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Top 7 Ranked Styles to Wear Hoodies

Hoodies are the most loved clothing item by men and women worldwide. Perfect for almost any occasion, the comforts they bring will make you never want to wear anything else. Every day will be an excellent opportunity to have fun combining different outfit styles with a hoodie.

With over forty fashionably acceptable ways to alter and combine your hoodie, it would be a shame not to have fun dressing up. A repetitive style can get boring to see, so it is best to take advantage of all the available possibilities. Maybe not all of them, but at least pick ten combinations that you consider would fit and match your personality. If adequately styled, even the simplest combinations can look outstanding.

A hoodie is just a sweatshirt with a hood to complete the style. You can have a lot of financial benefits when buying wholesale sweatshirts from You are also getting a massive discount while supplying yourself with over five clothing items of the same kind in different colors. This opportunity is not to be missed if you are a hoodie lover.

1. Funky Style

If you enjoy standing out in a crowd and being easily noticed due to wearing powerful bright colors, you can easily spice your outfit with funky hoodies. You have the possibility of layering crazy printed t-shirts with a simple sweatshirt or matching a patterned hoodie with a plain shirt. Funky originally refers to an unpredictable style, and this specific characteristic opens the road to many possibilities. As long as your design leaves an excellent impression and it creates a pleasant view to look at, you can go as crazy as you feel.

The funky style usually involves pieces of clothing worn as a statement. They must mean something abstractly rather than a straight message and be made artistic and creative. Hand painting is considered one of the most appreciated ways to create a statement fashion piece.

2. Wearing Wholesale Sweatshirts to Work

Many women do not even think about the possibility of looking good and being suitable for an office work environment simultaneously. They could not be more wrong. You can layer your wholesale sweatshirts with an elegant blazer matching a straight-cut grey pair of trousers.

Completing this outfit involves wearing high heels, stilettos preferably, and a small, lighter, colored hand band. This mix is the most elegant and casual combination that manages to turn hundreds of necks if worn adequately. You can choose your colors in a way that does not create a bright image but more of a neutral shade. The idea is to stand out through its sophisticated combination of style rather than color intensity.

3. Classic Athleisure Look


While wearing full sports clothes was unacceptable outside the gym not so long ago, nowadays more and more people confidently approach and wear it on various occasions. Crop tops and sweatshirts are trending, and they make the perfect combination with high waist leggings or jeans worn with boots or trainers.

The word athleisure has been recently introduced to describe an outfit style that is accepted to be worn for exercise and other general occasions. This relaxed and chill style blends sportswear with chic and comfortable clothing items. More than just a trend, this look reflects an active lifestyle and goes well with elevated health consciousness and relaxed dress code standards.

4. Striped Hoodies


Stripes are inspired by sailors, and stripes help create a style that will never stop trending. Striped hoodies look good combined with almost anything and are suitable for most occasions. You can match each colored stripe with pants, shoes, or bags and easily create an outstanding outfit. But it would help if you reminded yourself never to match stripes with others or similar patterns.

Always look to match them with simple plain colors; otherwise, you will wear an outfit that makes you look tacky, uninspired, and cheap. Try to match the lines with a contrasting color to make them pop out even more. If you look for a more slimming illusion, wear vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones. Vertical ones tend to make you look taller and skinnier, whereas horizontal lines have a plumper effect on your body.

5. Oversized Outfits


Whoever negatively opinionates about wearing an oversized look probably has never worn one. Oversized wholesale sweatshirts have saved many people from struggling to find and match a comfortable outfit. If you want to hide the weight excess you have put on recently, this is your best choice – tight jeans and baggy hoodies. This style can be altered by switching what type of pants you wish to wear, whether jeans or leggings; if nicely styled, it can be casually worn when you want to feel comfortable.

6. Summer Choices


If you are devoted to wearing sweatshirts all year long, do not forget you can find sleeveless wholesale sweatshirts. These are perfect for long summer days in which you do not feel capable of wearing anything but thin cotton to allow your skin to breathe. Throughout summer, wearing a cotton sleeveless hoodie will help your body fight heat easier while looking casually stylish.

7. Merch Hoodie


Most celebrities and top beauty brands have started to sell merchandise clothing items such as sportswear to make themselves more appreciated and idolized by people. There are a lot of benefits when making and selling custom merchandise. Besides making fans happy while offering a chance to wear clothing items with their idol’s logo printed, this activity also helps increase a brand’s recognition, establish customer loyalty and make more businesses rise in a challenging market.

Wearing wholesale sweatshirts can add swag to your style while looking as cool as a celebrity. They started trending since everyone started to sell such items to allow customers to feel special and well-dressed. People browse and order merchandise hoodies to support their favorite brands and celebrities worldwide. Most companies that try this business do not necessarily need money, and many donate it to non-profit organizations. Their most important interest is to be widely recognized as a high-quality brand to gain more customers.

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