Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 – Review and Release Date

Movies and web series might be the mainstream mode of entertainment at the moment but the manga has its own fan base and it is no joke. Manga has a whole different fandom and there are many people all around the globe addicted to this literary art.

So to all the “weebs” out there or if you are attempting to be one, you must definitely be into Tokyo Ghoul. Based on all the speculations of season 5 being released or not, we will walk you through an insight into its upcoming season being canceled or confirmed through this article.

A peek into the storyline


Tokyo Ghoul is a creation of Sui Ishida and involves a fictional world slightly involving the real aspects of life. Ghouls are creatures similar to humans except for the fact that they need to feed on human flesh to survive.

In this tale, a young lad, Ken Kaneki, goes on a date to meet Rize Kamishiro who is a ghoul. The lady feeds on him and this leads to him passing out. Where he is awake he finds himself in a hospital room recovering from surgery. Apparently he turns out to be a half ghoul in the process.

With this truth staying only with himself, he needs to survive between both worlds and not let his identity come to notice. In the whole series, the protagonist Kaneki disguises himself as Haise Sawani and is a part of the Quinx squad at Criminal counter of Ghoul(CCG).

Here, he helps in monitoring the crimes done by ghouls on humans and leading them up to their respective punishments. He uses his ghoul energy to fight against them while still living as a human.

The cast


This manga has been devised into an anime television series in Japanese. In this series, the following roles have been played by these characters. The role of the main character, Ken Kaneki is played by Masataka Kubota and the voiceover is provided by Natsuki Hanae in Japanese and Austin Tindle in English.

The role of Touka Kirishima who is the female protagonist is played by Maika Yamamoto and the voice has been provided by Sora Ammaiyar in Japanese and Brian Palencia in English. Shut Tsukiyama is also one of the main characters of the series and is known as Shota Matsuda voiced by Mamoru Miyano in Japanese and Michael Tatum in English.

The other sub characters’ names have also been replaced by other names and voices have been given in Japanese as well as English by respective voice actors.

When can we expect the release?


According to a very popular website on manga, season four might have been a full stop to Tokyo Ghoul. The creators have not confirmed anything but it is expected that the series came to an end based on how things went down at the end of the fourth season. But there are still rumors stating that there might be a change in the plot and the series could come back for a season 5. But none of this has been officially confirmed, so stay on the lookout.

In conclusion

Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy manga series made into an anime and is one of the best stories to have been told ever!

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