that supplies your muscles with glucose, triglycerides, phosphate and oxygen. Your muscles become more flexible over time, have better mobility and you also enjoy a harmonious, effortless body posture. When you always keep your back straight, you prevent painful spinal deformities that require operations and medical gymnastics.

4. You connect to the needs of your internal organs

Shiatsu massage chairs provide brilliant, long-lasting tone. What are the benefits of Shiatsu massage? The secret of Shiatsu massage is that it works on the energy points of the human body. Each of these energy centres communicates directly with each internal organ. Stimulating the energy points helps to improve blood flow, remove waste products that block organ functions and soothe stiff muscle areas. In this way, you manage to purify the blood, remove blockages from the body and optimise the functions of internal organs to fight bacteria, viruses and other disease-producing factors.

5. Discover and encourage natural self-healing function

Reflexology chairs and recliners help to raise awareness of the natural self-healing function of the human body. The sole of the foot is compared to a map or an open book of all the internal organs. Here there are reflex points leading to the liver, pancreas, kidneys, lungs, stomach, heart, colon, ovaries, brain, eyes and the list goes on. The action of the massage rollers stimulates these reflex points to combat and alleviate any dysfunctions of the internal organs. Reflexology footbeds improve lymphatic drainage, nerve connections, correct hormonal and digestive imbalances and relieve joint pain. Foot massagers such as reflexology are also able to stimulate the vagus nerve, the longest nerve in the body. The vagus nerve extends to all internal organs and influences their functioning. Stimulation of the vagus nerve by reflexotherapy increases oxytocin, digestive enzyme levels, stomach acid and slows down cell degeneration.

6. You’re dealing with lower back pain

Low back pain is caused by many factors and can occur at any age. Low back pain can be caused by genetics, prolonged sitting, sedentary lifestyles, inappropriate footwear, obesity or intense physical exertion. Moderate physical activity can prevent or alleviate lower back discomfort. The most recommended massage techniques for lower back pain are: stretching massage, relaxation massage for the back, hot air cushion massage for the sciatic and lumbar area.

7. Combat symptoms associated with gonarthrosis

Gonarthrosis is the result of degeneration of the cartilage of the knees and is manifested by a deformity of the knee joint. Gonarthrosis is a common condition among overweight people, the elderly and athletes who play football, rugby or other leg-stressing sports. Electric foot massage, Shiatsu massage tones the muscles that support the knee joints and reduces joint stiffness in this area.

8. You support the supply of oxygen to the internal organs

Zero Gravity massage chairs facilitate blood circulation. The body is tilted so that the legs are raised above heart level. This posture helps blood to circulate throughout the body, which speeds up the process of detoxification and supplying the organs with oxygen and blood-borne nutrients.

Massage chairs complement the relaxation experience with a stylish design that is friendly to any interior design style. In fact, massage chairs are increasingly present in personal homes as well as in relaxation areas for employees, spas, offices, gyms, etc. The best massage chairs come equipped with massage programmes that can be customised from the remote control according to the needs of each user.

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