Skiing Joy and Glamping: A Norwegian Winter Paradise

Norwegians are often said to be born with skis on their feet, making skiing an integral part of glamping in Norway. The country’s mountains are renowned for excellent skiing conditions, allowing for a unique combination of luxurious accommodations and unforgettable skiing adventures. Glamping in Norway offers the nostalgic charm of traditional wooden cabins with modern comforts and breathtaking views from a warm bed. With various prepared ski trails, Norway caters to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced skiers. The experience is enhanced by the solitude and intimacy with nature that glamping provides. Norway’s ski destinations now often include glamping options, perfect for nature enthusiasts.


Hemsedal, often referred to as “Scandinavia’s Alps,” is one of Norway’s best-known ski centers. It offers over 50 kilometers of alpine slopes and an extensive network of cross-country trails, catering to all family members. Hemsedal is also famous for its lively après-ski scene, with Stavkroa often hailed as the world’s best. Whether you’re seeking a party atmosphere or not, Hemsedal’s nature and ski trails offer plenty of activities. Glamping in Hemsedal, such as at Dyrja Glamping, is available year-round, providing a serene and scenic experience right by the ski trails, ideal for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty.



Trysil, Norway’s largest ski resort, offers a variety of activities for all ages, both on and off the slopes. It boasts 32 lifts, 69 groomed runs, and 500 km of cross-country trails. Unique accommodations like treetop cabins and riverside views enhance the experience. Apart from skiing, activities like sleigh rides, dog sledding, and ice fishing with experienced guides are available. Trysil is not just the largest ski resort in Norway; it’s a place to experience the magic of winter in the heart of Norway.


Geilo, nestled between Oslo and Bergen, is a long-established favorite for skiing enthusiasts in Norway. It offers an array of slopes surrounded by breathtaking scenery, with 20 ski lifts and 46 alpine trails. Many trails are suitable for children, making it a family-friendly destination. Nearby Langedrag Nature Park allows visitors to see native Nordic wildlife up close. Additionally, Geilo hosts Skarverennet, the world’s third-largest cross-country ski race. Beyond skiing, Geilo’s glamping options, such as Arctic Domes and wooden lavvos, provide unique accommodations. Dagali Mountain Park, near Geilo, features Norway’s longest toboggan run, offering thrilling experiences for the whole family.


Hafjell Alpinsenter is particularly suited for families, located just 15 minutes from Lillehammer and near Oslo. With 50 km of alpine slopes, 18 lifts, three areas for children, and 300 km of groomed cross-country trails, it’s a prime ski destination. Hafjell ensures snow availability with its 180 snow cannons. It also emphasizes comfort with a new six-seater chairlift. For a comfortable and memorable ski holiday, consider exploring glamping options in Hafjell. Nearby Hunderfossen Adventure Park offers additional family fun, making your trip to Hafjell a memorable experience.

Skiing and Comfort


During your glamping stay in the Norwegian mountains, ski, and equipment rentals are readily available for the perfect skiing adventure. All major alpine centers in Norway offer a range of equipment including skis, snowboards, helmets, and boots, catering to all your skiing needs. Renting equipment is particularly convenient for infrequent skiers or those looking to save luggage space. It’s also practical for children who often outgrow their gear annually. After a day on the slopes, the luxury of glamping offers a warm retreat by the fireplace in your tent, where you can savor exquisite meals made from local ingredients.

Many glamping sites provide food boxes delivered right to your door, and local restaurants often offer takeaway options. Norway’s glamping combines adventure in the great outdoors with the comfort of luxurious accommodations. When you’re ready to wind down from skiing, you can relax in an exclusive bathtub and enjoy the starry sky. Skiing combined with glamping in Norway presents an unforgettable winter experience, blending the thrill of the slopes with the serenity and luxury of nature.


In conclusion, Norway offers a magical blend of skiing adventures and luxurious glamping experiences, making it an ideal destination for winter enthusiasts. From family-friendly Hafjell to the stunning landscapes of Geilo and Trysil, each location promises unique skiing and relaxation opportunities. The convenience of ski equipment rentals and the comfort of glamping sites ensure a hassle-free and unforgettable holiday. This fusion of outdoor excitement and indulgent comfort in Norway’s beautiful natural settings creates a winter holiday like no other.


Q&A: Skiing Joy and Glamping in Norway’s Winter Paradise

Q1: What makes glamping in Norway unique for a winter ski holiday?

Glamping in Norway combines the rustic charm of traditional camping with modern comforts, set against the backdrop of Norway’s stunning winter landscapes. It offers a unique experience where you can enjoy the thrill of skiing during the day and retreat to luxurious, cozy accommodations at night. These glamping sites often feature amenities like heated floors, plush bedding, and sometimes even private hot tubs, providing a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.

Q2: Are there activities for non-skiers at these glamping sites?

Absolutely! Norway’s glamping sites cater to more than just skiing enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy activities like snowshoeing, ice fishing, dog sledding, and sleigh rides. Many sites also offer relaxation amenities like saunas and spas. For those interested in local culture, some glamping sites organize cultural experiences, such as traditional Norwegian cooking classes and storytelling evenings.

Q3: What should I pack for a glamping and skiing trip in Norway?

While glamping sites provide a high level of comfort, it’s essential to pack warm clothing for the cold Norwegian winter. This includes thermal layers, waterproof ski jackets and pants, gloves, hats, and good quality snow boots. Don’t forget your swimwear for hot tubs or saunas available at some sites! It’s also advisable to bring a good camera to capture the breathtaking landscapes.

Q4: Can I see the Northern Lights from these glamping sites?

While it’s never guaranteed, many glamping sites in Northern Norway offer a good chance to witness the Northern Lights. The remote locations away from city lights provide ideal conditions for aurora viewing, especially during the winter months.

Q5: Can I experience traditional Norwegian cuisine at these glamping sites?

A5: Many glamping sites in Norway offer local cuisine experiences. These may include dishes like reindeer stew, fresh seafood, and traditional Norwegian pastries. Some sites even provide cooking classes where you can learn to prepare these dishes yourself. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in Norwegian culture and enjoy the local flavors.

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