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Real Estate Boom: Why Is Everybody Moving to Bay Area

Moving to a place with a lush green area and a safe neighborhood is always a blessing. Not to forget the additional benefits the place can give you, such as high employment rates and life expectations. Well, it’s not always necessary for you to stay in that place for a long time; it could be for a short time or maybe a vacation. What matters is whether you are considering moving to that area or are willing to buy property there.

Usually, before investing a lot of money in something in a faraway place, people prefer to visit it first. They notice the surroundings, people, markets, and nearby places. Doing so, they even look for short term rentals in san francisco to sort their options. One such place many people want to live in is the Bay Area region in San Francisco.

The facilities, safety, and vast greens surrounding the Bay Area are easily attractive to anyone. It makes the places costly for new people to move in. If one is able to find an affordable and pleasant place in a bright neighborhood, it’s the most time-saving. Why so? Because looking through such a wide variety of rentals with multiple options is confusing for many. People often look for places for three to four months before deciding on shifting to their preferred houses.

Why Are People Moving To The Bay Area?

There are so many places in the world that can give you outstanding housing, lush green surroundings, or a very safe neighborhood. But why do people want to move to the Bay Area?

• Impressive Housing


Bay Area in San Francisco has one of the most impressive housing features and multiple facilities. The housing is so remarkable that this place has a few of the most expensive buildings here. There are also numerous outdoor activities that are within reach of the people living here. These activities are only possible because of the Bay Area’s clean environment and nature.

Though there are indeed various expensive housing options here, there are also cheaper ones that provide decent facilities—not forgetting that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pet animals when outside.

• Transportation

The Bay area has a very impressive transportation system. There are multiple public as well as private transportation services available here. The majority of the population travels through buses, rail, and the subway for offices, school, or visiting friends and family. Even commuters that stay in the outskirts can easily enter and leave with the help of the railway and subway.

Public transport covers nearly every area, which makes it easier for almost everyone to travel across the Bay Area. People can even opt for private transportation if public transport is too crowded for them. These services can vary in every area according to the vehicle you opt for to travel.

• Job Opportunities


Bay Area has the headquarters of important companies built in its area. These companies can vary from Google, Apple, and Craig to eBay, Netflix, and so on. The presence of so many companies creates a rise in employment. It makes many people come here and settle down only for the job availability and feasibility of living here.

With the increase in job availability, the population and quality of life would increase as well. Along with the secure neighborhoods, it is a beautiful place for anyone shifting here.

• Comfortable Weather

The weather here is hot for most of the year, yet it’s not too hot. The air is dry but not very dry, causing drought or heat strokes. There is winter for a short time which compensate well for the hot summer. Other than that, the greenery and the surrounding nature provide a perfect place for vacation and going for short hiking and camping trips.

• Progressive Culture


The Bay Area is where any person of any sexuality, race, or culture is accepted. People here believe in accepting the differences in each other instead of criticizing anyone for being themselves. You can be a high-tech person or a fashion enthusiast or may have a different sexuality, and you wouldn’t feel out of place here. People even organize parties and gatherings for different people to come together and enjoy their different lifestyles.

What Should You Know About The Bay Area?

The Bay Area has multiple benefits and a versatile lifestyle that everyone might not know. To any place, you want to move, or people move to, you should be aware of the kind of place it is before jumping there. Career opportunities, cultural acceptance, and quality of life are big bonuses in the Bay Area. But the average cost of living is high; also, the property’s expenses are very high if you live on the inner side of the Bay Area.

Though the high property costs are due to the high demand, such high rocket prices aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Most affordable places are in the outer area or the outskirts of the Bay Area. Though the traveling system helps people commute, the time taken for traveling every day is substantial as well.

Last but not least, multiple parks and restaurants in the Bay Area keep up with your taste and exercise requirements. All these parks are maintained and have various plants and trees and space for playing and footpaths. Depending on your area, these parks can be big or small. Similarly, the restaurants here do not have restrictions on the menu and keep bringing a top food dish to people every week.


Living in a safe and clean environment with everyday work is many people’s peaceful dream. Many people shift away from their hometowns and families to different cities, states, or even countries to achieve this dream. Bay Area is one such place in San Francisco where people are moving at an incredible pace. The need for more houses and properties increased the prices so much that many people considered it a boom in the real estate industry.

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