What Is and What Goes Into a CBD Oil Tincture

The history of the word ‘tincture’ dates back to as early as the 16th century and remains a prominent part of medical practices to date, used for various issues or ailments the main objective is that it gets its name from the fact that the solution has taken on a pigment other than that of its original state.

Looking at the process whereby tinctures are created or combined using different methods, the results of these practices (and some experiments) indicate we can derive the fact that additives to the liquid solution are responsible for its tint and hue.


Source: openaccessgovernment.org

Two subcategories fall under the heading tincture and it is those that distinguish them from each other and their purposes, chemistry or herbal.

When we talk about the chemical side of things we often refer to the solvent used as ethanol. This in simple terms is alcohol, (a more in-depth explanation can be read about here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethanol ) and is used medically for antiseptic or disinfectant needs, whereas the solvent element of its genetic make-up allows for many compounds once thought to be insoluble, to be easily dissolved and concentrated in the liquid.

Other uses have been discovered and highly used to this day for such uses as engine fuel and rocket fuel, making its versatility continuously sought after.

The herbal side of the conversation is taking the world by storm, not only are people opting to use tinctures made from all-natural and organic compounds and ingredients, but they are implementing it into products and lifestyle changes that are proving to be very successful.

Extracting plant and animal-based materials into the liquid to dissolve, absorb, and ‘melt’ into makes it extremely concentrated, and while a minimal percentage of ethanol (or vinegar for the purer productions and products) is necessary for preservation purposes this does not adversely affect the end product.

Parts of the flowers, stems, leaves, and stalks, even berries and bark are all added into the mix and intensifying the final liquid. This is then incorporated into beauty products, topical, and the most popular version, oils.

Herbal tincture oil

Source: healthline.com

Understanding that natural ingredients are soaked in a solvent till concentrated and then this liquid is added to oils is increasing its popularity and awareness, and even more so with the introduction of CBD, also known as Cannabidiol.

CBD is a naturally grown plant and flower that has been used to treat health issues and ailments for centuries, the Romans, Chinese, and English royalty have all used this humble plant in some form or other.

Knowing it has no added chemical formulas allows it to be used for all ages, demographics, as well as species (yes your pets can now benefit too, but that is a story for another time), and for this fact, the medical industry has begun to open its eyes and mind.

CBD oil

Source: wholeplantextract.co.uk

We know that CBD is grown – if done right and ethically – using non-toxic and chemical-free harvesting processes, and then extracted using CO2 which is considered the most efficient. What we may not fully be aware of its phenomenal health benefits and how it is changing the way people live for the future.

CBD oil comes in many forms, capsules, edibles, topical, and food supplements, and there is something suitable for the whole family. What makes a great product is knowing that you have a reliable supplier, and this comes with research and homework.

Companies such as Cheefbotanicals who value their product consistency and want their customers to have the best CBD experience understand that the quality of the product can make the difference between a good or bad venture.

You ideally want a firm that offers lab-tested and documented products, that values quality over quantity and considers their clients’ needs.

When choosing a CBD product line check for the CBD concentration on the packaging label, it should be clearly stated as well as the level of THC present, which should be no more than 0.3% content.

While CBD products and their use is becoming relatively mainstream, the use of THC products for recreational purposes and needs is also picking up pace. Vaping is one area where cartridges delta-8 are in great demand. They help with promoting feelings or enjoyment and relaxation at a safe point which allows you to always have control over your actions.



The CBD oil is one of the many multi-purpose products and great for adding into meals or morning coffees on the run, but if not, a few drops soaked into some homemade cookies will win anyone over, because who doesn’t love a cookie, am I right?

Take a moment to watch this quick and easy recipe CBD baking, it may just be your new hobby all the while enjoying the health advantages as you go.

There are so many options on the market to implement CBD into your lifestyle and family nutrition, not only will hubby be moaning less about the aches and pains he feels in the morning when trying to get out of the bed, but the overall mood and morale of the house will change for the better.

No one will be the wiser, the kids won’t have an excuse as to why they don’t want to take it. Your other half has no chance to roll their eyes at what they believe to be your new ‘phase’ of interest, and you have peace of mind knowing that the benefits of CBD are running through their bodies and giving them the quality of life they deserve. Winners all around.

CBD is changing not only the medical industry but peoples’ perception to more organic alternatives for treating health issues, if you have tried everything else CBD is the answer you have been waiting for.

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